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Building A Campfire During Your Summer Camp


Camping is one of the getaways you can do anytime with your loved ones, especially with those who love adventure and outdoor activities like yourself. There are many activities you can enjoy during your time venturing into the woods. Hiking, trekking, cycling, or simply building a camp to stargaze at night while enjoying burnt marshmallows. Also, you cannot forget the fun of building a campfire to warm you up during chilly nights into the wild. 

How to build a campfire safely during your vacation

Building a campfire is not only for when you camp since you can do it literally anytime. The most important thing is to build campfire safely so as not to hurt yourself and keep it going for long. And here are some tips of building campfire to consider:

Bring the necessities

If you plan on building a campfire during your little vacation, make sure to pack the necessities or at least know what items need to build a campfire. Some basic items to build a campfire include kindling, which is small pieces of woods that catch fire easily to help your larger logs catch fire. Then, of course you are going to need larger logs to make fire last longer. Then, you need something to lit up fire. It can be matches or lighter. You may also pack other alternatives you prefer. And the last is flammable items to light. Instead of using newspaper, might as well using cotton ball or recycled coffee ground. 

Learn more about method of building a campfire

There are many different methods of building a campfire you can learn. Everyone can actually build a fire even without the need to forego a formal training or such. However, there are some methods that can help you build a fire quickly and more efficiently. Regardless of the methods you use, make sure to always start small then build up to your larger materials. This is how you do it safely without the risk of injuring yourself in the process. 

Why your fire is not lasting long?

Some people are struggling to start a fire and some others are struggling to keep it alive. There must be reasons why your fire doesn’t last long. For example, it is probably because the bottom logs are burnt out and the fire gets cold. Hence, it is important to keep the logs close together while still making space for oxygen. Try aligning your log in parallel position to one another to conserve more heat. Most importantly, it is a must to opt for dry woods to catch fire easier and the fire last longer. 

Learn how to extinguish fire safely

During your summer camp, do not leave a campfire unattended. Fire is dangerous thing that can catch its surroundings so quickly causing serious problems. And the best way to extinguish fire is by blocking the oxygen. You may use sand or dirt if there is no water. Be careful when extinguishing the fire because if you do it poorly, it may roar back to life hours later.