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All You Need To Know About Cycle Touring


For those who are not used to outdoor activities, cycle touring may sound intimidating. You may have your own imagination of how it would be like. However, cycle touring is not about having the most perfect travel. It is more about how to enjoy the journey while pedaling your way through it. It is almost impossible to join cycle touring without the crunchy. It is understandable if you feel any doubt when considering cycle touring. It can be physically draining if you are not ready but the experience might be worth more than you imagined. 

Common concerns regarding to cycle touring

Every individual may have different concerns when it comes to cycle touring, especially for those who are not really fond of outdoor activity that is typically exhausting. However, most people share similar concerns regarding to cycle touring, such as:

Will your butt hurt?

Your butt will definitely hurt if you keep pedaling for few days straight. However, what makes you concerned the most is probably whether or not your body is going to handle it. When you body is sued to leisure  walk and suddenly have to ride the vast distance through a bike trip, it probably feels overwhelmed. 

However, our bodies are less fragile than we think they are. You will get tired, grumpy, or sore after a long day of riding. However, you will get your excitement back after a big meal and good sleep. It is recommended to start with basic level of fitness. Also, the thing about cycling is that you get stronger and more coordinated each day. You will come home with better stamina and fitness. 

How can you have fun while cycle touring?

Cycle touring is not about covering as much ground as possible. If that is your only purpose, you will experience boredom for sure. Of course you will experience boredom for cycling through 70km of pine forests. However, the boredom will be outweighed by the excitement of riding through interesting places, meeting local people, and seeing the breathtaking views of the nature. Also, you may face unexpected challenges during the tour that make it more even more memorable. 

Is camp the only accommodation option?

This is another thing many first timers concerned about. Most cycle tourists camp along their route for convenience and to save money. The good thing about cycle touring is that you are carrying your home with you which means you will always find a place to sleep. It is a matter of personal preference whether you want to camp or splurge on accommodation. 

Is cycle touring dangerous?

During cycle tour, you are more vulnerable because you are on a bike and not going to be encased by glass or steel. Hence, there is high risk of injury as well. However, it is considered less dangerous because cycle touring takes you away from busy touristy places, professional thieves, and con artists that tend to lurk around tourist hot spots. Take necessary precautions, prioritize safety, and stay respectful to have safe cycle touring