Recommended Places To Eat In Surabaya


Surabaya is one of the largest cities in Indonesia with its iconic tourist charms. That’s why it has become one of the most visited travel destination especially among local travelers. There are many reasons why this place is such a perfect destination for your vacation plan. Surabaya has many interesting attractions rich in cultural and historical values. This is also a great place where you can find a perfect blend of diverse culture and tradition, as well as customs. And more importantly, Surabaya has many places you can visit to enjoy authentic, iconic delicacies. 

Food hunting in Surabaya

Food hunting is one of the to-do-list when you visit Surabaya. This city is a heaven for foodies. You can taste various foods from restaurants to street stalls. There are wide varieties of food choices in Surabaya. For Muslim travelers, it is not hard to find halal foods as well. Here are most popular places to enjoy delicious dishes in Surabaya:

Dream of Kahyangan Art Resto is unique because the place has eccentric fusion style to its decoration. The interior of this restaurant is filled with Chinese-Javanese inspired decorations. The are also many foods you can try including Sate Kamasutra, various seafood dishes, Guramin Pesona Sangkuriang, and more. This place is easy to get in since it is located in the heart of the city, precisely on Puri Widya Kencana Street. 

Bu Kris is a perfect place for food hunting since you will find variety of national delicacies. Not to mention that the prices of he foods are affordable. This restaurant has classic vibe, shown through the variety of foods as well as decoration of the interior. The atmosphere is also pleasant. You will also get to interact with the locals since this is one of the most popular place to eat between locals. 

Kodam Brawijaya Night Market is a perfect place for street food hunting. This place is also popular amongs the local youngsters. There are many vendors and stands offering variety of Indonesian street foods such as Bakso, Batagor, Siomay, and many more, there are also various local dishes such as Ayam Penyet, Nasi Goreng, Sate, and more. This place is open from 6pm to 9pm. This night market is located at Raden Wijaya Street. 

Boncafe restaurant is designed in European style. This is a great place to visit if you bring your families along to enjoy lunch or dinner. This place has relaxing vibe so it’s a great spot to visit after exhausting yourself with sightseeing all day long. You can enjoy your meals in one of the tables inside or opt for the table on the terrace. Western dishes are available such as steak, grilled chicken, spaghetti, and more. 

Atom Market is highly recommended place for food hunting and shopping. This market was established in 1972 and is considered one of the best shopping site in Surabaya. In this market, there is a large culinary center where you can sample various traditional foods from sweets, snacks to meals. This place is popular among both local and international tourists.

Your guide for finding great Bali family villas


Moments of the holiday are something really special for everyone. Even as we grew up, we can still recall those wonderful memories we had once we were kids. A holiday can indeed be a truly significant part of someone’s life. Now that we already have children, we also want that they get the sweetest holiday moments as we had of our childhood. Not only should it be fun for children, but a family holiday should also be relaxing for the parents. That is why staying in Bali family villas is better instead of staying in a hotel. But, since there are so many options, you should consider some things in finding your perfect family accommodation.  

Bali family villas

Essential facilities in Bali family villas

Bali family villas should absolutely provide facilities to support fun activities for everyone. That family-friendly facilities could be a pool, basketball court, table tennis, and certainly spacious areas where parents can still look after the kids when they play. In case of bad weather that you cannot spend the day outside, the equipment for indoor entertainment can be very valuable to have. Instruments such as guitar, game boards, can also be played after the dinner, or in the garden under the moonlight.

The family-friendly service and management

Whenever you look for a villa for your next holiday in Bali, you should make sure that the villa will provide the best service and hospitality for the whole family. Start by finding out how many crews are there at the villa and who can be contacted when you need something like for checking in and cleaning the rooms, for example. Some Bali family villas are even providing a free babysitting and child minding.

