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Double Date in Bali? Get Luxury of 2 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak


This morning, I have seen a big promotional banner of Heineken saying that; “You can reschedule a date but you can’t reschedule a goal.” For a moment, I do agree with that but that surely will be a big bad news as well for couples who want to go to Bali in a double date schedule. So long, Heineken! A double date is better than you, that’s the goal. If you agree with me, another goal that I’d like to introduce you is the luxury of renting the 2 bedrooms villa at Seminyak area.

Double date in Bali and stay in luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak

Traveling in such a group, 2 falling in love couples in Bali can be great. Romantic atmosphere is actually can be felt on the air when thinking about it. Imagine a romantic diner, doing things together, 2 couples will be better than one, there will be enough crowd that can lives up the day while everyone is enjoying the at the world top destination. The wonderful Bali.

Double-date traveling will usually an idea of the two best friends or closer family members that have been married a bit long to spend the holidays. And each of couple will probably want to stay close together. Being days or even weeks in Bali for a double date things should be a great traveling idea as well as to live together. That’s why I am suggesting you the luxury 2 bedroom villa Seminyak that is perfect for that purpose along with the location benefits the couples can get.

Your main first question can be; why Seminyak than the other great places in Bali? First reason for that, there are not many villages in Bali with their own beaches. It is a coastal city. If there will be one common thing between Seminyak and Kuta, that will be the beach. Sadly, Kuta is not clean enough ever since there are plastic wastes here and there on the beach.

Knowing that, it won’t be a sin if you are imagining that the luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak you’re going to stay in is at the beach, closer to it, or perhaps within a walking distance? Yes, it is. You must be happy for that, right? Tell the other couples then about this good news.

Seminyak area is also has some interesting places for hanging out. You can get your fresh foods and drinks at the beach after sunset in a romantic diner up to the rooftop bar and cafe or restaurants. The amazing thing about is that, the crowd won’t even bothering you with that since there is no such disturbing distractions. Surely that there will be a noisy day, but I believe that you will need it and it is still can be tolerates.

Somehow, I have no idea why many people are staying there. You can even still finds a crowd at the beach after the midnight since there are some popular night clubs and also the beach clubs you can go. It may all of those are becoming the attractions for many travelers so do really enjoy their times at Seminyak. And you can experience what I have just told you, all of them around the luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak. Your double date entertainment is actually closer than you think.