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Tips To Stay Fresh And Awake On Long Drive

Tips To Stay Fresh And Awake On Long Drive

Due to the pandemic, many travelers choose to drive instead of taking public transport such as buses, planes, or trains. It is considered safer because there are fewer chances for travelers to get stuck in the crowd or interact with other people. If you plan on having a long drive, staying awake is necessary. You may stop at rest areas or have bathroom breaks during your trip. However, a long drive is still challenging. 

How to stay fresh and awake on long drive

Feeling sleepy and fatigue are the most common problems when you are behind the wheels for too long. 

Pack healthy snacks

To help you stay awake, you should pack some healthy snacks. Make sure that they are not just empty calories. Choose healthy snacks with less sugar and more protein. With these kind of snacks, the energy will be distributed at a more constant pace, making you feel energized and avoid having a food coma. You can pack some protein bars to stay energized on long drive. Not to mention that by packing your own healthy snacks, you don’t have to make many stops to fill your stomach.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated can also help you to stay energized and awake. Keep in mind that driving increases the chance of dehydration even if you just sit comfortably. Aside from mineral water, you can also pack some energy drink to help boost your energy for few hours. You can also prepare your coffee at home so you don’t have to stop by at any restaurant or a store during your trip.

Drive with a travel buddy

Drive with a travel buddy

Have a travel buddy as company. A road companion can also help you to stay awake. Chatting throughout the ride with your travel buddy can make a long drive feel less boring. If you drive with your family, it will be much fun than driving alone. Also, it is even better if you can take turn on driving if you plan a long road trip. Thus, you have chance to refill your energy and stay awake when it is time your turn to drive.

Set the temperature

It is recommended to set your car a few notches below your ideal temperature. However, make sure not to overdo it. Don’t set the temperature that can make you feel sick or uncomfortable. If you cannot stand cool temperature by the AC of your car, you can opt by cracking a window open just a little bit to let the fresh air circulating. 

Be in prime condition 

Hitting the road while you are not in good condition is not recommended especially during this global pandemic. A road trip should be done with proper preparation. Your body and your vehicle should get thorough check prior to ensure you have smooth road trip. Even if you have a long drive when you are fully healthy, there is still chance you get tired while on the road. Try facial exercise as a way for waking up. If you still feel sleepy, it is better to take a break and nap instead of continue your drive.