Recreational spots near the villa

The next important thing to consider when looking for Bali family villas is its location. Since Bali also offers so many great family-friendly touristic destination, you should definitely go there. It will be so much better to rent a villa that is located near the tourist attractions. Thus, you do not need to waste so much time and energy to take the whole family from one to another place. Sometimes long driving can also create a bad mood for the children and get them bored. But, if it is really necessary to go a bit far to see some amazing places, it will be more efficient and safe to rent a car. You can either hire the car only or also with the driver. By doing so, you can always stop in some cool places you see on the way to a recreational place.

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia


Indonesia is a great place for travelling. It is already famous among international travelers. One of the most recommended place to travel to is Malang, located in East Java. Malang is already a popular travel destination among locals. There are various aspects to learn for travelers, be it the historical significance, natural beauty, to unique urbanity. Malang is a complete package of travel destination worth visiting for. You can even bring your family and your kids have many options of attractions to visit.

Things to consider before visiting Malang, Indonesia

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

Malang is a great city to visit and relatively safe for traveling around even for solo female traveler. It is also relatively cheap for budget travelers. Accommodation, transportation, and tourist attractions are not hard to find. However, you still have to be prepared before visiting so you will feel more secured. 

When to Get There

The weather in Malang is relatively comfortable. Indonesia only has two seasons in a year so you won’t experience too extreme weather. It is highly recommended to visit during dry season instead of rainy season though so you won’t have to deal with wet clothes or dirty shoes when getting around the city. It is highly recommended to not visit during big holiday such as school holiday which is around June-August. Most of families spend their holiday getting around various tourists attractions so it is bound to happen for you to get in the crowd if you visit at those times. 

Where to Stay

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

As for accommodation, there are various options to choose for you to stay during your visit to Malang. However, hotels are the most recommended since they are easily spotted around the city. There are various styles of hotels such as those with colonial decor. If you visit more secluded area, you might also find hotels with traditional decoration involving Javanese authentic materials. 

Rare Transportation in the Airport

If you get to Malang by plane, keep in mind that public transportation is rare in the airport. The only available transportation is taxi. Therefore, you have to prepare your transport before visiting. You can hail a taxi or rent a car beforehand to get you to your destination from the airport. If you use travel agent, they might offer you airport pick-up service but you have to make sure of it beforehand. 

What to Eat

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

For foods and drinks, they are not hard to get. Restaurants and cafes are scattered around the city so you can eat out anytime. There are also various options of foods to choose. You can choose traditional, authentic local dishes such as Ayam Goreng Kampung. The most recommended local dish to try is Bakso Malang. It is very popular that it is available in restaurants or street vendors. Also, there is Apel Malang (apples) with unique flavor you should try. 

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Bring Enough Cash

It is highly recommended to bring enough cash when getting around the city. You have to change your currency into Indonesian currency, Rupiah. If you are going to get around using public transportation such as Becak (pedicab) or Angkot, you need to bring enough small cash with you. 


Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise


It’s only days before your long awaited sailing trips to the forgotten lands with Komodo Cruise. You are almost finish packing—you have prepared all the essentials. Sun hats, swimming suits, sunblocks, summer clothes, important documents, and all travel-sized toiletries. Only one last final packing, and you are ready to go. At least, that’s what you think. But do you? While you can’t live without the essentials, you might forget about these small but useful things that would make your life in the phinisi cruise more comfortable.

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

Outlet and Adapter

If you don’t live in Indonesia, you’re almost certainly using a different set of plugs than what they use here. Bring your adapter and best, another outlets for additional chargers. You know, most cabin in Komodo cruise only have one single outlet for electricity.

A Portable Fan, Cause Komodo Cruise Can Get Hot

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

Unless you are having a cabin with wraparound window (and pay more money for it) your cabin could get very hot. Sometimes you need more than air conditioner to keep you cool. We love to have a small, compact, battery powered fan to bring anywhere. Not only it can help us cool in non-air conditioned area like the open deck, it also helps air circulating better in the cabin.

