Unthinkable things to do when Traveling in Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is special region located in Indonesia with full of tourism potential. Aside from the already famous tourist attractions, there are many places you can explore to when you spend your time traveling in Yogyakarta.

There are many landmarks contained historical and cultural value which are worth traveling for. That is why Yogyakarta is one of famous travel destinations in Indonesia beside Bali or Lombok Island.

If you think that Yogyakarta only has Borobudur temple and Mount Agung then you really need to visit to find out more about the fact because Yogyakarta has more than that.

Things to do when spending time in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is travel destination that can be enjoyed by people from different walks of life regardless gender and age. If you aim for family trip, there are many kid-friendly destinations to visit.

Things to do in Yogyakarta

If you aim for romantic getaway, there are lots of exotic places to explore. Yogyakarta is also a perfect place where you can learn more about the nature and culture from closer look.

Here are things to do when you are in Yogyakarta for traveling:

  • If you like adventure, you can visit Sinden Beach. This is the best destination for adrenaline junkie because you can enjoy rugged beach flanked by a high cliff right next to the sea. This will only make you want to jump from the cliff to feel the rush of adrenaline. There is also untouched coral island called Kalong Island where you can also find wild flora. Instead of jumping off the cliff, you can cross a suspension bridge where you can see intense waves beneath you. The bridge will shake when the waves approaching. This is thrilling and worth trying.
  • Yogyakarta also has the best spot of sunflower garden. This is where you can experience to be in the middle of sunflowers just like in a novel. This is one of the most trending sensation in social media. It is located only five minutes away from Samas Beach. If you are looking for album-worthy pictures, this is the right place to visit during your stay in Yogyakarta.
  • Next unthinkable thing to do in Yogyakarta is to visit beach waterfall at Jogan Beach. It is rare to find waterfall located next to the beach. However, you can find this rare phenomenon in Yogyakarta. The waterfall here falls directly into the sea. To reach the location, you will need to walk for several hundred meters. However, it pays off once you arrive and see the waterfall yourself. You can enjoy your time beneath the waterfall to feel the freshwater.
  • Next thing to do is tubing at underground cave on nature’s lazy river. This is located at Goa Pindul. You will find beautiful stalactites and stalagmite rocks in the cave carved hundreds years ago. Aside from exploring the cave and tubing, you can also try body rafting throughout faster river currents at the Kalisuci Caves. You can choose any activity while enjoying amazing sight of underwater river caves.

If you want to explore the other places or cities in Indonesia, you could also think about the best hot springs to visit in Indonesia. Hope that will add your travel schedule if you will need one. Thank you.

How Parachute Hammock Helps You Survive In The Jungle


Most of the jungle sites are unimproved. The deeper you are getting in, the wilder the surroundings. Nevertheless, no matter how creepy they are, people are keep on getting inside over times. Especially the scientists and also the adventurers to learn and find the undiscovered things. During that exploration, then they will have to provide a place to sleep and stay for days or even more. Thinking about that, then one of the item that can be brought to the jungle is the parachute hammock.

Hammock made of parachute to survive in the jungle

Parachute hammock and all of its accessories will be the great equipment that can be used for sleeping and even for storage of equipment. It can be the primary item for your stay with its own concept which is elevated off the ground.

Hammock can even be used by the soldier since it hasn’t much volume as well as its weight. As we all know, getting into the jungle for some times is really vital to think about how to survive-and by bringing the lighter and useful items, you can move faster and comfortable.

Some of us may will also thinking about building their own swamp bed. But I think that it will really needs a lot of work, can’t be easier to find the wooden materials, have to bring extra tools like the long sharp knife, and is temporary in nature.

In the other hands, hammock that made of the parachute material can be used for years, bringing it to anywhere on your backpack, easy to use and more other advantages. It can be considered as our floating bed platform since it has to be put up on the air by horizontally stretching it between the trees or the stands you have found in the jungle.

When talking about the surviving aspect, I think that it will also important that we should also think about the weathers that can be suddenly change especially in the jungle. In the daylight, our body may be still warm, but when it comes to the night, the air temperature can be so cold. Not to mention about the sudden rain in the jungle that can be fallen anytime.

So that, it is a great step that the parachute hammock itself has been provided with the specific tarp even though you have to get it separately. Anticipating the bites of mosquitoes and other small insects in the jungle is also really important to stay healthy and fit. Therefore, you can make use of the mosquito or the bug net for that that is also provided specially for the hammock.

