Avoid Doing These Things When Taking A Flight


To reach your travel destination, you can use various modes of transportation. One of the safest is most efficient is plane. You can book a flight for your travel plan and you just sit comfortably throughout the flight. However, it is also common for passengers on a plane to do or experience many different things.

Things you should not do when on a plane

During a flight, you have right as passenger to enjoy all amenities and services given by the airline. However, you also have to respect other passengers and the flight attendances as well. It is highly suggested that you don’t do these things when on a plane.

Avoid Doing These Things When Taking A Flight II

Pick A Fight

Picking a fight is something you should never do during a flight, be it with another passenger, flight attendances, or the pilot. Getting into a fight will only get you kicked out from the plane. Well, it is not literally but if it’s necessary, the pilot will land the plane in the nearest airport to ask you to leave. Remember that during a flight, it is easy to feel stress such as being uncomfortable when someone in front of you reclining their seat. Instead of getting into a fight, talk with them politely. If it cannot be resolved, talk to the flight attendance.

Getting Drunk

Getting drunk during a flight is something you should never do. Intoxicated passengers often cause trouble and that’s why most airlines contracts of carriage contain clauses specifically stating this. You will be removed from the plane if you found to be drunk. There was even a case when a sober woman was being rejected to take a flight because she looked intoxicated. Thus, make sure to avoid alcoholic beverages during a flight.

Keep Your Phone Turned On

Keep turning on your phone even when the flight crew ask you is a horrible thing that can put you in jeopardy during a flight. You have to follow the rule of the airline even if you have right as passenger. It is for everyone’s safety that passengers are asked to turn off their phones. If you forget to turn off your device you will be reminded by the crew to turn it off. If you are being persistent to keep turning on your phone, it is highly possible for you to get booted.

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Neglecting Hygenie

Another thing you should not do during a flight is to neglect your hygiene. Keep in mind that you are with other passengers in the cabin. Forgetting to wash your hand or using soap after doing your business can cause terrible problem for everyone. The other passengers will get uncomfortable during the flight and you will be uncomfortable too with all the whispering and stares you get from others. Thus, make sure to keep your hygiene even during a short flight.

It is important to respect each other during a flight. Try to be more understanding with the situation. However, don’t violate the rules because it is for everyone’s well being and safety.


Five Reasons to Vacay at Nusa Dua Resorts!


The holiday season is just around the corner and you just cannot get enough of planning on your next sweet escapade. But why, out of all things, it has to be resorts, you think. For some people, the idea of staying in resort might not be as familiar as booking rooms in a hotel. You might think a resort is a bit crowded with large families with shouting children or something over the top, but that’s because you haven’t really experienced the true comfort of a resort. Especially a resort in an island as nice as Bali where it is synonymous with beaches, blue skies, relaxation, and tropical fun! Here is five reasons why staying at Bali resort, such as the Nusa Dua resorts, is perfect for your next trip to the Island of God.

Five Reasons to Vacay at Nusa Dua Resorts!

Being A VIP for A Weekend in Nusa Dua Resorts

On regular days you might be an office worker juggling with daily tasks, endless meetings and phone calls. On Nusa Dua resorts, however, you gonna feel like VIP all day long. You will get a taste of receiving special treatment and having all your needs met by the resort. Your fridge is stocked with all-time favourite snacks and drinks (no more late night trip to minimarkets!), you will have your own personal concierge, and having 24-hours room service ready. Having even your smallest wish granted is one of the best feeling you can have in a holiday.

Enjoying the Best of Gastronomy

Resorts know how to spoil your palate so much. From fuse of Italian foods, seafood, Japanese cuisine, to amazing interpretation of Balinese local food, everything taste just amazing. You will find your stomach growls in a minute.

Luxury Sunbathing at Best of Swimming Pools

Resort screams for multiple, large pools and that’s their pride. You can spend all your holiday time coated with sunscreen from head to toe and have the best, uninterrupted sunbathing session in one of the pools. The Holiday Inn Bali Benoa, one of the largest Nusa Dua resorts in the island for example, has four pools including an infinity pools facing right to the beach and a pool with bars where you’d love to hang out.

