Considerations Before Having A Family Road Trip


A life of quarantine is not always fun. Many people have been suffering from anxiety and stress due to the situation of the global pandemic. A little time for a trip can be rewarding. Taking precaution before deciding to go outside can help you to stay safe. Planning a road trip with your family is possible especially before the winter hits. However, a safe family road trip needs to be taken with considerations.

Things to know before going on a road trip with family

Today, we travel differently because the changes brought by the covid-19. spontaneous trip seems impossible now because you have to take necessary cautions to make yourself and others safe. If you are planning for a vacation with your family, a road trip is not a bad idea. However, you still need to consider many factors.

Before taking a road trip, ensure that your families are healthy. If someone is sick, do not force yourself to include everyone. In fact, it is best to not travel at all if anyone is sick. Postponing your road trip is wise thing to do. Or, you can also get everyone in your family tested before taking a road trip even if everyone looks fine. It is for precaution.

Pay attention to the recommendations from the CDC. Thus, you will be informed of safe places to visit, what precautions need to be taken, what checkpoints you can pass, and news about border crossings. It is not responsible to just have a road trip without taking any necessary information. It will just put yourself and family in danger. Hence, always be thoughtful before planning your family road trip.

Use your own car (or rent a car if you don’t have one) instead of taking public transportation. A road trip with your small group of family is safer because you can limit interactions with other people, hence minimizing the risk of exposure to the virus. You can also rent an RV so you don’t have to stay in a hotel. You can just choose a safe place to park your RV and rest for the night comfortably inside.

Make sure to tune up your car before the trip. Your vehicle needs to be in the best condition if it is going to be used for a long-haul trip. Go to your mechanic to check on your car few days prior your trip. You might have your car sit around and undriven for extended periods which can cause many problems such as rusted brakes, uneven tires, etc.

Research your route in advance so you know exactly where you are going. Choose safe route even if it takes longer to reach your destination. Also, prepare a Plan B so you still have a backup plan if something if Plan A didn’t work. Don’t forget to wear mask and bring hand-sanitizer as well. Always practice social distancing even if you only stop at rest area or gas station. Limit your interaction with other people.

The 5 Fun Things to Do in Labuan Bajo Trip


Labuan Bajo is a small town that has become one of the most popular destinations to discover another beautiful Indonesia. Labuan Bajo should be on everyone’s bucket list when it comes to traveling the most beautiful islands on earth. Located in a half-moon bay surrounded by hills on the westernmost tip of the Island of Flores, the town of Labuan Bajo sits peacefully waiting for you to explore. The city on this island is not only famous for Komodo dragons, but the beautiful beaches, the local life, the manta rays, the undulating arid hills dominating secluded islands, enchanting underwater world, and pristine waterfalls are just fantastic to explore. To help you to make an awesome Labuan Bajo trip. We’ve picked out a list of fun things to do in and around Labuan Bajo so that you won’t miss out on anything!

Labuan Bajo Trip

Join a liveaboard for Labuan Bajo trip

If you are wondering what fun things to do in Labuan Bajo, then the best recommendation for you is joining a liveaboard for a Labuan Bajo trip around the Komodo islands. Explore this island with a liveaboard that will give you the chance to explore Labuan Bajo with new and enjoyable experiences.

Go Trekking on Komodo and Rinca Island

Go trekking on Komodo and Rinca are unforgettable experiences for everyone. Komodo and Rinca Islands, home to the famous world’s largest venomous lizard. This place is the best place for trekking. You will be welcomed along with palm trees by the dry savanna landscape and the scary Komodo dragons lying down under the tree’s shade. The best time to visit in the early afternoon when the giant Komodo dragons are sitting lazily and the baby dragons are wandering through the wilderness.

Eat at The Fish Market

There are many perfect places to eat in Labuan Bajo, but If you love fresh fish, you have to visit a fish market. It is located along the seafront of Labuan Bajo and on the outskirts of Labuan Bajo. The food here is so delicious and open daily directly after sunset.

