What To Do When Encounter Wild Animals During Wildlife Travel


Enjoying great outdoor can be refreshing. It is such a good idea for your next travel plan. You get to feel closer with nature and away from the buzz of the city. It can be refreshing and fun vacation you can truly enjoy. However, being in open space has its own risk such as encountering animals. It can be fun if they are cute animals like rabbit, birds, or deer. However, it is different story when you encounter wild animals such as tigers, lions, alligators, or bears. They are dangerous and you have to be prepared for that if you plan to have a trip to a national parks, or wildlife refugees. 

Stay safe while exploring wild places

Exploring wild place can be thrilling. You get that raw feelings of being in an open space and closer to the wildlife. Enjoying nature can bring out your adventurous souls. However, make sure that you still prioritize your safety over your excitement. It must be fun to encounter various animals during your exploration of the great outdoor. However, make sure you are prepared enough to face the worst scenario. Here are safety tips while you are exploring wild places during wildlife trip.

What To Do When Encounter Wild Animals During Wildlife Travel

Do not pose as a threat

You may think staying alerts all the time can reduce the thrill or the fun. However, risking your safety by letting your guard down is wrong move when you are in an open space, especially wild area. Do not make a move that pose a threat to the animals or the environment. It is also highly recommended to wear clothes with natural colors that can blend in easily with the nature. Then, it is prohibited to feed animals even if they are rabbit or chipmunks. If you are camping during your trip, make sure to keep the area clean to not attract animals. Make sure to wash all eating and cooking utensils after. Bring airtight containers to store foods. 

Make noises upon encounter

What To Do When Encounter Wild Animals During Wildlife Travel

There is also high chance for you to encounter larger predators. You may see bears during your wildlife trip. It is fun to observe them from afar. However, it can be dangerous when you encounter one of them. Make noises if you are in the are with signs of bear. You can sing, talk a bit louder, or clap your hands. Also, it is safer to travel in group. Do not panic when you see them. Observe their behavior and leave silently if they haven’t noticed you. Bring bear spray for emergency. 

Do not approach wild animals

It is also possible for you to see alligators during your wildlife trip. They are dangerous so make sure to avoid hanging around the area with the sign of alligators. They won’t attack if they are left alone so don’t make any confrontation. Even if they look like they are sleeping, do not approach them or take a picture. Do not feed them any food or leave garbage behind they they can trail of. Be aware of your surroundings when you are near fresh or brackish water.

Diving with the Critters in Tulamben Bali


Some divers find delight in observing the tinier creatures of the ocean. They don’t get easily awed by the big and bold like the patrolling sharks. Their interest is often focused in the minutes and mysterious, and they feel particularly proud to find rare, tiny, and well-camouflaged creatures hiding on a quiet nook of a pinnacle. In fact, macro diving has quite loyal following in the category. And one of the best macro diving site is the Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia. The site might be most well known for its notorious USAT Liberty Wreck, but the Tulamben actually has other gems offering astounding macro experience. Be prepared to get blown away—you might forget to surface back to the land as you immerse to these mesmerizing tiny life.

Diving with the Critters in Tulamben Bali

Seraya Secret, Easiest Macro Diving in Tulamben Bali

The Seraya Secret is just five kilometres away from Tulamben. It’s an easy dive with mild currents and excellent visibility. You can access the site just from the shore and descend into 10 meters deep ocean floor. The seabed is dominated by black sands bottom. It might appear deadly uninteresting for other divers, but macro lovers will absolutely love it as it’s brimming with life! An underwater macro photographer can spend hours searching strange small creatures all over the place. What makes Seraya best for muck and macro is the huge diversity of crustacean and nudibranch. Expect to see Harlequin shrimps, one of its predominant inhabitants, tiger shrimps, boxer shrimps, Bumble bee, Coleman shrimps, zebra crabs, and thousands other species! Be patient; good things come to those who wait.


Diving with the Critters in Tulamben Bali

Another muck diving spot in Tulamben Bali that offers incredible critter life; the Melasti. This site is comfortably snuggled along the Seraya coast, sometimes blurred as the Seraya Secret itself. In fact, many divers has dived here not knowing that this was the Melasti. Here you can see the mantis shrimps and harlequin shrimp hiding behind piles or coral heads or feasting upon starfish. It’s also the best site to see two signature nudibranchs of Melasti, the Donut Dorid and the Shaun the Sheep. They are often requested by divers—and they are not particularly easy to find, which makes them even more rewarding!