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Get the Best for Social Media

Five Reasons to Vacay at Nusa Dua Resorts!

For social media afficionado, here’s the real deal of staying at a resort. You got the best instagrammable backdrop, you can take a shot in every corners and result in stunning photos, and every assistants there are more than ready to help you take the picture. Nusa Dua resorts is ideal for taking the best holiday shots, really. Lines of palm trees, white sands, impressive pools, and endless blue waters, down to the beautifully designed decorations.

Everything You Need Right on Your Doorstep

You want to go surfing? They’ll book the best surf school for you. Want to experience a Balinese cultural excursion? Just look at the schedule. Need a rejuvenating spa for your tired body and soul? It’s just one call away and you don’t have to move anywhere. This, dear travellers, is the beauty of Nusa Dua resorts.

Revealing the Mysterious Landscapes in Japan


Japan is all about modernity, thick culture, wonderful nature, signature Anime (Japanese animation / cartoon), and its politeness in addition to its magnificent landscapes. In Japan everything is impressive, I advise you in this article the extraordinary of Japan that you can put them on your list of most visited.

How would you describe the mysterious landscapes in a country? Haunted places like there are a few things that normal people can’t logically describe? No, here we are far from that discussion. OK, let’s go then! Here are the mysterious landscapes in Japan:

Unkai (Hokkaido)

Mysterious Landscapes in Japan

Unkai means the sea of ​​clouds. A sea of ​​clouds is a layer of cloudy clouds which is the effect of the trade winds. This natural phenomenon is very rare to see, only during the beautiful day or for the precise one it is between the middle of May to October. Unkai Terrasse is located in the mountains of Hidaka and Tokachi which is at an altitude of 1,088 meters from sea level in Hokkaido.

In addition, there is new construction of a cloud walk which gives you a real feeling of walking on the cloud. From here you can take a gondola to take you to the dock at Tomamu resort. The gondola starts from 4.30 am until 7 am (last ride). But, if you don’t want to wake up in the morning, you can take a night in a hotel on the mountain so you can enjoy the sea of ​​cloud Unkai while having breakfast.

Kawachi Fuji-en (Fukuoka)

It’s one of the best wonderful places in the world. It is located in the Kitakyushu mountain of the south with its arbor decorated with a wisteria and a wisteria full of flower. This private garden is made up of 150 vines and some of them were already there a century ago. There are also large trellises and a pair of igloo-shaped domes in which you can walk and enjoy the 22 kinds of white, pink, purple and purple wisteria flowers hanging from above.

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Mifuneyama Rakuen (Saga)

Mysterious Landscapes in Japan

An authentic Japanese garden was created in 1854 by Lord Takeo Nabeshima Shigeyoshi. This promenade garden built on the huge plot of 150,000 square meters (10 times from Tokyo Domes). He is appointed by the professional painter from Kano to Kyoto and has been certified in the monuments registered in the country at the first prefecture. Flowers are like cherry trees and azaleas, wisteria flowers in spring, crimson dyed with maple and evergreen. They are created a perfect breathtaking landscape of Mifune Yama. In addition, you can enjoy this garden in all seasons in Japan! Magnificent !

Shirakomanoike (Nagano)

This very famous place for a Japanese Momiji event (enjoy the autumn leaves). It’s an impressive landscape with a lake that reflects another world, the native forest for a century on which moss springs like a carpet. We’re going to waste time there.

Three Top Bali Dive Sites for the Big Fish


The magnificence of Bali’s underwater is world-famous and divers from all around the world flock to this little island to get a glimpse of the marine life. Burst of corals with teeming fishes and warm, clear water are the characteristic of this island. Bali’s underwater offer colourful and rich life with amazing diversity of fishes and corals species. The water welcomes almost every kind of divers. From beginners to professional muck divers, Bali has something for everyone. And that, my friends, includes the best of Bali dive sites for exciting big fishes hunt. 

