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Travelling Ideas for Dance Lovers


Dancing is one of the most favorite things to do for most people. Even if it is not something you can do professionally, at least you enjoy dance performance because it is mesmerizing as well as entertaining. There are many types of dance in the world. Some people enroll in dance class professionally and some doing it for the sake of hobby. If you are more into those who like watching dance performance, might as well plan a trip to places where you can enjoy it the most. Travelling with dance as your main topic in your plan is great idea. It can be a little different from regular type of vacation you have but it is totally worth to try.

Recommended travel destinations for dance lovers

Dance performance can leave audience in awe because some moves may look out of imagination. Dancers use techniques to deliver great moves. That’s why watching dance performance can be one of the most memorable experiences you get during your travels. Here are several recommended places to visit where you can learn and enjoy dance more:

Indonesia – This is one the best countries if you want to learn traditional, authentic dances because every region has different dance. You can visit Bali to witness traditional dance such as Kecak, fire dance, and many more. Besides, there are many things you can explore when visiting Bali especially the rich culture and stunning Nature.

Greece and Spain – These countries are the best places for line dancing. This is fun dancing where even the unprofessional can join the crowd. This is favorite dance for beginners because they can learn some steps to truly enjoy the fun of the dance. There are plenty of dance holidays and festivals held in these countries where you get to see line dancing performed by professionals and amateurs.

Argentina – This is where you can learn more about Tango, one of popular dances in the world. The sexy and exotic dance is originated from Buenos Aires. Some hotels and other places often hold Tango dance performances. Do not hesitate to join the event. You can be the spectator of stunning performance or join the crowd.  

South Korea – Well, this is one of the best countries with rich pop culture. You might have heard about Kpop sensation where talented youngsters sing and dance exceptionally well. Come and visit South Korea and you will get to witness people dancing on the streets. Youngster often busking and show off their talents in singing as well as dancing to popular songs. Street performances are the best to enjoy when visiting this country especially in Seoul.

Brazil – This is where Samba is originated. Brazil is always linked to Samba. One of the best time to witness Samba is Rio Carnival. You will get to see people in various customs and perform Samba. You can even learn Samba in private during the carnivals. Or, you can also pay a visit to one of Samba schools and watch how the locals learning the dance.