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Benefits of Slow Travel You Should Know


Slow travel has become more familiar amongst travel enthusiast. It is the way of traveling in which you use more time to stay longer in a place you are visiting and make a stronger connection with it. By slow traveling, you have more times to appreciate the beauty and every interesting part around you. Many travelers also consider it as laid-back travel because there is no hurried schedule or tight itinerary. Everything is done leisurely and there is no rush involved. People who face hectic day also start considering this type of travel because they find it helpful to rid all the stress.

Benefits of Slow Travel You Should Know

By choosing slow travel, you will earn many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • The impact of nature will be minimized or reduced. Keep in mind that tourism has contributed to the change of environment. When you are slow traveling, you include green concept by booking greener accommodation. For example, you decide to stay at the green hotel offering a renewable energy source, eco-friendly facilities, and local sourced-foods.
  • Another benefit of slow travel to the environment is also when you take more eco-friendly transport to help to reduce carbon emission. For example, slow travel allows you to enjoy the trains instead of airplanes. The train is more eco-friendly obviously while airplane has a big contribution to global warming. Another alternative is by driving your car in short distance or even by walking. These give positive impact to the environment by at least reducing further damage to the environment.
  • You have more time to appreciate the beauty of what is near you. By slow traveling, you don’t need to follow your agenda in a tight schedule. You don’t have to hurry anything. Thus, it will help you to avoid stress during your travel and exploration.
  • By taking slow travel, you will be able to form a stronger connection to the place you are visiting. You can recognize your neighbors, knowing more about the local markets, and picking your favorite cafe. It is a great way to escape your usual stressful day which fulls of the crowd and hurried footsteps.
  • Slow travel benefits your finance especially if you are a budget traveler. When you decide to stay longer in one place instead of hurriedly moving from one place to another then you have reduced your transportation cost.
  • Slow travel means you have more options in choosing your accommodation. Instead of booking a room in a hotel, you can opt for rental vacation or home exchange. It is more cost-efficient. Since you stay longer, you can even make your own food instead of eating out. Thus, it means you can save even more and use your money for more important things.
  • You gain priceless reward by slow travel especially when you have succeeded to blend in with the locals. The reward is that the satisfaction of tackling language barriers, differences in cultures, as well as other major blocks which can stop you from making the connection. This is the valuable thing you earn from slow travel that you won’t get when you breeze through various tourist sites.