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Canggu Tattoo – Effects To Watch Out For


A tattoo is popular and is a body art as a symbol to express yourself. Initially, tattooing was considered a symbol of evil, but the fact behind things that are considered bad for most people is very possible to lead to truth or goodness. Actually, what does the tattoo mean to you? Millions of tattooed people will probably mention millions of reasons.

Canggu Tattoo

Bali is one of the world’s popular tourist destinations which is also famous for its tattoo art. The process of tattoo art is not as easy as that seen. The tattoo can be said to be the desire of people who try to translate that desire. Tattooing is not only a trend but has more meaning than that.

Looking for The Best Canggu Tattoo Artists

Finding a professional tattoo artist is not as easy as expected. There are lots of Canggu tattoos that offer a tattoo with varying prices. Usually, the price is determined by design, size, and type. The more difficult the manufacturing process, the more expensive the price can be. Before deciding to make a tattoo on your body, you need to watch out for the effects that can occur.


This is a skin lump that appears around the tattoo. Lumps can become moles and cause problems for years. How could this happen? This happens because the body reacts with foreign objects that enter the body. Given the making of tattoo using ink, it allows making your skin blister. Not all Canggu tattoo studios pay attention to problems that will occur in your body. It’s good if you consult a doctor and then talk to a tattoo artist to prevent granuloma.


There are some people who have scars that cause excessive growth in the scar tissue on the skin. Although it only causes appearance problems compared to health, it can make a person disturbed if keloids become large. Canggu tattoo artists may have a solution to prevent keloids after the tattoo process is complete.

Infectious diseases

This is the most worrying and scares beginners who want to make tattoos. In fact, tattoos should be made using sterile and single-use needles. There are many cheap and unprofessional tattoo studios that use tattoo needles for some people to save costs. Non-sterile needles allow a person to be contaminated with the blood of someone who has an infectious disease. Make sure the Canggu tattoo that you go to is trusted and reputable to prevent contracting HIV / AIDS, tetanus, hepatitis c, and hepatitis b.