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The Hidden Site, Batu Niti

Now, not everyone knows Batu Niti, one of the hidden gems of diving in Tulamben Bali. The site is located past the Seraya Secret, in a formation of headland and reef. The Batu Niti is heaven of colourful nudibranch. The site gets even more lively during the nudibranch mating season. You’ll get to see thousands of nudi all over the place, getting into action. Sometimes you can spot frogfish and coral fish as well. Corals and spongers of all size and shapes also bloom in the area, making the site even more beautiful. And if you want something more after the macro, you can also see school of barracuda, jacks, trevally, and even whale sharks around.

Most Appealing Desserts In The World Worth Travelling For


Travelling and food are hard to separate. A travel will be a complete experience after you try the local specialties. It can give you deeper connection and understanding with the place you visit. Food hunting is one of the best activities while travelling. There are many cultural and historical values behind the recipes. Aside from hunting full course meals, you can also try various sweet treats offered by every country around the world. Every place has their own unique dessert worth tasting for. 

Most appealing dessert to try when travelling

Sweets are not only loved by kids. In fact, there is no limit of who can enjoy sweet treats. If you are foodies who also fancy the existence of sweets, might as well trying these most appealing, delicious desserts in the world:

Borma is dessert you can mostly find in Turkey and Midlle East. This is dessert made of crisp, golden knafeh dough that wrap around nut filling. It is relative of Baklava. However, Borma is fried with extra infusion of some flavors. Not to mention that it has crisp texture, perfect for a dip into flavored syrup. Borma’s layers are rolled and sliced forming a cross-section. You can find them in various pastry shops in Turkey and Middle East. 

Cendol is dessert you can find in Singapore and Indonesia. This chilled sweet is a great treat to enjoy during a hot noon. You can practically find it everywhere in these countries since they are often sold in street stalls, vendors, to restaurants. It is basically a sweetened Iced coconut milk with smoky, caramelized flavor. The sweetener is from a palm sugar syrup. The liquid is the base for green-flour jelly. The color is gained from the Pandan juice. It is often added with toppings including sweetened red beans and some fruit slices. 

Creme Brulee is already popular dessert. The one that is the most appealing is from France. This dessert has creamy texture topped with shiny, burnt sugar. The crispy caramel blends in perfectly with the aromatic custard. The burnt only adds delicious type of bitterness that leaves you in addiction. Not to mention that it has very appealing vanilla aroma. 

Gulab Jamun is dessert from India that worth tasting for. This treat is deep fried Indian doughnut. However, it has milky flavor. This dessert is made from a dough mixed with a scoop of khoya, a reduction of buffalo or cow milk. The dough are shaped into little balls then deep fried. They are then soaked in aromatic syrup infused with roses and cardamom seeds. The sweet flavor of this dessert is pretty intense. 

Sour Cherry Pie is perfect for foodies who don’t really like overly sweet dessert. You can find this particular dessert in Midwestern United States. Basically, it is similar to the kind of pie you might enjoy in regular basis. However, it has vibrant cherry filling. The fruits are tender which is more suitable to complete the the crispy pie. The sour flavor is an eye-opening, literally since it can wake you up with the fresh flavor. 

This Villa Jimbaran Bali is Available to Buy to Accommodate You!


If we’re talking about beaches in Bali, one doesn’t simply forget about Jimbaran Beach. Even though throughout the time, there’s more and more iconic beach around Bali, Jimbaran is still one of the beaches visited by most tourists both locals and foreigners. Granted, Villa Jimbaran Bali is sought by many people who like to live close to the wondrous place.

Jimbaran in Bali is quite famous for its seaside cafes, where you can enjoy some delicious seafood meals while enjoying the view of the sea. But the main wonder about the cafes is in the evening when guests can witness a beautiful sunset in the sea from their seat. Because of that, most newlywed while on honeymoon in Bali chooses this place to spend their romantic getaway.

Jimbaran villas with a private pool to relax

Villa Jimbaran Bali can be your shelter through cultural temples journey…

That being said, here’s some recommendation for Jimbaran Villas available in Kibarer for you to consider: 

Villa VL1763, Uluwatu St.

This villa probably has the best location among many villas in Jimbaran. It’s only a walking distance to the beach and only around 15 minutes to Ngurah Rai Airport. The size of this villa is marvelous, having 2 story building with a large swimming pool in the center open area and another medium pool in the rooftop.

