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Understand More About Travel Insurance


It is highly recommended to have travel insurance especially if you travel quite often. You can plan the trip all you want but sometimes you cannot avoid the inevitable. Sometimes, the unexpected happens such as baggage lost, delayed or canceled a flight, getting sick or injured, and many more. Something that happens out of your control can happen but you still need to find the best solution. It is travel insurance that can help you recover from experiencing the unexpected during your travels. However, there are various types of travel insurance and you need to choose wisely. 

What travel insurance can and cannot cover

Just like any other insurance, travel insurance cannot cover everything. Every travel insurance company may have different terms and policies regarding to this. Sometimes, travelers feel cheated when they failed to claim but what if it cannot be claimed due to something that cannot be covered in the first place? Thus, it is highly advised to read the terms and policies of every type of coverage you buy from the agent. 

Travel insurance can cover travel cancellation but they cannot cover cancellation for everything either. It usually depends on the cause of the cancellation. Travel insurances do cover travel cancellation and interruptions but if the reasons do matter. Every travel insurance company provide a list of covered reasons for travel cancellation or interruption. If your reason is not included in the list, you cannot claim it and get covered.

You need to pay attention on the list of exclusion travel insurance company have. Every travel plan and policy has a list of situation where coverage will not be provided or known as exclusions. Some of coverages most travel insurance plans exclude are pre-existing medical condition, cancelling the trip due to the change of mind, travel for medical treatment outside your own home country, high-risk sports (scuba diving, sky-diving, heli-skiing, bungee jumping, etc), losses due to military actions, and many more. Read the list that your travel insurance company gives you so you understand how the plan works. 

There are also pre-existing conditions that require special attention. It is a condition before you had insurance coverage. You can file a claim due to a medical condition. However, the travel insurance company has their own policy regarding this. They will look at your medical records before granting your claim. If your medical condition is due to the unknown and your previous record is clean for any indication of pre-existing condition then they will grant your claim. However, if it is found that you have pre-existing condition causing your current medical condition, your coverage will be denied automatically. 

Travel insurance is important but you need to choose carefully. It is highly recommended to choose travel insurance company with good reputation. It is also important to read through all the terms and policies before deciding what kind of insurance plans you want to buy. You don’t have to be in a rush in choosing the coverage. You don’t want your money to go to waste by buying a coverage that you don’t need.