A Small Scented Freshner

Here’s a secret you might not know yet in Komodo cruise. The bathrooms, ensuite or not, don’t have ventilation. Yes, you read it right. Not long after the ship sail, you’ll find it smell, well, funny. Having a small scented fresher to hang or small toilet spray really do the help. No more unpleasant bathroom trip!

A Beach Blanket for Excursion in Komodo Cruise

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

One thing that we love the most on Komodo cruise trip; the ultimate beach galore! Seriously, there are just too much beach too count in Komodo. The idyllic Pink Beach, stark-white beaches, the beach atoll on Snake Island and Taka Makassar, and many more. Having a beach blanket ready would be really helpful if you want to sit leisurely at the sandy shores. Not only it keep you off the sands, it also protect your skin. The sands can be very hot!

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Some Resealable Ziploc Bags

It’s one of the most helpful things made for travelling on the wet. With so much beach play, snorkel, and dive in Komodo, your stuffs could get easily wet. A resealable ziploc bags can help keeping your wallet and phone dry as you throw your wet clothes, towel, or swimming googles to the bag.

Waterproof Dry Bag

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

If you have travelled with diving liveaboard before, you know how handy a waterproof day bag is. Remember that sometimes you need to get down from the Komodo cruise and walk in the water before reaching the destination island. That’s when you’ll wish you bring a dry bag. Also, they are very useful to store quick-to-grab items such as googles, snorkel fins, flip flops, and hats in dive deck’s locker.

Recommended Places to Visit in Turkey


Travelling in Turkey can be your great experience. Despite of the issue of the safety, Turkey is relatively a safe travel destination. The majority of the neighborhoods in Turkey are safe and the locals are also welcoming. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your travel plan to Turkey. You can travel solo or with companions. The public facilities and transport are sufficient to keep you comfortable throughout your trip. Not to mentions that the foods are amazingly delicious with wide selections you can pick. 

Most recommended places to visit in Turkey

When deciding to go for a vacation, it is highly recommended to research the options of destinations no matter what country you are going to visit. You have to make sure you know the warning danger and threats of the place you are going to visit so you know what to expect and prepare. About Turkey, might as well consider these most recommended places due to its safety and attractions:

Istanbul – The capital city of Turkey is worth visiting for. It is a wonderful city you should totally visit if you choose Turkey for your next travel destination. There are many neighborhoods with unique vibe and characteristics to explore. You can head to Besiktas if you want to feel hipster vibe. It is a safe neighborhood. There are various bars and coffee shops with eccentric themes. You can also venture to Ortakoy to watch fishermen occupying the riverfront in search of fresh catch. As for the major attraction, it is located in Sultanahmet. You will find Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Grand Bazaar. 

Cappadocia – This can be considered as the highlight in Turkey tourism. What you will enjoy is the beautiful landscapes. It can make you feel like you are entering different universe. One of the most favorite things in Cappadocia is the hot air balloon ride. You can also take more adventurous activities such as hiking up the scenic trails. There are also underground cities you can venture over to. If you are into photography, explore the silk-road architecture and take pictures of the neighborhood framed in beautiful design. Cappadocia is also highly recommended for solo female traveler because it is safe. The locals here are already accustomed to tourists wandering around the neighborhood. You can also book one of the hotels in Cappadocia for your accommodation to feel more secured.

Izmir – This is a great city to explore when you visit Turkey. It is not as popular as Cappadocia but it’s worth a visit. The best way to enjoy this place is to venture over to the markets. There are tea rooms, clothing stores, and food stands you can explore. Not to mention that you will also enjoy the coastal views. You can explore the beautiful beaches. If you want to visit Ephesus and Pamukkale, it is best to book a travel tour so you can get there safely. However, Izmir itself is already wonderful to explore that you won’t miss a thing. Try various foods selection to complete your journey in Izmir. 