Labuan Bajo Trip

Padar Island is a must for Labuan Bajo trip

The natural beauty of Padar Island is still captivating and a highlight of the Komodo islands. Just climb to the summit of the highest point of this island. The best time to visit this place in the early morning to see the sunrise. You can see the three beaches: one is white, one is pink, and the other is black sand.  For those who love photography, the incredible scenery on Padar Island is a must.

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Explore the local life

One of the fantastic fun things to do in Labuan Bajo besides enjoying its natural beauty is interacting with locals. The best way to explore the local people by renting a motorbike. You can drive through the villages and meet some of the locals in their beautiful town of Labuan Bajo. Friendly smiles of local people will welcome you; their warmth will make you feel at home.

Treat Yourself A Post-Pandemic Solo Trip


Many people have been itching to travel and spend their time in the places that have been in their bucket list. However, the situation of the global pandemic limit us all to truly have a safe trip not only for ourselves but also for others. However, it sounds great to plan a trip you can do after the pandemic ends. You can start writing your bucket list. It is highly recommended to treat yourself with a solo trip. It is such a good trip to do for yourself as a time for healing and recovering from such a depressing situation that impact people all over the world.

Why having post-pandemic solo trip is a good idea

There are many reasons why you should consider having a solo trip after the pandemic ends rather than going with your group of friends or families. Here are some of the reasons:

A post-pandemic solo trip is considered safe to do because after the situation of the pandemic has led us to new normal. Even if travelling will be entirely allowed in all places, it still needs to be taken with cautions. Travelling alone instead of in group can help minimize the risk of waking up the pandemic. Also, you don’t have to keep reminding others to stay safe because you only have to be responsible for yourself and other people you encounter during the trip.

By going solo for a post-pandemic trip, you are allowed to be a little selfish. You can set the trip entirely up to your expectation. You can make it as ideal as what you have imagined it to be. You don’t have to add another stress by discussing things with a companion because it is your trip. You can choose any destination and plan your own itinerary.

A ‘me time’ is surely needed after dealing with every stress the global pandemic has caused. You can treat this solo trip as a time to heal yourself and recover. It is the best moment for you to let out any negativity inside you and fill it with more positivity. Exploring places outside can help quench your thirst of socializing with other people and nature.

A solo trip after pandemic is also a great way to get yourself adapted to the new outside world. After staying at home for months, going outside may feel like a foreign concept. Throughout your trip, you can familiarize yourself with the outside world in your pace. Being alone also allows you to pay more attention to your surroundings. You can take in sights, smells, sounds, and tastes that you have missed.

Throughout the solo trip, you have opportunity to learn or re-learn more about yourself. You may reflect on yourself how you have been in the past few months when the pandemic hit. You can see how well you have adapted to the situation and how reliable you have been to other people. This can be an opportunity for self-reflection as well as a reward.

5 Tips to Explore Papua Diving at Night


Have you visited Papua?  Papua has unlimited exceptional nature wealth consisting of rainforests, fabulous beaches, extensive swamp areas, and dry savanna, making Papua the wealthiest island in Indonesia. It also becomes the paradise of the richest marine biodiversity. As you would expect, snorkeling and sailing are popular water activities here. Still, it is diving that is the real star of this island. Papua is always a favorite destination for the dive enthusiast, with hundreds of best dive sites spread across uninhabited and inhabited areas. One of the best diving destinations in Papua is Raja Ampat. Papua diving offers you to see different types of sharks, manta rays, and colorful fish. But, have you ever tried night diving? Everything looks significantly different when you dive. Night diving is one of those things that are enchanting and frightening at the same time. Here are some tips before you enjoy night diving.

Papua diving

Equipment for Papua diving at night

First, you have to set up all of your dive equipment during the day to ensure that you will not forget anything. You need to use diving lights with long battery life. Dive lights are essential for seeing where you’re going at night. The only significant light you will find on your night dive is that which you create. Light also helps your communication underwater. Don’t forget to bring your bright light when Papua diving, and you need a second as back up in the event of a loss of your primary light. Remember never dive with just one light. There are several factors that must be considered when picking a light, such as battery, strength, and beam.