This modern-styled villa is almost like a mansion with 6 bedrooms and 2 living areas. It’s on leaseholds for 37 years and costs 665.789 USD.

Villa VL0678, Jl. Bali Cliff

If you’re more interested in Bali’s culture site than the ocean, you might want to consider investing in this villa. It’s located very close to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park and also just a short trip away to the famous Uluwatu’s cliffside temple.

To be fair, this is not just one villa unit but a real estate of several villas. It has about 35 units in a quiet neighborhood, and the owner sells them all freeholds for 321.474 USD/unit.

Villa VL0720, Uluwatu St.

Another villa close to Jimbaran beach, this stunning residence is located in a safe neighborhood with round the clock security guarding. Decorated with unique Balinese architecture, this beautiful villa offers nothing but comfort and luxury. With an elegant terrace overlooking a big garden, guaranteed you will have a magnificent view every time you wake up.

Located in between the beach and GWK, the owner sells this villa on leasehold for 17 years with possible extension, costing 300.000 USD.  

While taking a walk through Bali’s famous site, Jimbaran Villas is there to accommodate you…

For further information, you can check the details of some Villa Jimbaran Bali on our site by typing the villa codes in the search bar.

Travel To The Most Wonderful Libraries In The World


Travel destinations are not always about beaches, amusement parks, or shopping centers. There are many things in the world you can explore during a trip such as library. You may think that you don’t have to have a special trip to visit a library. You can just visit the nearest one in your neighborhood. However, there are only a few wonderful libraries in the world worth travelling for. They are not only a place to keeps the books. They are built in intriguing design and decor which make them look stunning even before you take your step inside.

Most wonderful libraries worth travelling for

If you are into literature and architecture, libraries must be your first destinations every time you visit a new place. Every library has different vibe due to their architectural points as well cultural value influenced them. If you plan to have a trip, might as well including these stunning libraries in your bucket list.

Abbey Library of Saint Gall

Travel To The Most Wonderful Libraries In The World

Abbey Library of Saint Gall is situated in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This is considered as one of the oldest libraries in the world. It is even listed as one of UNESCO World heritage sites. This is a library and abbey with half of the more than 150,000 tomes date back to the Middle Ages. This place is hosted more than 1000 years old books. Built in 719 AD, this library was updated in 18th century. It has Rococo style to its design. It features singular space with stunning woodwork as well as painted ceilings. Do not get surprised if you end up forgetting your books because the surrounding inside the library is just that mesmerizing. 

Seattle Central Library

Seattle Central Library is located in Washington, USA. This one library has very unique interior design. The structure is ultra-modern. It was opened in 2004 and has been garnered lots of attention since then due to its unorthodox style. The use of steel and glass in its decoration makes this library looks out of this world because it is very unique. 

Library of Parliament

Travel To The Most Wonderful Libraries In The World

Library of Parliament is located in Ottawa, Canada. This library has stunning architecture. It was opened in 1867, the year when the country was born. This library has the Victorian Gothic Revival style. You can feel classic and luxury vibe when visiting this wonderful library. From the ceiling to the wall lines, everything is carved beautifully. One of the most eye-catching inside the library is the centerpiece. It is inlaid parquet floor made of various wooden materials such as oak, cherry, and walnut. People visiting this library end up staring at their feet more often than not. 

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Stuttgart City Library

Stuttgart City Library is located in Stuttgart, Germany. This library is considerably new establishment since it just opened in 2011. it has modern style featuring open-space concept. This library is multi-storied featuring wide, open staircases. The interior is dominated by white. Lots of people said that this library is like what you imagine a library in the afterlife looks like. It is full of white with splash colors bursting from book collections. The visual often left visitors intrigued. 

Five Side Activities You Can Do After Amed Bali Diving!


Have you ever found pictures of mesmerising underwater temples underneath crystal blue water? You are probably looking at Amed, one of the most phenomenal dive sites in Bali. Located in the east side of Bali, Amed is one of the major diving destination for any underwater enthusiast who come to the island of God. With mind blowing underwater landscape, abundant marine life, and uncanny underwater statues and temples, diving holds as the primary reasons of why people travels to Amed.

Amed is, however, not limited to diving. As much of wonderful underwater playground as Amed is, this beautiful region offer numerous other enticing attractions. Here are five best side activities to explore in Amed once you have done all your exciting underwater exploration.