Find Out About Bali Freehold Property For Sale


One of the foremost things to know before purchasing a property is how the ownership system works. If you are looking for any kind of properties in Indonesia, especially in Bali, there are two types of ownership systems that you should know, namely leasehold and freehold. According to Indonesian law, leasehold is basically functioning as the “Right to Use” while freehold is the “Right to Own”. As a foreign investor, you have different access to own a property in Indonesia. Since the local government aims to protect the Indonesian citizens, the foreigners have limitations to invest in property. Foreign investors may only use the leasehold whenever they want to hold property in the country. But, what about Bali freehold property for sale, is there any possibility to purchase that?

Bali freehold property for sale

Foreigners access to Bali freehold property for sale

Since Bali freehold property for sale is spreading all over the websites of property agency in Bali, you might wondering to purchase one of those nice villas. But, before taking further steps, you should know that freehold property means that the real estate is free from hold of any entity besides the owner. There has been actually a long conversation surrounding the topic of foreigners and freehold properties. Even though the request for freehold properties in Bali is still on the top position, but these properties require extra effort for the foreigners to own. The foreign investors are needing to have an Indonesian entity otherwise using their trusted Indonesian colleagues or relatives as the titleholder for the property certificate.

The benefit of choosing freehold instead of leasehold

Bali real estate market are making the buyers way more complicated than other places in Indonesia. Since there is a considerable number of foreign investors, the regulations are getting mixed-up sometimes. Choosing between the freehold and leasehold can actually very dependable on everyone’s needs. However, there are some basic benefits that you can receive from a Bali freehold property for sale, and not from the leasehold one. One of those benefits is that you do not have to extend the period of leasing since you will have the whole right of the freehold property. Besides that, the full ownership that you have as a freeholder will provide an absolute freedom to redecorate or renovate the property without bothering yourself to ask someone’s permission. All of these benefits will automatically give you full power to use the Bali freehold property for sale as whatever you wish.

The Right Essentials You Need For A Long-Term Travel 


A long-term trip can be exciting and exhausting. However, it is such a great moment to experience at least once in your lifetime. Being able to have a long trip will bring happiness especially after dealing with stress caused of works and other responsibilities at home. A week long trip is what you deserve to relax and release all stress. Packing, however, is inevitable no matter how reluctant you are to proceed this step. Packing your essentials is important so you will have everything you need for the long trip you are going to have. 

Packing the right essentials for a long trip

A long-term trip can take weeks to months depending on individual’s preference. If you plan this kind of long trip, might as well start planning the packing. Choosing the right items to pack is essential for a long travel because you have to pack light or else you are going to have to deal with heavy luggage to carry around. Packing light is also important if your trip is packed with different destinations. 

The Right Essentials You Need For A Long-Term Travel

Travel Shoes

Travel shoes are essentials for a long-term trip because they are useful in the long run. They can be used for any occasion during your trip. They can be your savior in most unexpected situation which might happen during your trip. Your feet will suffer from fatigue constantly throughout the trip especially when you have to deal with delay flight, long lines, etc. Thus, you have to make sure they are comfortable all the time. You may pack a pair of sandal for strolling down the town. 

Water Bottle

Always bring water bottle to make sure that you won’t suffer from dehydration throughout the trip. Personal water bottle is highly recommended to pack because it is practical to use. You can refill the water anytime when necessary. However, it is also recommended to bring water bottle with additional feature such as filtration system to save you from hidden germs or parasite.  

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Power Adapter

Power adapter is also essential you need for a long-term travel especially when you bring various electronic devices that need to be recharged every once in a while. There are various adapter you can buy. There is a one-for-all adapter as well which can be used for various devices. 

Personal Bag

Personal bag is also one of your essential to bring because you will need it to put your most important essentials such as phone, passport, wallet, etc. You won’t carry around your luggage during your time exploring the town. You will carry personal bag. Therefore, bring personal bag with safety features to avoid theft. 

Packing Cube

For a long-term travel, you will need a packing cube which can help you pack everything in one go. There are wide varieties of packing cube in the market. Choose the one that provides extra space and smart features. The role of packing cube is to compress your essentials such as clothes, pants, and dress, so everything fits in your luggage without a fuss. This is the right tool you should have to save space in your luggage. 

