Why You Should Aware of Professional Travel Images?


For me, the professional travel images are referring to the photos taken for travel destinations in professional ways using the high-end cameras and tools and then will be edited in high quality post-processing steps. For the end result, what your eyes will see when visiting the destinations will be so much different compared to the previous images you have seen before.

The professional travel images aren’t only limited to the destinations but also to the other relevant businesses such as travel attractions and things to do, accommodation offers, restaurants and more.

It has been our common sense that no matter how magical the images are displayed, our brain is actually telling us that what you see is not really what you will get. Look, I have never seen a glowing atmosphere and condition when I was visited a beach before, nor the skies or landscape are in high dynamic range (HDR effect) in reality. No such things I have been experienced before. See the before (left) and after image below.

Aware of professional travel images so you don't disappointed

But, we are actually realised that the images must have been edited to get more engagements through the people who are seeing it and will also a great way of marketing asset to attracting more travellers for visiting the destinations or experiencing the tourism related businesses.

I am writing this and suggesting you to aware of the professional travel images for a reason. My last weekend ago, I was visiting the Penglipuran village in Bali as one of the most attracted traditional villages in Bali. If I am not getting it wrong, it is also one of the cleanest village in Indonesia or could be the world?

The village is actually unique which is why I am in loves with it. All of the architecture of the buildings are still following the traditions and each land plots are informing the different families divided by the wall as the plot’s border. You can even know how many families are in each land plots since the information is written on every gates of the land as the main entrance to the houses.

The thing that put me in sorrow and was feeling disappointed is the length of the village itself. When I was seeing the village’s images before, it seemed to be a pretty much long village to walked through. In fact, it is not. You can even reach from both ends in just 2 minutes.

I know that I have too much and high expectations for the village through the professional travel images I have been accessed before that led me to thinking about how stupid I am. But seriously, it all is not my own mistake. The village is still unique and I will recommending you to pay a visit, but it is better to find the real images that are close to reality. Just find the amateur Instagram users that are uploading the images without applied a single filter before or read a review about the village because there may some reviewers will also uploading the images that have not been edited before.

Professional travel images are important especially for the businessmen or the village community when promoting the destinations and attractions. But when they are encouraging the travellers to expect more of what they could see, I think that starting from now on, we should have been aware of the professional images.

Digital Agency Services to Help New Business Starting Up


If you have not been known about what the digital agency is, it is an agency—a business line that is offering the other businesses the required services where mostly and 100% will be done digitally.

Opening a new business can be hard or even an easy thing for some people. But as what most of the businessmen are wishing, to get it started smoothly and getting it developed in better ways, it will takes time and efforts. And to be honest, you can’t do all the things yourself. You will need a help and the digital agency services can be what you have been looking for.

Types of digital marketing you have to know

Before we are going straight to the digital agency services, you have to know first that in digital marketing itself, there are various marketing strategies the new business can make use of.
And knowing about the types of digital marketing themselves are quiet important in getting thorough understanding of what the digital marketing is and its relation to the services offered by the digital agency.

Below are some examples of the types of digital marketing I am talking about:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. PPC (Pay-per-Click) Advertisement
  7. E-mail Marketing, etc.

What the digital agency services that are offering for a new business?

Now, let’s get into what actually the digital agency services are. And from some of the above types of digital marketing, I think you will understand that all of the services will be the digital assets for your business. So, the offers will be differ in how many services the agency is possible to handle.

The more the types of the digital marketing ideas of an agency have, the more services they are providing. But for an example, I will show you about the digital agency Bali services that your business can get. See the below image of some of the services I am talking about.

Example of digital agency services for a new business

From the above image, you will notice that I have not been mentioned some of the certain services that are related to some of the types of digital marketing before such as website design and development, graphic design, photography and video production, and more. The above image is sourced from a page of an agency’s site and there are still more of that.

And as I have said before that most of the digital agency services will be in digital formats such as an online website, photos and videos, logo in graphic design, and many more. And all of the services can be the good options for new business in introducing and improving the business itself.

Why a new starting up business needs to considering about hiring the digital agency’s services?

I know that starting a new business isn’t easy, admit that! you will need to prepare many things, talk to many people to ask for the suggestions and ideas, reading more references that you are usually doing before up to spending the money you have been saving for years. For short, you will need more money and times for building your online business platform, introducing it to new customers and finding ways to improving it.

If you are going to do them all yourself, instead of gaining more revenue from your business in short coming time, you can be ends up in only preparing the business itself and will be hard and long to take the improvement steps.

