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What You Should Wear for Air Traveling


To reach your travel destination, there are many alternatives to choose. One of the safest ways is taking air travel. Airplane is said to be the safest mode of transportation. However, sometimes it is a nerve-wrecking experience especially for the first-timers.

There are many things that can make you feel uncomfortable during your flight. One of them is the way you dress.

Dress for flight

It may sound unimportant but the things you wear can determine the level of comfort you feel during your flight. When you wear something too tight, it may suffocate you more when you flying. Or when you dress in too thin clothes you will be suffered from cold easier which results in horrible flying experience.

Paying attention more on the way you dress for flight

The number of people using air travel as their alternative transportation keeps increasing each year. However, it also means there is stress from flight due to the increase of traveler’s numbers.

It may also one of the reasons passengers are more restless during their flight. Thus, fixing the way you dress for a flight can reduce the stress since you will feel comfortable at least with yourself. Here are recommended clothes to wear for comfortable air traveling.

First thing first, you need layers to wear for air travel. There are many options of what kind of layers you can wear. For example, you can wear a large cotton scarf so you can wrap double it around your neck when the temperature is too chilly for your comfort. Other alternatives are pashmina, wraps, shawl, sweatshirt, vest, and light jacket. You can also roll your soft cotton jacket and make it as your pillow when you need it.

Always choose breathable fabrics for your clothes. They include silk, cotton, or linen. When you wear non-breathable clothes, it will block air circulation of your body. As the result, it will hold your sweat to trap on your skin. It will only make you feel dirty. Thus, choosing breathable fabrics is not only for the sake of your comfort but also cleanliness.

Pay attention on leg-wear especially if you are pregnant. It is recommended to wear compression leg-wear for pregnant women who take a long haul flight. It is also recommended to wear for those who travel frequently. Alternatives include stockings or socks which promote blood circulation. They will help preventing you from having swollen legs.

Stick to simple shoes if you are going to take air travel. Comfortable, flat shoes are more recommended for traveling because you may need to walk, sit, and stand throughout your journey to reach your destination.

Next recommendation is to wear loose-fitting clothes. When you are stuck in long period of time and cramp seats, the risk of developing blood clots is higher. It is even higher when you wear tight clothes. Thus, it is more recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes to reduce the risk and to keep you comfortable during your flight. You can wear your stylish clothes but make sure they are also comfortable to wear.