Phenomenal Bali Dive Sites: The Manta Point

Three Top Bali Dive Sites for the Big Fish

It’s hard to miss the Manta Point if you’ve come to Bali ready to dive. Among any other Bali dive sites, the Manta Point is one of the most phenomenal. Who want to miss a chance to swim with theawesome, gentle giant of the ocean? The Manta Point is basically a lime stone formation in the southwest coast of Nusa Penida. The Mantas love to get out early in the morning and you can actually see patches of black, huge-kite like swimming in the clear water. The currents are generally stronger than other dive sites in Bali and the water colder. The Manta Rays are often seen around the cleaning station, but they can wander pretty much anywehere around the site. When you’re done playing with the Manta, you might able to spot on some pelagic like tuna and mackarel. Sometimes turtles are passing by and they are definitely a delight to see. 

The Stunning Crystal Bay for Mola Mola Sighting

Three Top Bali Dive Sites for the Big Fish

The name Crystal Bay might invite you to think of some clearest water and that’s exactly what you will see in this Bali dive sites. The Crystal Bay offers tranquility, blooming corals, exotic fishes, and overall incredible underwater experience. The Mola Mola doesn’t start appearing until August to October, when the water temperature gets colder. This is the time when they come from the twilight zone of the deepwater to the surface and get their yearly treatment done by the reef fishes. 

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Lovina for Dolphins

Lovina for Dolphins

Not everyday you can see dolphins! Even when you have the ability to breathe and move underwater, meeting dolphins is something you probably can have once in a blue moon. Among many dive sites in Bali, however, there’s this particular dive spot in the northern coast, the Lovina, which famous for its dolphins. Early morning is the time where the dolphins get ups and about. While they are the local star, their presence cannot be guaranteed and you might need to just content with corals and fishes. If you are really lucky, you might find a school of dolphins following your dive boat as you’re about to get back to the island. 


Surviving Emergency During A Flight


Anything can happen during travel. It is not always rainbow an sunshine. Sometime, you experience minor to major hassles that can leave you feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Smooth travel can be achieved when you prepare it well in advance as well as being more flexible on the road. While something can be prevented, some just can’t. therefore, you need to be flexible and think quickly if you experience unexpected thing during a trip so you can travel safely and smoothly. what about emergency situation during a flight?

Surviving Emergency During A Flight

How to behave during emergency on a plane

You may have heard how a plane is the safest mode of transportation. However, there have been cases of emergency during a flight causing minor to fatal injury and even death. So what should you do when you are encountering emergency situation during a flight on your trip?

Try to Stay Calm

The first important thing to do during emergency is try to stay calm. It is almost impossible to do because even minor turbulence can make your heart beats faster. However, staying calm and level-headed will help you to not go into panic mode. It will make you easier to think what’s best to do. When there is an emergency situation being announced during a flight, take a deep breath and avoid screaming or yelling at the flight attendants or pilots because it will spread like fire and everyone will start to panic as well.

Put your life and safety as priority

The next thing you should do is put your life and safety as your priority, not anything else, not your bag, not your toiletries. There have been cases of burning plane where some passenger were busy dragging their bags instead of hurrying to the door or helping other. It was one of the most causes of more casualties during burning plane situation. You can buy them all if you survive so leave your bag or belongings and don’t let it hold you and other passengers back when exiting the emergency door.

Locate the nearest emergency exit

Surviving Emergency During A Flight

When there is an emergency during a flight, try to locate the nearest emergency exit so you can evacuate yourself more efficiently because you know where to go faster. During the event, there will be announcements from the flight attendants. They will give some instructions. Instead of panicking, try to listen attentively so you know what to do. Follow the instruction well because they are already trained for this situation.

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Forget your bag

Keep in mind that your bag doesn’t worth your life. The process of evacuation during emergency situation on a flight needs to be done quickly to avoid casualties. Thus, everything should be done efficiently. You don’t have to take everything with you. Do not try to open the overhead compartment either and leave your personal items behind.

Care to other passengers

Instead of worrying over your personal items, it is much better to worry of the other passengers. Try to help each other during emergency. Even a small act of kindness during emergency will truly make significant change. It may save many lives.

