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Wood Furniture Yogyakarta Pros and Cons of Using Reclaimed Timber 


The surge of popularity in green living and sustainable building concepts has given rise to the preference towards reclaimed wood. For furniture Yogyakarta reclaimed wood certainly is not a novel concept, but both trend and awareness have made this type of furniture seem like a new hit. 

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Furniture Yogyakarta using reclaimed wood 

A more sustainable option compared to new furniture, reclaimed wood as your home furniture yogyakarta can be an ideal. Aside from a good way to decrease the demand for new timber and hopefully decreases deforestation in the long run, reclaimed wood furniture is generally healthier as well. Most new furnitures are treated with chemicals that emit volatile chemical compounds (VCOs) into the air and into your living space, whereas used furniture have exhausted their vcos into the air – and health risks associated with it have greatly lessened, if not eliminated. 

Durable furniture that lasts a lifetime 

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Or more than a lifetime, when it concerns reclaimed wood. Because good furnitures should indeed be long-lasting that they make worthy heirloom pieces. Many kinds of furniture pieces made of reclaimed timber are often more durable than new ones. This is because a lot of reclaimed pieces come from trees that grow until they’ve reached their maximum growth – old-growth trees, compared to the virgin trees planted in forests for the purpose of being harvested. 

Cons of using reclaimed wood for your furniture 

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While advantages of using reclaimed wood for your furniture Yogyakarta are certainly abundant, unfortunately, there are downsides of it that you’d need to carefully consider. These downsides can come from many factors surrounding the furniture buying itself. 

Sellers capitalizing on eco-friendly concept 

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Unfortunately for those who are looking for environmentally sustainable living, that label doesn’t come cheap. Many are capitalizing on this concept, eco-friendly becoming somewhat synonymous to the new luxury label. Companies offering reclaimed wood often don’t sell them at a cheaper price – it’s crazy when you think that those furniture are second-hand, yet sold at a price much higher than what you’d think possible. This can sometimes be a tricky situation, and it certainly makes this a less viable option than virgin wood. If you have a limited budget, consider this aspect carefully. 

The legitimacy of your furniture

Companies can make false or misleading claims about the furniture they’re selling. This is why finding trustworthy Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers is one of the most important things you should do in the initial stages of your furniture shopping. Research for certifications if there’s any that correlates to your furniture of choice. Ask your furniture suppliers for certifications. 

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