Five Side Activities You Can Do After Amed Diving Bali!

Take A Moment Off in Black Sand Beach after Amed Bali Diving Session

Golden coasts and white sandy beaches dominate the coastline of Bali. But here in Amed, you will get to one of the few black, volcanic sand beach. A hardly scarce thing to see in the island. The rare black sands come from the remain of volcanic ashes and lava of Mount Agung. Also, you can see the looming Mount Agung dominating the view of the beach, which makes the experience even more unique. There’s something about Mount Agung that emits mystery and dramatic feeling to the otherwise a quiet town.

Morning Treck to Bukit Cinta

Longing for something fun and sweaty to start the day? Go for a morning jog at Bukit Cinta, the best viewpoint of Mount Agung on the entire island. The view from above here is absolutely a winner. We dare say it’s one of the best hidden gem after Amed diving sites Bali. Go few hours before the sunrise. See the mist cloaking on vast rice fields as the sky changes color to red-pinkish hue and cast a magical glow to the mountain.

Close the Day at Sunset Point after Donning Amed Bali Diving

As you have done your last diving in Amed Bali, store your gears back to its place, and rinse your body under fresh showers, it’s time for some relaxation. Head to the Sunset Point to catch the last glimpse of the sun with cold bottle of beer in your hand. See the sun disappears behind the majestic Mount Agung with quite a surreal show. This would be entirely different with your classic sea-and-sunset experience.

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Go to the Gateway of Heaven, Pura Lempuyang Temple

Five Side Activities You Can Do After Amed Diving Bali!

Some of the must visit temples in this wonderful region; the underwater temples on Amed Bali Diving and the stunning Lempuyang Temple, the Gateway of Heaven. Probably the most photographed, raved, and Instagrammed Pura in the Island of God. The Lempuyang Temple is one of the centre temples for Hinduism religion in the island and one of the holiest. It’s gate boast the perfectly framed Mount Agung in the background, which not only served as breathtaking photograph, but also hold deep meaning for Hindu’s spiritualism. The Lempuyang Temple is only 30 minutes drive from Amed, which is perfect for short cultural excursion after some diving.

Snorkel in Bias Tugel Beach 

If you want something light with a touch of exciting marine life, go for some snorkelling sessions in Bias Tugel Beach. It’s 90 minutes away from Amed, and a worthy addition to your underwater itinerary. It’s not everyday you come up here to the north! The beach is made comfortable with ample of sun loungers and convenient food stalls. The seabeds won’t live up to what you’ve seen during Amed Diving Bali. However, it’s still good for a refreshing break!

Best Destinations for Diving In Indonesia


Indonesia consists of thousands islands you can visit and explore to your heart content. Thus, water activities are encouraged when you visit Indonesia. There are many ways you can enjoy clear, beautiful waters in Indonesia. Diving is absolutely one of the most recommended. This way, you will get to see the real underwater world where there are so many diverse creatures living in. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands and only 13,000 are reported. The remaining 4,000 islands are still unnamed. Only 6,000 of islands are inhibited. Not to mention that Indonesia houses 25% of all fish species in the world. 

Recommended diving spots in Indonesia

Furthermore, diving during your visit in Indonesia is truly encourage especially if you love water activity for a trip. Here are most recommended spots for diving in Indonesia worth travelling for:

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat can be considered as the highly recommended diving spot in Indonesia. It is like the highlight of all. It is the archipelago of more than 1,500 small islands. There are more than 1,200 fish species living peacefully. Not to mention that this is where you will get to see the most beautiful coral reef biodiversity. It is because the location of Raja Ampat is found within The Coral Triangle including Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Malaysia, East Timor, and Solomon Island. You can even call it as the riches coral reef ecosystem on earth. During particular season, you can even get to see the rare whale sharks when diving. 

raja ampat diving

Komodo National Park

Komodo Island is popular place because of its beauty. It is the only habitat of Komodo Dragons. Giant lizard with deathly tongues and bites. Another attraction of this island is the diving spot. It is already popular among international, seasoned divers. Komodo Island is UNESCO World Heritage Site full of glorious coral reefs, deep walls, and pinnacles. Diving spot in this island has rough currents. Thus, it is more recommended for experienced, advanced divers. You may get the highest chance to meet manta rays especially if you visit between December to February. 