Therefore, you will really need the digital agency services for some parts of the business you can’t really handled yourself. When you are deciding to make your business online, don’t you think that designing and developing a web can be hard and need the skill in writing website codes? So does preparing the logo, e-mail template, and all the brand identity stuff to help you in building a professional business and many more home works to do that seems will take you forever. Not to mention about the professional image and video resources to display your products or services, partnership with the other businessmen and so on.

Investing in services provided by a digital agency for a new business is important to cut all of those works and focus on somethings you are really care about as in your priority. It is also part of how you are building your own professional business by the help of the professional agency with the guaranteed works to ensure that the money you are paying for the services is valuable.

Exploring and Researching The History of Dragon Village


The native inhabitants of dragon village are descendants of the original Sundanese tribe. Some information said that they were direct descendants of the Galuh Pasundan Kingdom. As information, before building villages in the fertile valley of Neglasari Village, they lived on the slopes of the Galunggung mountain.

dragon village

With conditions that are still primitive, they live in large trees to avoid attacks of wild animals such as lions and others. When you see the condition of the dragon village now, their house is made of wood and is in the form of a stilt house. Although not as high as a stage house in general, the floor of a house is above 1 meter above the ground. While under the house floor, they maintain several types of livestock, especially chickens.

According to the story, in the 16th century, there were power problems in the Kingdom of Galunggung. When the turbulent decline of the throne, Prabu Rajadipuntang managed to escape by carrying a number of royal heirlooms. The king then found an estuary located between the Cikole River and Cihanjatan River. Prabu Rajadipuntang then shared the royal inheritance with each of his sons.

“Eyang Singaparna” get the legacy of “kabodoan” (ignorance). With this knowledge, “Eyang Singaparna” gets the peace of life in order to be able to hide in a bright place. In his journey to find the modesty of life, Singaparna arrived at a place that was considered safe and quiet, a valley at the height of the Ciwulan River. A fertile and beautiful valley surrounded by hills which later became Dragon Village.

To reach Dragon Village takes 1 hour from the city of Garut. typical house layout and architecture, shortly before entering the village we have to report first and here there is no signpost of the Tourism Village.

Dragon Village is a traditional village that is still sustainable where the people still hold the traditions of their ancestors. They even refused investment from outside parties if it interfered and could damage the sustainability of the dragon village.

Tips for Visiting Dragon Village

  • Use the local guide of the Dragon Village people if you have never visited this village because there are several locations that are sacred and may not be photographed. If you have never been here and have not used a local guide, you can violate the village’s prohibition.
  • You can stay here, but it can’t be sudden and must inform the “Kuncen” first.
  • For those who stay in Dragon Village, keep politeness, such as polite clothes and do not violate customs.
  • No electricity in the dragon village, bring a power bank or backup battery. Can charge the battery but outside the customary settlement.

Canggu Tattoo – Effects To Watch Out For


A tattoo is popular and is a body art as a symbol to express yourself. Initially, tattooing was considered a symbol of evil, but the fact behind things that are considered bad for most people is very possible to lead to truth or goodness. Actually, what does the tattoo mean to you? Millions of tattooed people will probably mention millions of reasons.

Canggu Tattoo

Bali is one of the world’s popular tourist destinations which is also famous for its tattoo art. The process of tattoo art is not as easy as that seen. The tattoo can be said to be the desire of people who try to translate that desire. Tattooing is not only a trend but has more meaning than that.

Looking for The Best Canggu Tattoo Artists

Finding a professional tattoo artist is not as easy as expected. There are lots of Canggu tattoos that offer a tattoo with varying prices. Usually, the price is determined by design, size, and type. The more difficult the manufacturing process, the more expensive the price can be. Before deciding to make a tattoo on your body, you need to watch out for the effects that can occur.


This is a skin lump that appears around the tattoo. Lumps can become moles and cause problems for years. How could this happen? This happens because the body reacts with foreign objects that enter the body. Given the making of tattoo using ink, it allows making your skin blister. Not all Canggu tattoo studios pay attention to problems that will occur in your body. It’s good if you consult a doctor and then talk to a tattoo artist to prevent granuloma.


There are some people who have scars that cause excessive growth in the scar tissue on the skin. Although it only causes appearance problems compared to health, it can make a person disturbed if keloids become large. Canggu tattoo artists may have a solution to prevent keloids after the tattoo process is complete.

