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Be Your Own Photographer When Traveling Without Companions


An important skill you learn as you travel? Photography! Well, learning to take pictures of objects and also of yourself is arguably one of the most valuable lessons for some. And while taking photos of your destinations may not be something that is extremely difficult to do in the first place; taking photos of yourself when you’re solo is hard. So how can you take better photos of yourself during your travels?

Work on being more comfortable in front of the camera

While people who take photos of themselves on a regular basis may not feel that this is the case, being comfortable in front of the camera actually takes practice. So how can you become more comfortable when taking pics of yourself? Well, take more pics of yourself! And often. Do it everyday even when you’re not traveling. It may be very embarrassing at first. But you’ll soon realize that other people do not care and won’t start to care because they have their very own thing to do instead of scrutinizing you taking pics of yourself. Unless you get in their way, of course. So make sure to take pics of yourself as often as you can.

Learn to pose

How to make yourself look good in a photo? Why, learn to pose, of course.

Posing does not have to be complicated or magazine-like—those models have people directing and a producing team, and their aim is to create an image. Your goal should be to create a more natural, a more mundane shot as if you’re simply capturing everyday lives. It tends to

You would also be able to give your surroundings a chance to shine.

Photos that look candid is appealing for its spontaneous, often vulnerable, stolen-shot quality.

Start small and use what you already have

You don’t have to immediately purchase an expensive DSLR in order to be a better travel photographer. While the tool has become mandatory for some, it does not mean it has to be mandatory for you. It’s also not a wise move especially if you’re on a budget. Start with what you have and learn from there. If you only have a smartphone, then use it You can always upgrade later.

Make use wide-angle option

A lot of phone cameras out there have the wide-angle features these days. Taking photos of yourself won’t have to be a super close-up shot of your face anymore. Unfortunately, many devices don’t have the option in using wide-angle in the front camera. So may want to note that.

Practicing (not-so) candid shots

As mentioned above, candid shots are attractive in their own ways. For those who feel awkward looking at the camera, this would be a perfect place to start from. Show your back to the camera, show a side of your face, or simply tilt your head slightly and let your gaze travel away from the lens. Learn what works best for you and you can expand from there.

Look for inspirations

References go a long way. You’ve probably been inspired by other travelers or photographers before you’re taking the photos of your travel seriously. Compile a list of the travel photographers or travel blogs that had caught your mind before. Learn what they do through their photos. Don’t be afraid to imitate. It’s an effective learning process.