Select a dive site familiar to you

Exploring night dive is usually not far from your boat. You need to ask for information from the dive crew to know the location of the night dive. Make sure you book to do the dives in the day time. Doing the diving in the daytime will help you explore at night since a familiar location makes navigation easier.  Of course, you will have plenty of time to explore the beauty at night.

Get a buddy

Getting a buddy is a must because it’s easy to get lost for night dive.  You should always be close together for a night dive.  Close with your buddy will give you mental support.

Signals on night Papua diving

You need to decide how to communicate underwater prior to entering the water with your buddy.  Communication of night diving is more complicated than day diving. You and your buddy should decide on hand signals before entering the water. Knowing the right signals are key to successful communication. You can use light to communicate with each other.  You can shine the light on your hands so your buddy can see what you want to say.  The second way, you can signal “yes” and “no” by moving your light up and down.

Papua Diving

Dive Slowly

Diving slowly and giving your eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness of the water. Don’t move too fast because you will not see much, and your dive will not be exciting. Take your time and go slow and feel the darkness; you will have a better chance of finding the beauty of underwater at night.

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Smart Tips For Best Trip Overseas


Travelling overseas can be quite scary for some people. You may also feel the mix between fear and excitement when having it for the first time. Travelling solo to foreign country can raise your level of anxiety. However, it is normal to feel that way. It doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the rest of the trip just because you feel terribly anxious int he beginning. As some tips from your friend who are experienced in travelling overseas. Or, you can watch some vlogs to stay excited and informed of the trip you are going to take.

Stay safe and happy during your trip overseas

Therefore, it is necessary to plan everything ahead so you can avoid unnecessary hassles such as forgetting your passport, wallet, or any other essentials. Beside planning and preparing big main essentials, you can also consider these travel hacks so your trip overseas will be safe, smooth, and exciting.

Bring universal power adaptor that you can for many types of electronics you are going to bring for the trip. You have to bring your phone, laptop, or other gadgets you find necessary. To pack and travel light, you can bring universal power adaptor to charge them. This type of power adaptor is easy to find and so affordable. Not to mention that it is relatively lightweight so it won’t add unnecessary weight to your luggage.

Carry your own reusable water bottle. In some countries, bottled waters are ridiculously expensive. You don’t want to save half of your budget for buying water. by packing your own bottle, you can refill it such as at the airport where there is always water fountain or drinking water station available. You can refill your bottle after passing through security check.

Download flight boarding app so you don’t have to keep checking the gate if it is the time to board or not. This can help you manage your time as well. If you know exactly when it not the time for you to move, you can relax in the bar while waiting without feeling anxious that you will miss your flight.

It is highly recommended to always have some money in your pocket. Do not put all your money in one place such as in your wallet. There is always a risk for your items to get lost during a trip. If you put everything in one place and get mugged, you will be left with nothing to save you. Carry at least one note in your in a conspicuous pocket for emergency purpose.

Put or attach something unique to your bag to make it easier for you to identify it. Having identical bag with other travelers is not uncommon. Thus, you can put a sticker or bright mark in noticeable place on your bag. So other travelers won’t mistaken it as theirs even if you have identical bags. Sometimes, switched bag happens accidently due to travelers experiencing severe fatigue from their travel. This simple trick can save you from this possible hassle.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Raja Ampat Diving

Raja Ampat Diving

Every bit of Raja Ampat is fantastic, so it is the best place for a holiday because far from the city, there is no blocking skyscrapers, concrete buildings, and busy highway. Raja Ampat provides the best mother nature experiences. You can see amazing landscapes like a tropical island, crystal blue water, and white sand that are spectacular and like no other. Raja Ampat is called first-class diving for an underwater lover because it is home to the most biodiverse various coral reef and an abundance of diverse marine life. Raja Ampat diving is genuinely unforgettable and offer once in a lifetime experience and not to be missed. You can relax and explore yourself with the gorgeous scenery as well as some of the best diving experiences on earth. Did you know that diving holidays are perfect for your body and mind? Here is some of the benefit of diving.

