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Five Side Activities You Can Do After Amed Bali Diving!


Have you ever found pictures of mesmerising underwater temples underneath crystal blue water? You are probably looking at Amed, one of the most phenomenal dive sites in Bali. Located in the east side of Bali, Amed is one of the major diving destination for any underwater enthusiast who come to the island of God. With mind blowing underwater landscape, abundant marine life, and uncanny underwater statues and temples, diving holds as the primary reasons of why people travels to Amed.

Amed is, however, not limited to diving. As much of wonderful underwater playground as Amed is, this beautiful region offer numerous other enticing attractions. Here are five best side activities to explore in Amed once you have done all your exciting underwater exploration.

Five Side Activities You Can Do After Amed Diving Bali!

Take A Moment Off in Black Sand Beach after Amed Bali Diving Session

Golden coasts and white sandy beaches dominate the coastline of Bali. But here in Amed, you will get to one of the few black, volcanic sand beach. A hardly scarce thing to see in the island. The rare black sands come from the remain of volcanic ashes and lava of Mount Agung. Also, you can see the looming Mount Agung dominating the view of the beach, which makes the experience even more unique. There’s something about Mount Agung that emits mystery and dramatic feeling to the otherwise a quiet town.

Morning Treck to Bukit Cinta

Longing for something fun and sweaty to start the day? Go for a morning jog at Bukit Cinta, the best viewpoint of Mount Agung on the entire island. The view from above here is absolutely a winner. We dare say it’s one of the best hidden gem after Amed diving sites Bali. Go few hours before the sunrise. See the mist cloaking on vast rice fields as the sky changes color to red-pinkish hue and cast a magical glow to the mountain.

Close the Day at Sunset Point after Donning Amed Bali Diving

As you have done your last diving in Amed Bali, store your gears back to its place, and rinse your body under fresh showers, it’s time for some relaxation. Head to the Sunset Point to catch the last glimpse of the sun with cold bottle of beer in your hand. See the sun disappears behind the majestic Mount Agung with quite a surreal show. This would be entirely different with your classic sea-and-sunset experience.

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Go to the Gateway of Heaven, Pura Lempuyang Temple

Five Side Activities You Can Do After Amed Diving Bali!

Some of the must visit temples in this wonderful region; the underwater temples on Amed Bali Diving and the stunning Lempuyang Temple, the Gateway of Heaven. Probably the most photographed, raved, and Instagrammed Pura in the Island of God. The Lempuyang Temple is one of the centre temples for Hinduism religion in the island and one of the holiest. It’s gate boast the perfectly framed Mount Agung in the background, which not only served as breathtaking photograph, but also hold deep meaning for Hindu’s spiritualism. The Lempuyang Temple is only 30 minutes drive from Amed, which is perfect for short cultural excursion after some diving.

Snorkel in Bias Tugel Beach 

If you want something light with a touch of exciting marine life, go for some snorkelling sessions in Bias Tugel Beach. It’s 90 minutes away from Amed, and a worthy addition to your underwater itinerary. It’s not everyday you come up here to the north! The beach is made comfortable with ample of sun loungers and convenient food stalls. The seabeds won’t live up to what you’ve seen during Amed Diving Bali. However, it’s still good for a refreshing break!