Problem You Might Encounter on Surf Holidays


You have already imagine it. The sun, the sands, and the long barrel of waves ready to ride on. In a few months from now, you will be leaving whatever boring thing you are doing right now and start on an exciting surf holidays. Your life would consist nothing but surfing, sunbathing, eating, and enjoying every second of the hard-earned vacation. It seems almost perfect, isn’t it? However, all the things under the sun has it problems and surfing holiday is no exception. Let’s get real. Surfers has their own challenges when it comes to surf holidays no matter how dreamy it is. Here’s realistic problems you might encounter and need to think of.

Problem You Might Encounter on Surf Holidays

Moving Boards on Surf Holidays

If you have your own surfboards and plan to bring it, that will be the very first challenges on the holiday. You see, taking surfboards to airplanes are risky, expensive, and it will always be. Some airlines doesn’t charge for boards, that’s great. Others charge boards and some even open your bag and count charges for each boards you take. Also remember that the charges applies for the return trip as well. Count the charges meticulously. You probably need to pay more than the value of your boards on a return trip just for the charges only!

Travelling to Remote, Untouched Waves Can be Expensive

We surfers are thrilled when we can have all the beach and the waves just for ourself. On surf holidays, we are determined to find the most remote and pristine places. To surf where no other has been. However, reaching remote destination also means spending more money for travel. You might need to hop to another plane, ride a taxi, rent a car from the locas, or probably sail with a boat. If you are not ready with the added expenses, stay on most popular, reachable surf destinations.

No Guaranteed Waves

Problem You Might Encounter on Surf Holidays

No matter how expensive your surf holidays is, nothing could guarantee how nature behaves. Some places are certainly at its best at certain times. But we have heard enough of dissappointing surfer stories. About coming to a place, dropping expenses worth of months of wages, and couldn’t even get into the water because the waves are too big ot too small to surf in.

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The Risk of Drowning on Surf Holidays

Do you know that drowning is one of the biggest risk of surfing? Even the most experienced surfers could drown on their surf holidays if they are not careful enough. Getting trapped on reef, miscalculating the waves, hit to unconciousness on a collusion, and many wrong thing are possible during surfing. The danger is real and should never be underestimated. The solution? Always surf with a friend (or better, local surf guide) who can help you out if you get into problems.

Horrible Travel Scams You Might Encounter While Travelling


Planning for your vacation is not only about choosing destination and packing necessary items to bring. It is also about knowing some threats and dangers you might possibly encounter when travelling. It is common for travelers and tourists alike to fall victim of travel scams in various countries, especially in popular travel destinations. Some of travel scams are truly effective but they are still avoidable if you know what they are and how to deal with them.

Travel scams to avoid while travelling

Travelers and tourists often become the victims of travel scams in various travel destinations. You don’t want to lose your money or any of your belongings while what you plan is to have fun and relieve some stress. Here are common travel scams you should know.

Horrible Travel Scams You Might Encounter While Travelling

Fake ID Card

Scams of travel agent card is quite common in many popular travel destinations so you should be more aware of this thing. Lots of people thought that just because you have travel agent ID card then you will be granted cheap accommodations and airfares. If there is someone who issue you a travel agent ID card and promise that you will be provided unlimited access, don’t believe them. You will find out later that the IDs are fake and cannot be used at all. So, don’t buy any travel agent ID card.

False Charge

It is possible for you to fall victim to one of the most common travel scams when renting a vehicle. The owner recharge you with some damages you didn’t even know exist when you return the car. They can charge you with expensive cost. Therefore, be careful when renting a car in a travel destination. You can also take some pictures of the car you are going to rent beforehand so you have proof later if needed.

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False Online Accommodation

Travel scams are easy to deliver through internet. You may book your accommodation online and plan your travel using internet connection to make everything easier. However, it is also common to receive some emails saying you won a free trip. Do not get swayed easily by those prizes because they are epic traps. They may ask your personal information including your credit card number saying that it is to claim your prize. Do not be fooled by these common scams and don’t give any information. You can actually verify the prize to the resort or airlines independently to know if it’s real or scam.

