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Overcoming Fear of Flying for Smooth Travelling


When travelling is your favorite things to do but you are afraid of flying then it can be a big issue you need to overcome. It is not uncommon for people to have certain fear of flying. Well, being high up in the sky sometimes can be a scary thing. For those who are fear of height, flying can also too stressful and too terrifying. However, it is still solvable as long as you don’t have severe phobia of flying or some sort. If you are fear of flying for long haul that it can make your anxiety spikes up, you can do something to overcome it. Thus, your hobby of travelling around the world won’t be full of hassle anymore.

How to overcome your fear of flying for comfortable travel

People are scared of flying for various reasons. Some have difficulty with the height and others with the limited space in the cabin of the plan. Even if your fear is considered mild, it still can be disturbing for your travel. You will fee agitated throughout your fly and it only makes you get tired more. Here are tips to overcome it:

  • Finding more information about how airplanes work. It is often that the fear comes from the thought that an airplane will automatically fall down once the engine fails. However, it is not entire true. The airplane still able to work that way. Finding more about turbulence and something related to it will also help you to know what to expect.
  • To make your fly more bearable, you can request seat assignment. If you are more into claustrophobia, you can request an aisle seat. It will also help if you familiarize yourself with the plan. Once you sit on your seat, you can take a look at your surrounding and take a breath. It gives you time to adjust with your surroundings. When the time to fly rolls around, you will be more comfortable.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts before and during flying. For example, the night prior to your flight, make sure to not watch movies related to airplane crash, accident, and some sort. Avoid reading news with scary images of disaster or crashes. Instead, try to think positively. Try to focus more on things you are going to do when you are arrive at your travel destination.
  • If you travel with friends, distract your mind by having light conversation. Or, you can also chat with your neighbor seats. Talking interesting things with people before and during your flight can be helpful to distract yourself from bad thoughts and anxiety.
  • Make yourself comfortable during the flight. You can read your favorite novel, watch fun movies, or listen to soothing music. make sure to regulate your breathing as well. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water to make you stay hydrated. However, avoid drinking caffeine since it can trigger your anxiety instead of relaxing. You can drink mineral water, juice, or tea to help you hydrated and relax.