Get to Know Mola Mola Bali: The Famous Underwater Beast


The name Indonesia might be far away from Westerners’ ears. The country itself, indeed, is located in the Far East. Although Indonesia does not have the best quality for living, but the country really has the best natural landscape to explore. There are more than 17.000 islands laying in the world’s biggest archipelago country that probably can’t be wholly explored in just a single lifetime. Having a wide range of biodiversity, Indonesia is a very rich country in terms of its nature. From the smallest creatures to the biggest one. From the most beautiful to the ugliest one. Indonesia has them all. As one of the biggest and the ugliest one, Indonesia has its Mola Mola in Nusa Penida, Bali.

Mola Mola Bali: The Famous Underwater Beast

Being the most visited island in Indonesia, Bali is not only offering its visitor the best cultural experience to explore but also offering one of the world’s most amazing underwater life to see. Visiting the Mola Mola Bali is among all the must-see underwater wildlife in the Island of God. The name Mola comes from a Latin word for “millstone” because of its gray, round body and rough texture. The fish has some other name as well. In English, it is called ocean sunfish while in other languages it will be named in such a way that has a meaning of moonfish in English.

Mola Mola Bali is the Heaviest Bony Fish in the Sea

Mola Mola Bali: The Famous Underwater Beast

Mola Mola Bali can reach a weight of nearly 5.000 pounds. It is heavier than the heaviest a giraffe can be. Meanwhile, the width can reach up to 14 feet vertically and 10 feet horizontally. It’s safe to say that our beloved Mola Mola Bali is one of the underworld’s heaviest and probably biggest bony fishes and creatures. But, that does not mean it is easy to find. Even though there is no specifically Mola Mola season in Bali, there are several conditions that make it possible to see this big fish.

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It is also the Ugliest and Confused-looking Fish in the Sea

The Mola Mola spends most of its time in the deep sea, not because the fish is shy for its appearance. Well to be fair, it honestly look like a giant half-finished fish with constantly confused-looking eyes and a gaping mouth that can’t ever close. It is because it prefers colder water. Nevertheless, our sunfish also loves to swim close to the surface sometimes. So, if you are brave enough to dive deep and face the ugly fish, then go ahead. To add some other facts, this ugly fish is covered with 40 different species of parasites on its skin. Whenever you encounter this ugly fish intentionally or not, you should be prepared to see a creature that looks more likely a monster or alien.


How To Keep Yourself Warm During Outdoor Trip


Lots of people choose summer to do outdoor activities during their vacation. However, it is not an absolute rule. You can also do outdoor activities when the weather starts to get cold. Camping for example is a great activity you can do anytime regardless of the weather. There are many activities you can do to have fun such as building a campfire, roasting marshmallow, making hot chocolate, and many more. Winter camping is not bad idea. What you have to do is to keep yourself warm and it is not that difficult to do. 

What to do to stay warm during outdoor trip

Doing adventurous activities during cold weather is not bad thing, although there is high risk to get cold if you are not careful enough. Therefore, you should know the tricks to stay warm while enjoying your outdoor trip. Here are several tips you can use to have a warm outdoor trip:

Layering is key

Layer your clothing properly. Always remember to wear base layers to keep your body’s temperature at warm level. However, make sure to choose breathable fabrics because if you wear too many layers or too warm clothes then you it may get too hot for you. Therefore, versatile clothing is necessary. It is the type of cloth that will adapt to the changing temperature. Wool is a great fabric you can choose for your clothing because it tends to be warm as well as breathable. 

layering clothes winter


Drink hot beverages regularly during the trip to keep your body warm. However, it is highly advised to avoid drinks with caffeine. During cold weather, sometimes you forget to drink because you think you are not thirsty. That’s why you still need to refill your fluids by drinking regularly. For outdoor trip during cold weather, hot beverages are highly recommended. However, avoid caffeine drinks such as tea or coffee because they are diuretic which in result will dehydrate you. You can choose herbal teas to keep your body temperature warm. Or, you can make your own hot drink with made from natural ingredients such as lemon, apple cider, honey, cinnamon, etc.

