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10 Essentials for Your Remote Komodo Island Vacations


10 Essentials for Your Remote Komodo Island Vacations

There’s something about going on a sailing trip on a remote islands like the Komodo national park in Flores, Indonesia.To be away from everything and escape to the heart of nature. However, the excitement of meeting dragons and enjoying pristine beaches in Komodo Island could distract your from packing properly for the tropical trip. Here are 10 essentials you should never forget!

Komodo Island Sailing Pack Essentials

Whether you are travelling by yourself or packing for four people in the family, this list will help you to pack the basic needs to help you enjoy the gateway to it most.

Reef-friendly sunscreen

10 Essentials for Your Remote Komodo Island Vacations

Not just any sunscreen. You want a reef-friendly sunscreen that does not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate. These are two common UV-blocking chemicals that unfortunately cause reef bleaching. Remember that Komodo has one of the highest marine biodiversity in the world. You don’t want to be an absent-minded, irresponsible traveler who spoil the precious and pristine Komodo. Choose a minimum 30+ SPF, all natural and reef-safe sunscreen to protect yourself and the nature.

Two piece of swimsuit for everyone

10 Essentials for Your Remote Komodo Island Vacations

You are going to stay in a liveaboard to reach the Komodo Island and other islets. That means you won’t get access to laundry machine anytime soon and sun-drying is the only option to dry your swimsuits. Pack two pieces of swimsuits for everyone in the family, cause no swimsuit dries quickly.

Polarized sunglasses

Komodo Sailing Pack Essentials

Shades doesn’t exist solely for fashion. You need sunglasses not only to look good but also to protect your eyes from harsh tropical sun. It’s extremely important especially if you have sensitive eyes. Since you’ll be going with liveaboard, a polarised sunglasses will also protect you from the glare reflecting off the ocean water.

Smart clothes packing

Komodo Sailing Pack Essentials

When you are travelling to somewhere remote like the Komodo Island, you won’t need much, really! Make a capsule clothing for everyone in the family. You will only need some t-shirts, some summer dress for women and maybe polo shirts and shorts for men.

Flipflop for the liveaboard cruising

Komodo Sailing Pack Essentials

You don’t want to wear shoes in the liveaboard boat. Wear flip flop, preferably the one with an ankle strap so you won’t lose it when walking in the shallow water.

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Easily Forgotten Essentials For Travelling

Durable shoes for trekking in Komodo Island

Komodo Sailing Pack Essentials

While sandals and flip-flops are the appropriate attire in the liveaboard, you won’t want to wear that when trekking the Komodo Island. First you don’t want the carnivorous dragons to see your chunky feet as a munchable snack. Second, the sun in Flores is awfully unforgiving while the trek is dry and rocky. Trekking with just sandals would only give you a burning and bruised feet. Bring a trekking shoes. Besides, you won’t go trekking to Komodo Island only. You will surely trek to other unmissable islands—like Padar, Gili Lawa, or Sebayur—during the trip.

Bug spray for the naughty mosquitos

Komodo Sailing Pack Essentials

Nobody want to get malaria during the trip. Also, bug bites are just purely unpleasant. Bug sray is unquestionably essentials for your remote gateway trip.

Your own snorkel sets

Komodo Sailing Pack Essentials

After this Covid situation, we no longer want to share something especially things that involve our mouth and breathing system. Bring your own snorkel sets to Komodo Island. Komodo’s blue and translucent water is too inviting for anyone to skip. You will want to peek those vibrant marine life underneath the glimmering water. And if you have kids, they will want, too. So, make sure to bring the kids’ snorkel set, too.

A Dry Bag as A Travel Bag for excursion in Komodo Island

Komodo Sailing Pack Essentials

Where would you put all the camera, phone, other electronics, towels, and extra clothes for kayaking and other excursions? Even when you just go to one of the island in Komodo, you will get need to get into the water first after stepping down from the liveaboard. And you will definitely get wet. Having a dry bag as your light travel bag would be very beneficial!