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Bali Island is like the icon of Indonesia tourism. It is a paradise for those who seek for enjoyable vacation. Bali island has everything you need for memorable trip. Aside from shopping and food hunting, Bali Island is recommended spot for diving. The access is very easy and the diving spots are available for beginner or advanced divers. The currents are pretty light and less intense so beginner divers can have their moments. Most recommended spots include Padang Bay, Amed, and Pulau Menjangan.


Wakatobi Island is also on the top list of recommended diving spot in Indonesia. This is the place where you get to enjoy the rich marine life. This is also great diving destination for beginner diverse due to less intense currents. Several recommended diving spot in Wakatobi Island include Kaledupa, Wangki, Tomea, and Binongki. Those have relatively gentle currents safe for inexperienced divers. Best time to dive in Wakatobi Island is from March to December. Beware of the peak season which is from April to May and September to November.

How Komodo Diving Liveaboard Will Kickstart Healthy Lifestyle


Komodo diving liveaboard is not just a way to escape to the breathtaking tropics. Aside from getting to experience the astounding nature of the legendary Komodo National Park and the surrounding islands, do you know that cruises have its own way of kickstarting a healthy lifestyle? Life onboard is something that would leave an impression on you.

komodo diving liveaboard

Food on Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Floating atop water the whole time sometimes make you question whether you’ll get good food at all. Are you even going to get fresh food? Stores are miles away and you’re in the middle of the oceans! Contrary to that notion, the food served in Komodo diving liveaboard are as healthy as it could get.

komodo cruise

Not only you’ll be served by a professional chef onboard – which means mouthwatering menu served in the most delectable way possible – you’re going to eat plenty of healthy stuff as well. The fruits served onboard are usually “hard fruits”. Not fruits that are hard to eat, but they’re fruits that last long even without refrigerators. These include grapes, apples, watermelons (unopened, of course). Add a refreshing coconut to that equation. Your food consist of the perfect tropical bliss!

Yoga atop Komodo Diving Cruise

yoga cruise komodo

Yoga atop Komodo diving cruise is akin to an ideal journey for retreat lovers and wellness enthusiasts. Many cruises do offer this as one of the features of their cruise activities. Make sure that you ask your cruise provider for better details. It’s imperative that you note these sort of activities likely won’t be available in Komodo liveaboard budget as it would be served more towards the luxury boat experience.

If you’d like to find a liveaboard with a yoga intensive program, then specifically search for “Floating Yoga and Wellness School”. There have been several cruises emerging that cater to the niche. Everything is designed for those who care about the healthy ways of life and of course, much of the highlight of their program center on yoga and meditation.

komodo liveaboard

Guided meditation onboard

A lot of the yoga cruises that serve the Komodo diving liveaboard route also include guided meditation as well. The frequency of it varies from one cruise to another. But you can expect that most cruises will provide daily guided meditation. If you’ve been thinking to start your routine of meditating but you don’t know where to start, joining a yoga cruise is actually a great way to kick it off.

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Life onboard does not automatically translate to everyday life

It’s true that going on a Komodo diving liveaboard will kickstart all of the healthy activities. But remember that health is a lifestyle. Your life during your cruise might just be left there on the cruise if you don’t put in the effort to integrate it to your everyday life at home. Lifestyle is basically a culmination of habits. And habits start small. Can’t go on a yoga class every other day? Then don’t force yourself, if it’s not practical. Do it for five minutes at home. Take away the things you love on your liveaboard and apply them during your everyday life.

Most Common Accidents and Injuries During Outdoor Travel


Outdoor travel is different from another trip involving indoor spaces. There are more hazards highly possible to encounter. However, outdoor travel is something fun and healthy. Lots of travelers get addicted to have outdoor travels to various destinations. There is different type of satisfaction after experiencing the wilderness of the nature. There are many possibilities something can go wrong but they can be dealt by having general safety measures. Avoiding hazards during outdoor travel is possible. However, the possibility of getting involved in accidents and suffered from injuries is still there. Nature is unpredictable more often than not. 

Accidents and injuries during outdoor travel

The risk of getting involved in accidents and getting injured is more possible when you choose to take an outdoor trip. Here are the most common accidents and injuries during outdoor trips you should be aware of so you can take proper precautions:

outdoor travel

Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness usually happens due to the rapid climbing to elevation beyond 8,000 feet. It may take several days to recover. However, you can ease the symptoms by taking the right drugs. Mountain sickness is common and sometimes is not as dangerous. However, it can develop to more serious problems such as high altitude pulmonary edema or high altitude cerebral edema. Those are life-threatening and transportation to lower altitude needs to be done immediately. 