Infectious diseases

This is the most worrying and scares beginners who want to make tattoos. In fact, tattoos should be made using sterile and single-use needles. There are many cheap and unprofessional tattoo studios that use tattoo needles for some people to save costs. Non-sterile needles allow a person to be contaminated with the blood of someone who has an infectious disease. Make sure the Canggu tattoo that you go to is trusted and reputable to prevent contracting HIV / AIDS, tetanus, hepatitis c, and hepatitis b.

Travel in a Group: A Guidance


The thing about travel in a group is that you are going to spend your vacation with your friends. Admit or not, travel in a group is cheaper than if you are traveling alone. Traveling in a group mean that there will be many people with different ideas. Usually, this is where you will face some problems. With many different ideas popping out, you and your friend will likely have some disagreements. Of course, there is no problem without a solution. In order for you to have a great time with your friends during the trip, you need to read a few tips first. If you happen to want to travel with your friends but do not know what to prepare, then keep on reading this article.

Talk it Out

The first thing that you need to do during travel is that you need to talk or discuss what you and your friends should do. The most important thing in this is that everyone gets to say what they want to say. It is even better for you and your friends to list what everyone wants to do. By listing them, then you and your friends will be able to figure out the activity that you and your friends want to do.

Sharing is Caring

There will be times when there is a friend or you who are already going to the destination or experiencing the same activities. If you do know some things, then this is the time for you to share your knowledge with your friends. If you do not have something to share, you can ask your friends whether they can share some things or not. This way, you and your friends will be able to anticipate things during the trip.

Manage Your Own Must-Do or Must-See

Travel in a group does not mean that you cannot do things that you want to do. The right way so that everyone can enjoy the trip is by listing all of the must-do things that you and your friends want to do. Then, you can schedule the must-do things. You and your friends may not be able to do all the things you want to do, but at least, you and your friends will not have to fight each other.

Let People Do What They Can Do

When traveling in a group, there will be someone who is good at asking directions, there will someone who is good at managing the money, there will be someone who is good at reading maps, or there will be someone who is good at speaking foreign languages. If there are people like them, then let them do their job. It will be easier that way and your trip will be efficient.

Those are the tips which you can follow when you travel in a group. Of course, there will ups and downs during the trip. However, it is your and your friends’ job to encourage and support each other so that everyone can enjoy the trip.

How To Plan Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners?


All holiday trips need preparation and planning. Especially if you are planning a scuba diving vacation. No matter whether you go on a scuba diving vacations for beginners or professionals, planning is a must for successful dives. Diving holidays are not just preparing clothes, toothbrushes, shampoos or other personal items. This is extraordinarily careful planning. When winter ends and spring knocks on your door, then scuba diving vacations for beginners are perfect activities.

scuba diving vacations for beginners

Preparation of scuba diving vacations for beginners will be very interesting. Get ready to find cheap flight tickets you can get well before departure. If lucky, you can search for tickets through airline promos. This is the first order you have to do. In reality, there is more than just preparation for finding cheap promo tickets. Let’s list!

Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners – Trustworthy Dive Center

Finding a dive center is not difficult, but it’s also not easy. Important things need to be considered to achieve the success of scuba diving vacation for beginners. Finding dive operators via the internet is the best way. Seeing the reviews of previous divers can help you drive to find the best dive center. Don’t forget that not all dive centers can serve diver participants well and painstakingly.

Book Accommodation

Accommodation is important when you do scuba diving vacations for beginners. It took 4-5 days for a beginner to get a certificate during the holidays. Resting during scuba diving vacations for beginners is a must to restore body condition after. Your choice of accommodation is a villa, hotel, resort or hotel quest. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you see the function of the accommodation you need. If your training participants are 6-7 people, then the villa is the right place to save money.

Hunting Ticket Promo

Usually every year there will be a cheap ticket promo for various airlines. This is the time to look for promo tickets to enjoy scuba diving vacations for beginners. If you miss a cheap ticket event, look for a flight ticket promo in advance, allowing you to get a cheap price. These are the 2 best ways you can save more money.

Planning scuba diving vacations for beginners is important so that you are comfortable during the dive. Diving is fun and stressful, especially for beginners. It takes a lot of time to get the best for your diving vacation. If you are interested in pursuing diving, the certificate is a ticket for a beginner to just enjoy the underwater scenery at the 18-meter depth limit. Proper and mature preparation is the key to the success of scuba diving vacations for beginners.