Sleeping up on the air is also beneficial to prevent the interference from animals moving above the ground such as the wild coyotes, maybe a snake, etc. Even if there will still one or two disturbances from the jungle’s animals, sleeping that way using the parachute hammock can reduce a lot of interference than sleeping on the ground with only a thin mat that stretched on the ground.

Those above are only some of the benefits you can experience while using the hammock made of parachute to survive in the jungle. I am sure that there will be more than what I have explained. If you finds this write helpful, you can contribute to remind the others as well so they will get the same benefits as what you have just got.

Best Hot Springs to Visit in Indonesia


Hot springs is one of many attractions sought by travelers especially those coming from natural sources like volcanoes.

When it comes to hot spring, you may think of Japan since there is hot spring called Onsen there which has been quite famous. However, it is not only Japan that has hot springs. Indonesia is one of the best countries if you are looking for amazing hot springs to enjoy during your trip.

Hot springs to visit in Indonesia

The hot springs in Indonesia are in fact worth travelling for. The best region to in Indonesia to find hot springs is West Java.

Amazing hot springs to enjoy during your stay in Indonesia

When you visit Indonesia, there are many things to enjoy. When it comes to hot springs, there are many of them you can find especially in West Java. Hot springs are also thing that Indonesia people enjoy.

Here are amazing hot springs you can find in Indonesia to enjoy:

  • Darajat Pass Resort

This is a resort where you can find joy in every corner of it. There are bungalows, pools, and waterpark in this place you enjoy with your family. The pools are varied in size and depth. Thus, you can even bring your kids to enjoy especially since there is waterpark where you can let them having fun with the slides and giant bucket.

Hot water here goes up to 45 degrees Celsius. This is located in Garut, West Java.

  • Ciwidey Valley Waterpark Resort

This hot spring water park is one of the most visited destinations for families. Here you cannot only enjoy well-themed pool with hot water but also cottages rented for guests.

Thus, you can enjoy natural spring water anytime you like. There is also large bird cage here where you can enjoy your relax time sipping your drinks while watching your kids playing in the water. If you like camping, there is camping ground where you can stargaze and build a fire camp.

This resort is located in Bandung, West Java.

  • Sari Ater Hotel and Resort

This is originally one of the first establishments around Ciater spring. The resort is homey and there are ton on fun things served only for guests. Not only pool filled with hot spring water, there are also outbound games for you or your kids to try.

Or, you can also opt for golf or horse riding. Or, you can try all of them, why not? This place is often packed during weekend so you’d better book in advance. This is located in Subang, West Java.

  • Sabda Alam Resort

This is a water theme park with hot spring water you can enjoy in any season. This is one of the most visited water park in Garut, West Java.

There are slider booms in various height and length you can try to boost your adrenaline. There is also pool for you to enjoy fish therapy. You can soak your feet in the pool then the fish will gather around to collect all dead skin cells from them.

The sensation is ticklish but you will enjoy it.

Types of 3 Bedroom Villa Seminyak You Will Need to Rent


There are many villa options you can actually rent in Bali located at one of the tourist center. For many member of larger groups of visitors or even more than two families, you may want to think about renting the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak.

Types of 3 bedroom villa Seminyak to rent

This kind of temporary property is perfect for those kind of travelers who are planning to explore Bali in a group. Spending holidays is not always about experiencing the comfort retreat in silent. Sometimes, getting people you have known for so long altogether and visiting Bali can make your days even more memorable.

The 3 bedroom villa Seminyak will truly be your own home-away family stay. To help you what kind of the villa you are going to need, I’ll give some of the important and useful criteria to be considered.

What kind of the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak you will need for your group?

When it comes to choose about the best accommodation which in this case is the 3 bedroom villa, then you have to considering about some of the important aspects that not only will make your stay as you have been expected before, but to get all the advantages that you may have not been thinking of.

1. Rent one with the private pool!

The first, it is important that among of all the amenities or facilities that the 3 bedroom villas at Seminyak had, you have to ensure that there will be at least a private pool. Even if swimming in a pool is not the thing you will need, the other members of your group may seeing it differently.

Villa with private pool will also add an extra space if there will be a small party with the group, as an interesting place to get breakfast in the morning before enjoy a cup of coffee, taking a rest while sunbathing besides the pool and many more you can do.

Renting the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak included with such water element will also add an aesthetic aspect to your accommodation and will be great to feel more comfortable stay in Bali with its hot weather and atmosphere.