Hypothermia happens when your core body temperature experience a fatal drop. It often happen when you take an outdoor trip during cold season such as winter or rainy season. Hypothermia may not kill you in an instant. However, it develops into bad condition such as irrationality, confusion,etc. Prevent hypothermia by wearing sufficient clothes especially during extreme weather and condition. 

Sodium deificiency

Sodium deficiency is common when during outdoor trip due to sweating. It potentially reduce the level of salt in your body. Prevent this problem by drinking plenty of water throughout your outdoor activities. Also grab salty snacks during your breaks to stay energized and fit.


Dehydration is very common as well. It can lead to more serious problems such as dizziness, loss of balance, lack of concentration, lose focus, etc. It is dangerous to let your body dehydrated for so long. Thus, always refill your body by drinking enough water. If the condition is extreme, drink more than 2 liters of water a day. It can also prevent from more dangerous condition such as heat exhaustion that can develop into heatstroke. 

Topical injuries

There are also topical injuries possibly happen during outdoor travel. During hot weather, the most common topical injuries including sunburn and burns. However, sunburn is also possible in cold condition. Frostbites are possible when your skin is exposed to extremely low temperature. Snow blindness is also common due to the exposure to the intense ultraviolet by sunlit snow. Another possible injury is laceration which is mostly caused by careless use of sharp equipment such as knives and axes, or direct contact with barbed wires, sharp rocks, etc. This can cause infection such as tetanus. To prevent from those possible injuries, wear adequate clothing and protecting gears. 

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Tattoo Bali Advice: Where in Your Body Will Be Most Painful to Get Inked?


When it comes to tattoo placement, us at Tattoo Bali always suggest doing sufficient research when you’re planning to get a tattoo. There are numerous things at play that need to be considered, at aside from the tattoo design itself, the tattoo placement in your body is one of the most important things that needed to be carefully considered. So before you get your Bali tattoo here are some things to consider.

tattoo bali

Tattoo Bali emphasis on everybody experiences pain differently

The best tattoo studio in Bali will let you know during your consultation that the pain you’re going to experience will differ. Everyone’s threshold of pain tolerance is different; skin sensitivity and many other factors (such as genetics) are at play here.

So while your friend may say that getting tattooed simply feels if their skin simply felt like it was prickled, you may not feel that way. Another important thing to consider is the body parts you’re planning to get tattooed at. Some parts of your body are simply going to be so much more painful compared to others. If you want to get the best tattoo in Bali it’s highly advisable that you consider everything carefully.

Some things to consider

Some of the measurable factors that may affect pain tolerance are as follows:

  • Age and weight of the person who receive the tattoo. People with low body fat in some areas of their body may feel more pain when getting tattooed. However, it’s also true that heavier people may have stretched, thinner skin, which may affect their pain tolerance.
  • First-time tattoo collector and repeat collector. It’s pretty common feeling that your second time getting a tattoo may not feel as painful as the second one (again, this depends on many factors).

Some of the most painful body areas to get tattooed at

While it’s established that people experience pain differently, it’s worth noting that there are simply places that are going to be super painful no matter how high your pain tolerance is. Generally, areas in your body that have considerably less to no body fat that separates your skin from your bone. Some of the best tattoo places in Bali will warn you of these places.

tattoo artist bali

Ribcage Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on your ribcage is one of the most painful places you could pick. Definitely not recommended for first-timers. There is little to no fat insulating the area between your skin and your bones. The pain could be severe.

bali tattoo placement ribGroin tattoo

The groin area is filled with million nerves endings, more than most areas in your body. it can be very painful to get inked here.

Ankle tattoo

The ankle has a very thin layer of skin. And it’s can be super painful to get tattooed at. Your shin is another area where this is the case.

tattoo bali body parts

Nipple tattoo and breast area

More areas that have lots of nerves endings near the surface of the skin making them very sensitive areas. Getting tattooed in the area is guaranteed to be painful.

The neck and spine tattoo

Undeniably one of the most painful areas to get tattooed at. The spine is extremely painful because of the lack of “padding” between the skin and your bones. The neck is an extremely sensitive area that holds a millions of sweat glands and other nerve endings; this is a similar case with armpits. This area is not recommended for people who just getting their first tattoo.

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