How to Deal with Laundry during a Trip


Travelling is fun and all. It is not only because you can visit a place you have been dreaming of but also because you will experience many new things. However, doing laundry while travelling can be a hassle. However, sometimes it is better to do the laundry rather than packing too many clothes in your luggage. It means you can pack light because you don’t need to bring excessive clothes. You can wash the clothes and wear them again once it is clean. Besides, you can also return to your how without dealing with excessive laundry.

Dealing with your laundry during your trip

When you are planning to travel of a week or more, packing becomes more concerning because it means you need to pack more things to survive the length of the trip. You can pack many clothes with the risk of carrying heavy luggage. Or, you can pack light with a little bit inconvenience to do a tedious chore by doing laundry. However, it is more recommended to choose the latter. You can deal with the laundry if you know what to make it more efficient without wasting much of your vacation time.

There are various options of how to do the laundry while you are on a trip. Here are some options you can consider:

  • Choose an accommodation that offers self-service laundry option. There are various accommodation that offer this kind of service, be it campsite, villa, hostel, vacation home, or apartment. Those accommodation usually provide laundry facilities either for free or require small fee. They usually provide washing machine, and if you are lucky, they also provide a dryer. Using self-service laundry facility is one of the most convenient ways to deal with your laundry during a trip.
  • You can do your own laundry by hand-washing the items using bath tub or hotel sink. It is pretty simple. You just need to fill up the sink or bath tub with water, add some laundry soap, and hand-wash your dirty clothes. Then, hang them up over the shower to let them dry. This method is very convenient for small and thin clothing items such as socks, scarf, underwear, tank tops, etc. however, it may be a little difficult to use this method to larger and thick items since it will take longer to dry them. Thus, it is recommended to pack light clothing items. In addition, you can do the laundry in early morning or at night so there’s much time to dry them.
  • Another way to deal with the laundry during a trip is to use hotel service. Every hotel has this kind of service. Laundry service is one of basic service they offer to the guests. The service includes washing, drying, ironing, until folding the clothing items. Some of hotels even offer dry cleaning service. Just call the front desk to notice them that you are going to use their laundry service. The price for this service is varied from one hotel to another. Just ask the front desk for detail price beforehand.

The Villas Bali, A Perfect Combination of Modernity And Peacefully


This tropical island is not only a popular destination in the world but is also famous for having spacious Balinese villas with spectacular views. Beach or paddy scenery options are available as an option for visiting guests. No wonder tourists prefer to return to the choice of the villas Bali as holiday accommodation. But for some of the first-time tourists to visit, how can you find the right and perfect accommodation in Bali?

The Villas Bali, Home Away From Home

The clear choice of accommodation when searching the internet is the Bali villas. Searching for the location of the villas in Bali depends on the wishes and destinations of tourists. There are some who want to enjoy a quiet holiday, some do not want to miss the nightlife, or other activities such as diving, surfing or snorkeling. If your vacation destination is a luxury vacation, then it’s clear Seminyak will appear in your internet search.

The villas Bali that are in great demand by most people are having easy access anywhere. In general, wherever your rental villa is located, it is the best accommodation and is private. A home away from home may sound like a fantasy. But this is an accurate and precise picture that will be found in the villa.

Bali villas staff ensures that all services and facilities can make travelers comfortable. This will be a memorable and unforgettable holiday. The Bali villas offer individual services with a personal touch that makes a difference when you stay in a Bali villa.

In addition to modern facilities, the villas Bali provide lease opportunities, short term or long term. This can be a profitable business as well as the best vacation. In fact, the villas of Bali are better than hotels. Having more personal space for you and your family makes you feel at home.

The villas Bali offer a Balinese atmosphere surrounded by an informal, relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Most of the Bali villas are in the area of the locals’ homes and add to the comfortable atmosphere that is very close to Bali. Browse many travel websites or magazines to find recommendations for the Bali villas. Comparing several websites brings good results for you to get a villa at a cheaper price.

There is nothing bigger than staying in the Bali villas. Comfort, privacy, pleasure, Balinese atmosphere and other excellent services. Back again, Bali is the perfect holiday if you are able to choose what is needed during the holidays.

The Wrong Activities That Can Disturb Your Fun Traveling


Do you know that your traveling can be disturbed if you do the wrong activities of traveling? Well, Traveling can also drain our energy. However, you still have to take care of your health while traveling so that you are satisfied, as well as a pleasant experience. Therefore, never do these 10 things!

Dehydrated while on an airplane

The air inside the plane is generally dry. If you travel on a plane with a duration of more than four hours, it’s good to routinely drink regular mineral water to maintain body temperature. Lack of water intake or dehydration can make you fall ill.