Misleading Hotel Room Photos

It is also common to book a hotel room online. Then, the hotel is not what it looked like in the pictures. The hotel is already run-down and uncomfortable for you to stay. Some promised amenities are not exist as well, making you feeling more horrible. However, they won’t give you any refund. Therefore, make sure to book from trusted site if you book a room. You can also read the customers’ reviews before booking to see if the place is truly worth to book.

Have a Safe Manta Point Komodo Snorkeling!


While Komodo Island have the blood-thirsty, prehistoric dragons roaming on its grassland terrain, the underwater Komodo has another beast wandering around the crystal-clear ocean. That’s the Manta Ray. The gentle giants of the ocean, member of the devil ray family, and native to the waters of Komodo National Park. Manta Rays are highlight of many divers who come to Komodo National Park. They are colossal, intelligent, and very calm towards divers and snorkelers alike. The Manta Point Komodo is one of the most popular snorkeling and diving destination in the national park—given the shallow water and the clear waters. Here’s your guide to swim with these marvellous creature without harming yourself and the Manta in the process.

Have a Safe Manta Point Komodo Snorkeling!

Snorkeling at Manta Point Komodo from Liveaboard

Do you know that the best way to have snorkeling at Manta Point Komodo is by jumping from liveaboard? Well, not literally, of course. You actually need to enter the water quietly cause the Mantas are very, very sensitive to sounds and vibrations. What we mean is embarking on liveaboard trip where it gets you to the spots in the right time of the day. Moreover, liveaboard boats in Komodo usually provide snorkel masks and fins you can rent (sometimes for free) to snorkel with the giants!

Follow Your Dive Guide

Most of the time, you will be snorkeling (or diving) at any site in Komodo waters with a dive master or dive guide from the boat. They will tell you what to do, what’s not, where to go, and which time is the best. At the Manta Point, they will guide you to Manta’s cleaning station where they are spotted the most.

The Current is Strong, So Prep Your Skills

The Manta Point is characterised with strong currents which is the first reason why the giants thrives there. The strong currents bring rich planktons which is basically Manta’s main and favourite dish! This means you need to be a confident snorkeler if you want to swim with the Mantas.

Snorkeling with the Mantas at Manta Point is Totally Safe!

Have a Safe Manta Point Komodo Snorkeling!

How about the Mantas itself?

Are they safe to swim with?

Yes. Totally yes! Manta Ray, despite of their gigantic body, are extremely tame and charismatic. They are definitely non predator (plankton over meat!) and never show any agression. Mantas are intelligent—they are basically the smartest fish in the sea. Sometimes they show curiosity towards divers and snorkelers alike, as far as “asking” them to “swim together” or circling a snorkeler in almost a playful manner. If you happen to experience this, consider yourself lucky! Most of the time, Manta Ray will leave you alone—and just a glimpse of them is enough to make snorkeler’s day!

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Be Mindful of Your Marine Surrounding

Snorkeling at Manta Point Komodo means sharing the responsibility to keep the environment sustainable. Learn how to behave around Manta Rays. Never block the path of a Manta. Approach a Manta from their side and never attempt to touch, caress, or feed the giants. Do not try to chase a Manta Ray or scare them any other way. Be mindful with the corals below you—your fins might cause water spins which can damage the corals. Always follow the rules from your guide.

Popular Desserts In Philippine To Try During Your Visit


Travelling in Philippine is incomplete without food hunting. It is also known that Filipinos have the sweetest tooth in Southeast Asia. They enjoy desserts a lot and feel like it is incomplete to enjoy their meals without a dessert. Therefore, there are so many kinds of dessert in Philippine you can also try. However, make sure that your have normal blood sugar level. The level of sweetness of Philippines; sweets pr desserts are relatively higher compared with other countries. 

Philippines’ desserts worth travelling for

If you visit Philippine, it is highly recommended to try some of their best desserts. This place is heaven if you have sweet tooth. And here are several recommended desserts that most Filipinos enjoy:

Ube is starchy purple root that has become popular in the west. However, it has been long popular in Philippine and some of Southeast Asian countries. This starch is often used to make cakes, pies, candies, and ice cream. In Philippine, you can try Ube Halaya which is also made from mashed and sweetened Ube. The root is peeled and mashed. Then, it is mixed with condensed milk or sweetened coconut milk. It is then thickened over heat. This dessert is simple but delicious. 