Raja Ampat diving can lower blood pressure

Raja Ampat is warm, but the water is still cooler than average body temperature. When diving into the water can cause a spike in blood pressure, it’s because the water is cooler than your body temperature. However, when you begin to swim, your body warms up to the ocean’s temperature, and then you need to breathe deeply and regularly, and your heart rate will slow. It will help lower your heart rate resulting in lower blood pressure.

Controlling your breath

One of the best benefits of Raja Ampat diving is learning to breathe slow and deep. During a dive, you need to control your breathing, which reduces the heart rate, and it will bring you diving with a sense of calm and focus. Stable breathing also benefits the body as you increase lung capacity and reduces the risk of a lung-expansion injury such as asthma.

Raja Ampat Diving for your flexibility

When you’re diving, you have the water’s resistance and the currents to contend with, and it will burn to abound 500 calories in one hour. Diving is a great way to improve your stamina and stay fit. It also helps you to train your core.

Stress relief

Raja Ampat diving is a source of relaxation and stress relief. When you are under the water, worries about your life seem to drift away. When your deep, calm breaths throughout a dive similar to the breathing we do while meditating. It will affect a state of calm.  Giving the body and mind a break gives your body a chance to get the nervous system back to a natural balance, and this contributes to a positive attitude and can prevent depression.


With the effects of water, the calmness of breathing, and the beauty of nature surrounding you, it’s impossible to be unhappy. Happiness correlates with your health. There might be nerves or adrenaline rushing around your body and gives you that feel-good feeling. Please note that happy people live longer.

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Underrated Destinations To Travel In Asia


Asia is one of the most popular travel destinations be it for leisure vacations or adventurous trips. There are many places with different charms you can go to. Popular travel destinations like Seoul, Bali, and Tokyo might be your bucket list. However, there is no harm in visiting underrated destinations instead. Even though travel industry has not fully recovered due to the pandemic, you can at least start your planning by choosing the places you want to visit after the pandemic ends. Asia has many hidden gems you can visit for a well-deserved vacation.

Hidden gems in Asia to visit

Yaeyama Islands, Japan are such underrated places to visit. They are both the southernmost and westernmost islands of Japan. The most interesting part of the islands are the coral reefs as well as beautiful sea creatures such as Dugongs and whales. The beaches are really stunning with crystal clear
water. It is also a perfect place for having water sports. You can enjoy this place without dealing with hustle and bustle of daily life. This is a place perfect for a peaceful retreat.

Koh Kood is located in Thailand and considered as hidden gem because it is not as crowded as any other tourist destinations int he country. It is such a hidden paradise of Thailand that you can consider to put in your bucket list. It is located 5 hours from Bangkok so it is a great place for peaceful getaway.
Bangkok is the busiest place in Thailand and if you don’t want to deal with the buzz, you can opt for Koh Kood instead.

Phong Na is a village located in Vietnam. It has been under the radar hence not many people know about its beauty. This place is a home to the largest caves in the world. This is the best for you who want to seek adventure in a charming place without having to be stuck in hustle and bustle of daily
life. Its meandering rivers and jungle-clad mountains are perfect to venture. Also, you have to check out Phong Na-ke Bang National Park which is located just nearby. Hiking and kayaking are perfect activities you can do during your exploration.

Wu Yuan is located in China and considered as most beautiful countryside in the country. Visiting China after the breakout of the pandemic might be scary for some people. However, you can include
this place in your bucket list because it is such a shame to skip this place. This place is home to 50 old villages. This is a place where you can also find unique ancient architecture in China that has been existed for over 1,000 years.

Mabul Island in Malaysia is such a hidden gem that worth a visit. Instead of Kuala Lumpur, you can opt for this place for a more relaxed vacation. This place is closed to Sipadan Island. This place is initially a small fishing village. You can find one of the rarest ecological species. The villages are charming with their swaying coconut trees and idyllic water villages.

