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Best Diving Places In Bali You Should Conquering At Night


Diving for some professionals is a pleasure. Or you are a beginner diver? Diving when the sun still shine look like it’s normal for divers but has it ever occurred to you to dive at night? Where is the best place to try night diving? There are many diving tourist destinations and one of them in Bali. The island of God with a million charms is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. There are many best diving places in Bali with thousands of unique sea creatures and beautiful coral.

best diving places in bali

Why should you try the best diving places in Bali at night?

What is noticed by a diver who will do dives at night? One of them is the condition of related spot sea currents. Night diving is more dangerous than when the sun is visible. Why? Imagine if you walk around your house at night, surely visibility around you would be very limited. Especially if you are diving night, limited visibility and cold sea water temperatures will be very dangerous, both in terms of health or safety.

The requirements for night dives do have to have certain diving certificates with many dive hours. How many dives do you, no matter whether it’s daytime, afternoon or evening determine the skill and buoyancy of divers. Conquering the best diving places in Bali at night is indeed a challenge especially for professional divers.

What needs to be prepared for night dives? A flashlight that is useful to help so that visibility under the sea is a little brighter. A diver must prepare 2 flashlights where 1 is to be used and 1 is in reserve. Diving equipment, of course, you can use your own or provide by a dive operator. Preparation of mental and body fit is clearly a major factor, especially when doing night dives.

For the safety of divers, don’t go too far with the instructor because you will never know what can happen when diving. One of the best diving places in Bali at night is Tulamben. Feeling a mystical atmosphere will be felt when approaching the USAT Liberty shipwreck. Usually, the instructor will provide information on underwater species that are active at night.

The result? Night diving is amazing. You can see underwater species that emit light and are very beautiful. If you are accustomed to diving in the morning, afternoon or evening, it will feel a striking difference with night dives. Night diving is also perfect for macro photographers. You will find perfect images of many night-time underwater species. If you only dream of seeing the beauty of fairytale, then dive in one of the best diving in Bali at night will take you to the fairytale world.