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The Fun of Travelling Without a Plan


Lots of Travel experts advise you to travel with a thorough plan. It is not wrong. Planning your trip will put your mind at ease because you have everything arranged so that you are already prepared for what’s coming. For first time travelers, planning your trip is important because then you have clear pictures of what to do or where to go during your trip. This way, you won’t feel so lost especially when it is your first time travelling abroad. You need everything in check to stay in control so that you won’t get panicked. However, it is recommended to travel without a plan once in a while if you travel frequently.

Benefits of travelling without a plan

There is no wrong to be a spontaneous travelers especially if you have great thinking and fast solving problem making skill. However, it may not be recommended for those who tend to panic for unexpected things. However, it is also worth trying because you may gain some benefits from it such as:

  • Flexibility is the first and most obvious benefit you get from zero-planned travel. You won’t need to stick with one itinerary because you didn’t book anything in advance. If you have something different in mind, you can easily change accordingly. There is no pressure of what to do or where to go either. Travelling without plan can also put your mind at ease just like travelling with one. It is because you are not bounded to strict schedule. If your flight is delayed, you won’t be worried about it.
  • Another benefit is being able to enjoy as much as you can without limited by time. You see, those who are travelling with plan are so stick with their schedule. They plan how long they should spend to visit a gallery and when they have to move on to the next destination. In the end they don’t really enjoy the place they visit because they focus more on visiting as many places as the time allow on their schedule. Therefore, travelling without plan allow you to enjoy the place you visit for how long you like it to be. The pace is absolutely yours to set.
  • There is possibility for you to experience serendipity. This mostly happens when you don’t plan to find it. Travelling without plan means you learn how to go with the flow. You just move forward with flexibility so no pressure on your mind or shoulders.
  • Travelling without plan is fun and all. However, it is not recommended for first time traveler. If you are not flexible person, travelling without plan can be much more stressing as well. Thus, you still need to calculate everything thoroughly whether or not you really want to try travelling without plan. Make sure that you should expect the unexpected when travelling, with or without a plan. You can also start by planning your trip in not-so-detailed manner before going for a trip without plan at all. This make a smooth transition.