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6 Tips for Booking A Private Villa in Seminyak on Peak Season

7 Tips for Booking A Private Vacation House in Seminyak on Peak Season

If you are still in school or working in a 9-5 schedule, you might have limited time frame for travelling. And most of the time, your free time will be limited during summer break or Christmas and New Year holiday. While it’s a festive time to travel in Bali, finding a private villa could be difficult especially in popular area like Seminyak.

Seminyak, dubbed as one of the hippest and most fashionable area in Bali, is highly popular among tourist. The Seminyak streets has unquestionably become one of Bali’s most stylish neighborhoods. Luxurious hotels and resorts, fine-dining restaurants, and jewellery artists take pride for having Seminyak in their address. Seminyak is also known for its shopping, with tourists able to purchase handcrafted items from all across the island as well as worldwide designer retailers. It’s not surprising if you want to base in Seminyak for your holiday. However, you need a special strategy especially when you go there during the peak season. 

Book up to a year in advance if the Seminyak private villa Bali is popular

Seminyak is the home of many beautiful, Instagrammable, and attractive vacation rentals that are highly popular among tourists. Some even receive full booking for three month straight before the date take place. You will need to book rental far in advance id the Seminyak villa you’re eyeing is a popular one. 

Although it may be unsettling to book a property so far in advance, many rental-home owners have relaxed their cancellation procedures as a result of COVID-19, allowing you to change your plans without penalty close to your check-in date.

Check more than one website

There’s a good probability that different websites have different costs, which is why it’s a good idea for individuals to explore multiple websites so that they can make the best possible choice and examine the listings from multiple sources. People must search on various portals and online websites in order to gain good access to the various offers and promo deals that they are running. One Seminyak private villa in Bali can have different pricing in, say, booking.com and AirBnB. So, always check all the websites!

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Get a good understanding of your choices around Seminyak

Find more about the average pricing and availability of villas in Seminyak area. Expand your search to include surrounding towns, where availability and costs may be higher. Play around with your date range if you have the flexibility.

Choose a Seminyak villa in less touristy areas

The Seminyak area is huge. Though it’s a generally popular area, there are a lot of smaller areas in Seminyak that you can choose to base. There are lots of beautiful Seminyak villa with private pool hidden in small streets. Often times, the more hidden it is, the more luxurious the villa can be. 

Staying off in well-known tourist locations is something that you should avoud because mark-ups in tourist activities can be ludicrous at times. This also results in premium pricing of villa in busy streets and around Seminyak’s beaches.

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Be flexible with your schedule

You can save hundreds of dollars by being flexible about your departure date or time. For the best deals, look for departures that are out of the ordinary, such as very early in the morning or very late at night. Mini-break demand is strongest on Friday nights, Sunday nights, and Monday mornings, so avoid going out on Friday nights or returning on Sunday nights or Monday mornings.

Book flights with early arrival

Everything will obviously be busier if you travel during the high season. There will be longer lines, busier roadways, and slower check-ins. Allow plenty of time to go where you need to be so you don’t miss any scheduled appointments.

Nothing is more stressful than sitting in traffic, watching the minutes tick away as your departure time approaches!