Drink too much coffee

Generally, travelers drink coffee so they can stay longer and sleep time becomes shorter. However, coffee turns out to contain high enough acid and will burden your stomach and liver performance if consumed too much.

Directly drink water using a hotel glass without rinsing it first

You never know how guests who previously stayed in a hotel room used the glass. You can also use the glass for a long time and be exposed to dust. So when you want to use the dining furniture, make sure to rinse it first until it’s clean.

Diet when traveling

Seriously do you want to diet when traveling? This is the time where you explore a country or city that you have never visited before. After all, a strict diet makes you powerless, even though you need extra energy.

Don’t take vitamins when your body isn’t fit

One of the things that can sustain your energy when traveling is taking vitamins. Vitamin C in tablet form is found in many pharmacies and is very helpful in maintaining your health. If you feel unwell, immediately take medication and take a longer rest.

Drink too much tap water

Even though tap water can indeed be drunk, no one can guarantee its cleanliness. It’s better to prevent your antibodies from going down, drink bottled water.

Not wearing sunblock while on the beach

You never know how stinging the sun is somewhere. Excessive sunlight and you receive it without any safety can make you dizzy, nauseous, even skin can burn. The easiest way to protect yourself is to use sunblock.

Forgot to bring regular medicines from home

Even though it’s only a common cold medicine, it’s better to provide what you usually use. If you go abroad, you never know whether it is compatible with local medicines. If you are also in treatment with medication, do not forget to finish well, so that your pain does not recur.

Continue to eat carelessly

Every now and then try foods that we don’t know, such as fried insects in China or other roadside specialties, of course, you can. However, don’t just consume street food. You also need a good intake.

The fun of traveling to lack of sleep

When traveling, the thing most travelers do is reduce hours of sleep, and even rarely sleep. Even though this is not very good and should not be applied. You must still have enough sleep, which is a minimum of six hours so that the body condition is always fit and vibrant when traveling.


Come on make your traveling activities always fun and memorable! Avoid those wrong activities of traveling!

Reasons Why Travelers Prefer Boutique Hotel Seminyak


Boutique hotel Seminyak has its own charm and lure. Some travelers swear by boutique hotels or resorts every time they vacationed. But what exactly is a boutique hotel? Boutique hotels are hotels that are typically smaller compared to chain hotels. These hotels often only have fewer numbers of rooms, typically less than one hundred. These can be in the form of either hotels and resorts—and they usually are so much more stylish and have unique features compared to the conventional big hotels.

Boutique Hotel Seminyak

Boutique hotel Seminyak provides a more intimate experience for guests

Seminyak is an upscale neighborhood in Bali. It’s where much of the expatriates live. In the past decade, Seminyak is growing to be one of the most popular tourist areas in Bali. It’s not a surprise that various chain hotels are starting to appear in the area. Boutique hotels are often highly personalized and in many cases, you may not even find two rooms that are exactly alike. This makes the boutique experience so much more personal and exclusive.

Since typically boutique hotels are small, they have fewer guests compared to the chain hotels. This makes your stay a quiet and peaceful one, the perfect atmosphere for a mental recharge. Boutique resorts are even more so, especially with the affordable luxury Bali is famous for. This small scale is so much better when it comes to offering quality services. In some cases, there are very few resorts or hotel guests that the staffs would easily remember your name, and not rarely, they’d remember things like your dining preferences and such. It’s those little bits that make a stay memorable.

Architecture, decor, and rooms with more personality

If you’ve chosen Seminyak as your home base in Bali, the excellent choice. Amongst the hustle and bustle of this tiny paradise island filled with saturated tourist spots, choosing a boutique hotel Seminyak for your accommodation is a breath of fresh air. The dining experience, the thoughtful decor, and every little detail are individualized. A boutique hotel is not your typical hotel stay.

Many boutique hotel Seminyak Bali has stylish architectures and even more gorgeous interior decor inside. As in many boutique hotels, the rooms are often so much more personalized. It provides a unique and far from the generic experience for travelers.

A sustainable point of view: you may contribute to the local economy

Unlike chain hotels that are often owned by big company names and certainly not locals. Staying at the big hotel chains would just benefit multi-billion companies. However, it is often not the case with boutique hotels. A lot of the boutique resorts and hotels, whether in Bali or in other areas of Indonesia, are family-owned. By staying at their boutique accommodation, you’re contributing directly to the people—the locals—who live there. This creates a much more direct impact on the economy of the place that you’re visiting.