5 Advantage of a Liveaboard Indonesia for Diving Holiday

Liveaboard indonesia; 5 Advantage of a Liveaboard Dive holiday

Raja Ampat is known as an exotic tropical paradise in Indonesia. Raja Ampat offers some of the world’s ultimate experience for underwater enthusiasts. Taking a diving holiday in Raja Ampat is an opportunity not to be missed for all divers levels. If you plan on a diving vacation, booking a dive vacation is an exciting but challenging affair. When to go? Where to go? Should it be a land-based trip or a liveaboard adventure? Some divers say you haven’t had a fantastic diving vacation until you have tried a liveaboard trip. A liveaboard Indonesia is simply a ship that will be your home for the duration of your holiday. It has recreational diving facilities allowing you to dive. Here are the top advantages of liveaboard holidays. The reasons below may convince you to consider booking one for your next dive vacation with liveaboard.

Always Close to a Diving Site

A Liveaboard does offer us the chance to focus on diving. You are always close to a diving site. It will take you to places to dive that might not be reachable otherwise. Diver has access to all the different diving areas to enjoy lots of varying diving areas. As you are only living downstairs from your playground, you can jump in sometimes up to 5 times a day.

Spend Less Time in Transit

Diving with liveaboard Indonesia is unforgettable, where the priority is to spend as much time in the water as possible. Land-based diving often means long journeys to your dive destination, followed by longboat rides out to the dive sites. On a liveaboard dive vacation, you wake up each day at the dive site and ready to go, so you can spend more time exploring underwater and less time traveling from a resort.

Socialize with Others Diver

One of the best things about liveaboard diving is giving you the chance to meet and spend your holiday with like-minded people that love diving and underwater just as much as you do. It is a benefit for solo travelers or single divers. Most of the divers make new friendships through diving. You will have a new dive buddy to share accommodation if you want to avoid paying a single supplement, share the ultimate experience with, talk about underwater, photography, and much more. Commonly in the evening, divers will share photos and exchange stories with other divers.

Liveaboard indonesia; 5 Advantage of a Liveaboard Dive holiday

All You Need is Ready with Liveaboard Indonesia

One of the most time-consuming parts while diving is usually gathering and setting up your equipment then having to carry it before a dive. However, you don’t need a long time for trekking back and forth on a liveaboard with all your gear in tow between a dive shop to a dive boat or shore side. All your dive gear will be sitting ready for you before each dive.

Everything is Organised with Liveaboard Indonesia

Planning a trip can be stressful. There’s a lot to do to make your dream trip a reality, from deciding on organizing your accommodation, choosing what to eat every day, and finding a good dive operator. A Papua liveaboard is an excellent option for discovering some of the fascinating sights while you go on an unforgettable adventure with your team with liveaboards. All the crew will organize the itinerary and perform all the logistics for you. All you need to enjoy your holiday breaks to the fullest.

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Tips To Stay Fresh And Awake On Long Drive

Tips To Stay Fresh And Awake On Long Drive

Due to the pandemic, many travelers choose to drive instead of taking public transport such as buses, planes, or trains. It is considered safer because there are fewer chances for travelers to get stuck in the crowd or interact with other people. If you plan on having a long drive, staying awake is necessary. You may stop at rest areas or have bathroom breaks during your trip. However, a long drive is still challenging. 

How to stay fresh and awake on long drive

Feeling sleepy and fatigue are the most common problems when you are behind the wheels for too long. 

Pack healthy snacks

To help you stay awake, you should pack some healthy snacks. Make sure that they are not just empty calories. Choose healthy snacks with less sugar and more protein. With these kind of snacks, the energy will be distributed at a more constant pace, making you feel energized and avoid having a food coma. You can pack some protein bars to stay energized on long drive. Not to mention that by packing your own healthy snacks, you don’t have to make many stops to fill your stomach.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated can also help you to stay energized and awake. Keep in mind that driving increases the chance of dehydration even if you just sit comfortably. Aside from mineral water, you can also pack some energy drink to help boost your energy for few hours. You can also prepare your coffee at home so you don’t have to stop by at any restaurant or a store during your trip.

Drive with a travel buddy

Drive with a travel buddy

Have a travel buddy as company. A road companion can also help you to stay awake. Chatting throughout the ride with your travel buddy can make a long drive feel less boring. If you drive with your family, it will be much fun than driving alone. Also, it is even better if you can take turn on driving if you plan a long road trip. Thus, you have chance to refill your energy and stay awake when it is time your turn to drive.

