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Five Awesome Kids-Parent Activities to Enjoy at Holiday Inn Resort Benoa!

Five Awesome Kids-Parent Activities to Enjoy at Holiday Inn Resort Benoa!

When you have build a family, there’s nothing better than spending some off days with your beloved kids and partner. Both you and your partner probably spend most of the time working hard to meet the family needs while the kids are drown in their school assignments. Everyone needs some moments off to just relax and spend a quality time together, strengthening the family bond. Spending a vacation with your kids makes a lifetime memories—children will remember it fondly as a time when their mommy and daddy do exciting things together with them. You don’t have to go too far to have great vacation. In this Holiday Inn Resort Benoa, Bali, you can relax and engage in fun activities with the kids all in one place. Located in one of the most amazing waterfronts in Tanjung Benoa, Bali, there are dozens of reasons why this resort is perfect your next family gateway destination. Here are five of the most exciting parents-kids activities to do at this resort. 

Balinese Cooking Class at Holiday Inn Resort Benoa

Balinese Cooking Class

When you come to a destination but you still stick out to pasta and steak, you are missing out a lot. Experience the most of Bali by taking a bite of it’s local delicacies! While the resort’s restaurant do serve Balinese and Indonesian dishes, they also give guests a chance to make it by their own. The  Holiday Inn resort Benoa opens a private cooking class where you can ask the little ones to join you to make the dishes. One of the chef will set the cooking table in a nice outdoor setting. While you can expand your culinary knowledge upon learning new spices, the little kiddo would love to help mixing everything! You can even request the dishes to be vegan/ vegetarian/ or anything to suits your diet as well. In the end of the class, the little ones would be very proud to present the dishes that they made to Mommy and Daddy!

Tropical Fruit Carving 

Kids love to ‘play’ with the foods and why not turn this ‘bad’ hobby into something good and fun? Request a fruit carving. You will be given an easy fruit to carve, like melon or a watermelon. The chef would be there to guide parents and kiddos step by step on slicing, poking, and picking out the fruit into a cute animal or flower shape!

Mommy/Daughter or Dad/Son Spa 

Mommy/Daughter or Dad/Son Spa

Get somewhere nice to escape to unwind. That’s the Tea Tree spa at the Holiday Inn Resort Benoa, a quiet place in resort’s underground to indulge in variety of treatments. Better yet, you can benefit the spa’s family package; Mommy/Daughter or Father/Son spa. Let them have a taste of adult’s luxuries. The young ladies and lads would definitely appreciate some pampering in the spa, enjoyed together with their parent. The foot baths, deep tissue massage, and a cup of hot ginger tea in the end of the session would leave both of you feeling very relaxed and spoiled.

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Biking Around Holiday Inn Resort Benoa

When was the last time you bike with your kids? Go grab a bike and bike around Nusa Dua early in the morning—or just around the sunset. Take a stroll to the beachside paths and feel the refreshing ocean breeze. Biking with the kiddos are just one of the simplest thing you can do in the resort to bond together. 

Trying Out Water Sports in Tanjung Benoa 

Among any other beaches in Bali, the Tanjung Benoa is especially famous for its watersport! Though it’s not directly on their service, the Holiday Inn resort Benoa help you with the access to some water sport operators. Riding a banana boat, flying with parasailing, or trying out the ‘Iron Man’ water jet would definitely drive kids ecstatic. This will be something they talk about for days!