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List of Foods You Should Avoid Before Flying


When you choose far destination for your trip, it means you will likely to book a flight. Besides, airplane is the safest mode of transportation for traveling. However, dealing with a long haul flight can be a hassle sometimes especially if you do something that can cause your flight even less comfortable such as eating wrong foods.

Foods to avoid before flying

Well, if you eat wrong food before flying, the risk to have awful flight is higher. It is not always greasy fast foods or alcohol that can cause you to have awful flight. There are even a few nutritious foods which can cause the same case.

Avoid eating these foods before flying

Having a long haul flight means you have to deal with other types of stress such as muscle cramps, exhaustion, jet lag, and hunger. Thus, it is highly advised to drink lots of water, and have some healthy snacks when you are hungry such as nuts, carrot sticks, etc. However, it is recommended to avoid eating these foods before flying.

Foods that can cause intestinal expansion are not recommended to consume before your flight. This is because the nature of the pressurized airplane cabin has already promoted bloating as well.

Even healthy ingredients such as onions, beans, cabbage, lentils, and cauliflower will cause your intestine to bloat due to excessive gas production. Bloated feeling will be very uncomfortable during your flight even if it’s a short one. It may not only affect you but the other passengers around you.

Greasy foods such as burger and fried chicken are laden with sodium as well as saturated fat in which your body doesn’t do well in digesting them.

More importantly, this kind of food can cause immediate constriction of blood flow. This can lead to more serious health problem such as swollen feet, deep vein thrombosis (DIV), and other severe damage to organs.

Thus, it is best to avoid eating those types of food before flying for your own comfort, health, and safety.

Alcohol is not food but it still need to be avoided before flying. Some travelers down a few cocktails before flying to avoid fear of flying. However, it is not recommended by doctors especially when you take it excessively.

Scientifically, alcohol causes dehydration. Remember that there are already ultra-dry air and salty meals on planes which cause dehydration.

Downing alcohol before flying will only make it worse. If you really need to have it, make sure to drink plenty of water to counteract the effect.

Carbonated beverages also need to be avoided before and during your flight. They contribute to bloating as well as cramping.

They cause excessive gas production that will only make you uncomfortable during your flight. In fact, fasting for about 16 hours before a long haul flight is said to be helpful to fend off jet lag according to a study.

However, if it sounds impossible for you, it is recommended to have some healthy snacks so that your stomach won’t be too empty and you still have energy to continue your journey.