Set the temperature

It is recommended to set your car a few notches below your ideal temperature. However, make sure not to overdo it. Don’t set the temperature that can make you feel sick or uncomfortable. If you cannot stand cool temperature by the AC of your car, you can opt by cracking a window open just a little bit to let the fresh air circulating. 

Be in prime condition 

Hitting the road while you are not in good condition is not recommended especially during this global pandemic. A road trip should be done with proper preparation. Your body and your vehicle should get thorough check prior to ensure you have smooth road trip. Even if you have a long drive when you are fully healthy, there is still chance you get tired while on the road. Try facial exercise as a way for waking up. If you still feel sleepy, it is better to take a break and nap instead of continue your drive. 

Five Awesome Kids-Parent Activities to Enjoy at Holiday Inn Resort Benoa!

Five Awesome Kids-Parent Activities to Enjoy at Holiday Inn Resort Benoa!

When you have build a family, there’s nothing better than spending some off days with your beloved kids and partner. Both you and your partner probably spend most of the time working hard to meet the family needs while the kids are drown in their school assignments. Everyone needs some moments off to just relax and spend a quality time together, strengthening the family bond. Spending a vacation with your kids makes a lifetime memories—children will remember it fondly as a time when their mommy and daddy do exciting things together with them. You don’t have to go too far to have great vacation. In this Holiday Inn Resort Benoa, Bali, you can relax and engage in fun activities with the kids all in one place. Located in one of the most amazing waterfronts in Tanjung Benoa, Bali, there are dozens of reasons why this resort is perfect your next family gateway destination. Here are five of the most exciting parents-kids activities to do at this resort. 

Balinese Cooking Class at Holiday Inn Resort Benoa

Balinese Cooking Class

When you come to a destination but you still stick out to pasta and steak, you are missing out a lot. Experience the most of Bali by taking a bite of it’s local delicacies! While the resort’s restaurant do serve Balinese and Indonesian dishes, they also give guests a chance to make it by their own. The  Holiday Inn resort Benoa opens a private cooking class where you can ask the little ones to join you to make the dishes. One of the chef will set the cooking table in a nice outdoor setting. While you can expand your culinary knowledge upon learning new spices, the little kiddo would love to help mixing everything! You can even request the dishes to be vegan/ vegetarian/ or anything to suits your diet as well. In the end of the class, the little ones would be very proud to present the dishes that they made to Mommy and Daddy!

Tropical Fruit Carving 

Kids love to ‘play’ with the foods and why not turn this ‘bad’ hobby into something good and fun? Request a fruit carving. You will be given an easy fruit to carve, like melon or a watermelon. The chef would be there to guide parents and kiddos step by step on slicing, poking, and picking out the fruit into a cute animal or flower shape!

Mommy/Daughter or Dad/Son Spa 

Mommy/Daughter or Dad/Son Spa

Get somewhere nice to escape to unwind. That’s the Tea Tree spa at the Holiday Inn Resort Benoa, a quiet place in resort’s underground to indulge in variety of treatments. Better yet, you can benefit the spa’s family package; Mommy/Daughter or Father/Son spa. Let them have a taste of adult’s luxuries. The young ladies and lads would definitely appreciate some pampering in the spa, enjoyed together with their parent. The foot baths, deep tissue massage, and a cup of hot ginger tea in the end of the session would leave both of you feeling very relaxed and spoiled.

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Biking Around Holiday Inn Resort Benoa

When was the last time you bike with your kids? Go grab a bike and bike around Nusa Dua early in the morning—or just around the sunset. Take a stroll to the beachside paths and feel the refreshing ocean breeze. Biking with the kiddos are just one of the simplest thing you can do in the resort to bond together. 

Trying Out Water Sports in Tanjung Benoa 

Among any other beaches in Bali, the Tanjung Benoa is especially famous for its watersport! Though it’s not directly on their service, the Holiday Inn resort Benoa help you with the access to some water sport operators. Riding a banana boat, flying with parasailing, or trying out the ‘Iron Man’ water jet would definitely drive kids ecstatic. This will be something they talk about for days!