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Eat good food

Eat high fat with high protein foods because they are the type of foods that can help you stay warm. Carbohydrates are also great sources but they easily burn especially when you do physical exercises during the trip. Thus, fat and protein are better option because they stay longer and your body burn them slower. This way, your body will sustain warmth longer for you to survive the cold weather.

Sleeping gear

It is also important to stay warm when you sleep at night during your outdoor trip in cold weather. Therefore, it is important to choose the right sleeping gear. If you are camping during outdoor travel then might as well bring air mattress with foam pad underneath. It provide warm through proper insulation from the cold ground. Sleeping bag is also the key for you to survive the cold night. The one with temperature rated for colder weather is highly recommended for sleeping during outdoor trip. 

Sushi Catering in Bali: Why Sushi is Excellent Menu Choice


Sushi and sashimi are Japanese food duo that are widely loved and even more popular than ever, especially with the rising awareness of health benefits associated with clean food. If you’re in for creating a memorable event that does not just feature food that you encounter just about anywhere, then you may want to look at the options of ordering sushi catering in Bali instead of the “ordinary” catering menu. And not very surprisingly, Japanese food catering and Japanese restaurants in general are quite popular and well-loved in Bali island.

Sushi catering in Bali: have splashes of color in your menu

Sushi is delightfully colorful. When it comes to aesthetics, few can rival the mere visual of sushi and sashimi by itself. The fresh slices of tuna and salmon are not just delicious and chock-full of nutritions, but also visually popped with their vibrant colors. And even the sushi rolls are abundant in its variety. Sushi and sashimi are food that easily looks gorgeous in itself.

japanese food catering bali

Sushi and sashimi are clean food

With more and more people becoming aware of their dietary intake and nutritional value, health is becoming even more important considerations when hosts plan their event, and more and more catering companies pay attention to the health value of dishes. You’ll find that very few dishes can rival sushi when it comes to being a “clean food” (eg. Food that is consumed with minimum processing and is eaten in its most natural way possible. Raw food among the most important concept of clean eating).

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Delightfully large variants of sushi

A sheer variety of sushi would also allow you to cater to the needs of all of your guests. Providing a dietary need for those who are vegetarian or vegan? Pick a makizushi (sushi roll) catering package that feature fruits and vegetables. Some of the most popular ones are the avocado sushi and the cucumber sushi roll (kappamaki).

Sushi rolls are especially popular in Bali island, and in fact, they can be found easier compared to nigirizushi. And the sheer variety of sushi rolls is quite astonishing, with more being made that are often a specialty of a restaurant or a sushi caterer. Make sure to ask your sushi catering in Bali all of the makizushi they have.

bali sushi catering - sushi sashimi chef

Choosing a specialty Japanese food catering is essential

Take your time to browse caterers specializing in authentic Japanese sushi and sashimi. When it comes to foreign food, it’s best to pick a catering in Bali that has its own speciality, catering to a certain niche, instead of opting for a one size fits all general caterer.

sushi catering bali island - kaminari resized

Few are as delightfully fresh as sushi catering Bali

You can’t have a one day old sushi, that’s just not how it works. This is unlike many catering companies’ pre-packaged food items, from appetizers to main dishes. Very few menu can rival sushi and sashimi when freshness is something important to feature in your event.

sushi catering in bali

The fun and exciting experience of eating something different

  • You and your guests will get to use chopsticks! How cool is that, that something like this is featured in your event, during your celebration. This can also be among the little details to impress your potential business partners or clients at a convention you’re holding.
  • You’ll also get to use your hand, if you so wished. The traditional way of eating sushi is by using your own hand, afterall. Just make sure to sit properly and provide easily accessible running water to wash off the food.