Halo-Halo is probably the most popular dessert in Philippine. Filipinos enjoy this dessert almost on daily basis. It is a rich blend of shaved ice, evaporated milk, syrup fruits, Ube Halaya, sweet palm, and mung beans. You can also order the one that is added with a scoop of ice cream. The meaning of the name Halo-Halo is mix-mix in Filipino. Filipinos enjoy this dessert by mixing all together into a creamy, soupy mess.

Banana-cue is a popular dessert in Philippine that you can find it in almost every corner of the street in Philippine. The banana is skewered on a bamboo stick. It is then coated in granulated sugar and dunked into a searing hot oil. The process of deep frying the skewer causes the sugar-coated banana to caramelize. The result of the process is sticky banana skewer with slight crunchiness that makes this dessert is loved by most Filipino’s youngster. 

Ensaymada is Filipino dessert that is an adaptation version of Spanish traditional pastry, Ensaimada Mallorquina. The original version uses dough that is infused with pork-lard. However, the Filipino version uses a butter-rich brioche. The bread is often topped with granulated white sugar, butter, cheese, and sometimes salted duck eggs. It is best served with hot chocolate. There are other Ensaymada with different toppings you can try while visiting Philippine. 

Taho is a Filipinos’ dessert made from tofu. It is basically a tofu-based pudding with various toppings. However, the classic one is always topped with chewy sago pearls and brown sugar syrup. This is often used as mood and energy boosters for workers because it is rich in carb, sugar, and protein. The price is also relatively cheap. You can find Taho in street stalls. However, you can also find premium versions in various flavors in mall stores.

Throwing an Unforgettable Party in Luxury Villas Bali


Party time! You’re in Bali and wanted to throw a big party but don’t have a spacious and comfortable place to hold it? Let me ask you another question, do you already have a place to live? If your answer to both is no, then how about getting luxury villas Bali that can solve both of that problem in one solution. 

Luxury villas bali with a private pool

Luxury Villas Bali Benefits 

Villas, in general, have so many facilities that you can gain an advantage of, especially when you are expecting someone to come over. Here are some of the advantage that you can get if you want to invite a lot of people to party in a villa:

Spacious Area

a large living room of luxury villas bali

Luxury villas in Bali are designed to have a lot of rooms and large outdoor areas. You can fit like 20 people in the living room alone, and can still have so much space in the house. No more cramped space and smelling each other bad odor. Dancing to the amazing music can be easier to do inside the room, just please mind the furniture though. 

Large Outdoors

a large outdoor luxury villas bali

A grand house is always accompanied by a huge outdoor. Every luxury villa is guaranteed to have a large garden and outdoor lounge complete with comfortable seating for your party friends to enjoy. You can freely do so many crazy activities that cannot be done inside the house, making the party getting more lively.

Swimming Pool

What’s a villa without a pool? A swimming pool is also a gateway to throw an unbelievable party. Having a pool party with friends and get someone to play music nearby can be a real blast to have outside your villa. Don’t forget to get a lifeguard in case things get a little wild. I’m joking of course, but hey who knows right?

 Fancy Architecture and Furniture 

a comfort bedroom luxury villas bali

Are you the bragging type? If all of that still doesn’t impress your friends how about the content inside the house? With luxury villas, you are spoiled with an amazing house architecture that is pleasant in the eye and beautiful furniture that complement each room. Whether it’s a modern elegant design or Indonesian traditional look, your guests will definitely appreciate your choice of place.

Other Facilities

spacious lavatory luxury villas bali

On villa, aside from getting the luxurious version of what normal house offers, they also provide an additional facility that can entertain anyone. The examples are Jacuzzi, a mini theatre, a pool table or even board games. This extra feature is definitely going to enhance your party experience with your friends and will make them glad that they attend your party invitation.

So, Interested?

By creating a party on luxury villas Bali, you will make an extraordinary party that will leave a great impression on everyone who’s coming. So, if you want to be the life of the party among your friends and struggling to find a great place to realize it, investing in a villa can be really beneficial in the long run.