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How To Survive And Have Fun With Your Spontaneous Getaway


Every traveler may have different preference when it comes to travel preparations. Some travelers like to thoroughly plan everything to a T, making sure there is no detail left. Some others may prefer minimum preparation by preparing only what they think necessary to sustain themselves for the trip. Meanwhile, there are also some travelers who tend to be impulsive or spontaneous so making plan is seen as pretty unnecessary. Which one are you?

How To Survive And Have Fun With Your Spontaneous Getaway

Can you have a go-with-the-flow trip and still enjoy it?

Sometimes, breaking from agendas and itineraries can be refreshing. It creates the kind of unfiltered and unexpected happiness. Hence, it recommended to leave a space for flexible schedule in your itinerary so you have few hours to do something spontaneous during your trip. Or, you can also have your go-with-the-flow trip and still enjoy it the fullest with these survival tips:

Choose your destination

Well, this doesn’t sound like go with the flow if you still have to decide something in advance. however, choosing your destination is like the foundation of your trip. You can decide to spend your vacation in a cabin somewhere off the big city. However, you can let your steps take you to enjoy what kind of activities throughout your stay. 

Consider making a rough outline

If you cannot really let go of being prepared, you may consider making a rough outline instead of a detailed itinerary. For example, you have those lists of things you want to do so you know that you are going to spend your day meaningfully. Do it all with your own pace. Set general target but don’t let them strangle yourself down to the minute timing. 

Consider taking your travel buddy

it is liberating to travel solo and just do whatever you want throughout the trip. However, it is just as so much fun to do spontaneous trip with someone or people who share the same spirit. You can even take someone who love scheduling a trip to a T to enjoy a kind of go with the flow trip. This way, you can encourage each other to let lose and and share the fun. 

Spend some time to do your hobby

Sometimes, you cannot enjoy the trip fully because you are being too tight with the schedule. You feel like you have to visit so many places without even a break because you are afraid of missing out. However, spending time travelling to new places means you can finally indulge your forgotten hobby. It helps you enjoy the trip more and slow down your pace.

Have a positive mindset

It is common to worry about trip that you don’t really plan or prepare in advance. However, it is an opportunity for you to see things from different perspectives, allowing yourself to have fun in a a different ways. You are still you even if you are doing things differently sometimes. Try to enjoy small and simple things and indulge yourself to the kind of fun you don’t usually find from overplanning.