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Villa Development Bali & How to Build From Start as a Foreigner


The pandemic and travel restrictions have dealt a heavy blow to Bali. The small island has a population of 4.21 million and is almost entirely dependent on the tourism sector. However, the island of Bali has always been able to maintain its reputation as the world’s favorite tourist destination. Bali’s economy can always recover quickly no matter what disasters befall Indonesia’s social and economic dynamics. In 2021, the Bali villa development market will tell the same story as in 1998 when the economic crisis occurred. In 2017 there was an eruption of Mount Agung and Bali’s economy recovered 90% in just 3 months. 

Villa Development Bali & How to Build From Start as a Foreigner

Villa development Bali & recovery of Bali

It is clear that Bali offers very profitable investment potential for foreign investors. Villa development Bali is currently the prima donna for investors to get a fast ROI. The changing nature of office workers during the pandemic is one of the biggest driving factors for increasing the demand for luxury housing in Bali.

The opening of the door for domestic and foreign tourists is a signal that Bali’s economy is on its way to full recovery. This is an opportunity for investors to continue the process of building luxury villas and housing to welcome tourists. What are the stages of Bali villa development for foreign investors?

Villa construction Bali & a step by step guide

The process of villa development in Bali can be very complicated without professional guidance and assistance. Indonesia is a country full of complex land tenure regulations and investment requirements.

Build PT PMA

Foreign-owned companies are the only legal entities that allow foreigners to do business or own property. Of course, by fully complying with the laws and property regulations in Indonesia.

Identify the location

Even though Bali is a small island but land prices will vary from corner to corner. For popular and favorite areas for tourists such as Canggu and Seminyak, land prices are estimated to range from 600 million rupiahs to 1.5 billion rupiahs per square meter. For land in remote locations, it is estimated at 100-400 million rupiah per square meter.

It should be noted that Indonesia has many forms of land certificates and ownership. This should be a full concern for foreign investors in Bali. Generally, property agents will refer to rental and property rights.

Appoint a project manager

Villa construction requires a lot of time and capital. Reliable and reliable construction management is very important in the construction process which must be completed within a certain period of time with cost restrictions and quality requirements.

Appoint an architect

Choosing an architect Bali who is suitable for your specific design requirements will necessitate not only extensive knowledge of the local market but also a thorough understanding of the specific style design you desire. 

Applying for a building permit

An Izin Mendirikan Bangunan, or IMB, is a legal permit that allows for the construction of buildings in Indonesia. Before applying for one, you should investigate the spatial planning and land zoning regulations in the area where your building will be constructed. This is because certain lands or zones only permit specific building uses. The IMB permit is being phased out and will be replaced by PBG and SLF permits under the new Omnibus Laws, which are overhauling and regulating Indonesian legislation under President Joko Widodo’s administration.

The Bali villa development process does require a lot of preparation. Finding a project manager, architect, Bali contractor, and preparing a building permit will be very complicated. One-stop-shop Bali construction company will make it very easy for investors to carry out the villa development process in one shelter. Is it possible to find a one-stop-shop Bali construction company