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What To Prepare For Backpacking By Motorbike

What To Prepare For Backpacking By Motorbike

Backpacking is fun especially if you want to travel on budget. Not to mention that backpacking allows you to move freely because you don’t have to drag heavy suitcases exploring the places. Meanwhile, backpacking by motorbike might be a little different from what you have thought about backpacking. However, it is not too difficult as it seems. What you need is being prepared with the plan. Here are important things to consider when preparing for backpacking by motorbike:

Research the roads

It is vital for you to know about the location you are about to drive to. You can check it out on Google maps so you can estimate the roads. Or, you can also ask someone who has experience on backpacking by motorbike. Or, you can also ask people who know better about the place you are about to visit. Mark safe routes and avoid bad roads. 

Pack your essentials

Since you have a motorcycle as your only transport, you need to pack more wisely. Make sure to not pack too many items especially the ones that you won’t really need. Calculate how many days you will travel and bring suitable clothing. Pack comfortable clothes that allow you to some space to breathe, a little loose and durable. Use large backpack that can hold many items. Also, bring protective clothes and gears as needed. 

Check your motorcycle

Check your motorcycle

No matter who own the motorcycle, you are going to ride it so make sure to check its safety and maintenance. Check its tires, brakes, chain gear, bearings, etc. Don’t forget to change the oil. If there are some parts that need to fix or change, do it immediately. It won’t be a good experience to be stuck on the road alone with a broken motorcycle as your only company. 

Pack your own foods

It may seem unnecessary to pack food from home since you can pull over anytime you want during your road travel with your motorbike. However, you never know when you will find place to eat or buy foods. It is best to be prepared. You can pack some snacks that are fulfilling and nutritious to keep your body in good condition and alert. 

Plan your finance

It is important to calculate your trip expenses even when you drive your own vehicle. Several important fees you need to include in your budget are gasoline, foods, accommodation, equipment, and total. This way, you can carry the right amount of cash needed. It is recommended to not bring too much cash because there is a risk of losing it on the road. Also, place your cash in several places separately just in case of emergency. 

Prepare your mental

You are already prepared with everything but things can still go wrong on the road. Hence, it is important that you also prepared your mental to be ready for the road. When you are calm, you will figure out the best solutions to the problems you face. Anticipate with excitement, stay positive, and enjoy the road.