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Surprisingly Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations in The World


Travelling to luxury destination means you need to dig down deeper your wallet. You need to prepare your budget so that you can travel comfortable and safely. No matter what type of traveler you are, travelling to luxury place once in a while is like a dream. That is why lots of travelers are purposely saving their money so that they can afford to have a trip to more luxury destination for their next travel plan. Travelling to luxury destinations is so tempting because it offers extra-ness in various ways. It provides better facilities, amenities, and privileges. Of course, they come with extra money as well. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot truly have it.

List of affordable luxury travel destinations you may interested in

If you have a dream of having to travel to luxury destination then it is possible to do so. There are surprisingly luxury travel destinations in the world which are still affordable for budget travelers. keep in mind that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. You may find it hard to believe it so here are the lists:

  • Marfa, Texas is a great destination to have luxury travel with affordable price. Besides, this place is already popular among celebrities including Mathew McConaughey and Beyoncé. Marfa may not look as expensive as LA or New York. However it offers artsy place in the wild, Wild West. Thus, it gives you unique feeling. Dinner for two only cost around $38 USD. You can travel to this small desert city and go for shopping at Prada Marfa.
  • Osaka, Japan is a great destination if you want to have luxury travel. Japan is already famous for its high-technology invention in various areas. It is also a perfect place to enjoy food scene for food enthusiasts. Amongst many famous destinations in Japan, Osaka is one of the best places to go to. Besides, its location is near to other destinations that you can reach in one go. Dinner for two people can only cost around $35 USD. Current exchange rate is 1000 JYP for 9 USD.
  • Gaya Island, Sabah Malaysia is another exotic travel destination in Asia that fits perfectly for affordable luxury travel. It just sits off the coast of Kota Kinabalu. The island looks really fascinating that you feel like you are in Maldives. Dinner for two people in this city only cost around $12USD. The current exchange rate is 62 MYR for 15 USD. There are many things you can enjoy during your trip to Gaya Island such as exotic beach, coral reef, and wildlife sightings.
  • Sihanoukville, Cambodia is another gem in Asia which offers affordable luxury travel experience. The beaches and islands are what the most attractive things about this place. However, the casinos and resorts keep developing throughout the years, making great changes in the city. However, it still as lovely as it is. Besides, this luxury travel destination is affordable for budget travelers. You can get dinner for two people with $18 USD.