2. Does your 3 bedroom villa Seminyak sited nearby the beach?

If there will be short words that can be describe Bali, one of that I will be suggested are; Tropical Breeze Islands. I am sure that it is also one of the reasons why people are keep on visiting the province.

No matter where you are going to visit in Bali, the tropical atmosphere won’t really the thing you can get rid off. Even, it will be better if you can embraces it. And you know what, the best place for that is the beach. Long white sand beach to be exact.

So that, you can also finds a 3 bedroom villa that is located moments to the beach by walking distance. Anyway, since Seminyak itself is one of the village with beaches, then it shouldn’t be hard to find your villa’s rental.

3. Think about the villa’s services and all the possible access you can get

All the accommodations surely come with services. Some of them are free for certain terms and conditions and some of them will be charged.

The needed villa’s services such as cleaning, babysitting for family with kids, car rental service and other fully staffed you have in mind. You have to think about that and ask the management if they have been provided or will be make them happen as you arrived.

So with the possible access you can get. Some of the 3 bedroom villas Seminyak are also have their own restaurants, bar or cafe, sport facilities (gym, yoga, etc), and many others.

It is better for you if the villa you are going to rent will gives you more services and access to some of the facilities that will only experienced by the villa’s guests or facilities with privilege access if there will be one. I mean, that will be great if most of them are included with the price you have been paid, right?

I hope this will help you to decide which is the better 3 bedroom villa Seminyak for your group to stay. If you finds it helpful, share this post right away. Thanks.

Must Try Foods When Visiting Bali Island


Bali is one of the most favorite place to go when it comes to vacation. This island of Gods has everything you need for memorable vacation. Natural beauty, sweet people, deep culture, and foods are amazing. That’s why it is like a must to visit Bali from wherever you are at least once in your life to truly experience the real vacation. Aside from the culture and amazing places to visit, Bali also has delicious, authentic local dishes you should try. Travelling without trying the local foods is not complete. Foods are part of the local culture that you cannot only enjoy but learn about.

Must Try Foods When Visiting Bali Island


Foods you shouldn’t skip when visiting Bali


Enjoying local dishes is one of the perks of having s vacation. In Bali, there are many food stalls, simple diners, as well as high-end restaurant where you can enjoy various local dishes. If you are visiting Bli for the first time, food should be on your to-do list. Here are recommended authentic Balinese foods you wouldn’t regret trying:

  • Betutu is one of the most iconic Balinese dishes. It consists of a whole duck or chicken stuffed with traditional spices. It is usually wrapped in banana leaves and enveloped tight in banana trunk bark before it is buried or baked in a coal fire. It can take 6 to 7 hours before ready to serve. The texture of Betutu is juicy and rich with flavor. It is easy to separate the meat from the bone after being cooked for so long. It is often served with rice and Sambal Matah.
  • Jimbaran seafood

When you visit Bali, you must not skip Jimbaran as from your itinerary. This is one of the most favorite places to go because here you can enjoy the best seafood. Jimbaran seafood has been famous amongst tourist in Bali. There are many cafes and restaurant around Jimbaran Bay which serve grilled fresh caught seafood. They range from crabs, shrimps, clams, calamari, lobsters, and wide variety of fish. Every café usually has secret recipe of barbeque sauce and condiments in a form of Sambal Seafood Jimbaran Style.

  • Babi Guling is another authentic local dish from Bali. However, it is not for Muslim travelers. Thus, make sure to ask what you are going to eat in Bali beforehand. This is a dish conceited of spit-roast pig stuffed with mixes of rice and vegetables. It is then slowly rolled over a coal fire. That’s why the name ‘guling’ means to roll. The meat is tender and juicy along with crispy skins. You can find dish dishes in almost every restaurant in Bali.
  • Lawar is a dish consist of mix containing chopped meat,, vegetables, grated coconut and some spices. In some areas in Bali, Lawar is prepared using fresh blood mixed with the spices and meat to strengthen the flavor. There are two types of Lawar. They are white and red. The red Lawar is the one with fresh blood mixed and white Lawar is without. You can choose the one of them or both to try.


Overcoming Fear of Sailing in Komodo Cruise: A Personal Journey


To be honest, I wasn’t appealed by Komodo cruise when I first heard about them.

Before Komodo, the idea of travelling with boat has never been on the top of my list. I don’t really like being swayed by the waves—though it may sounds romantic for other people. While travelling awhile back in Bali, we made a short day trip to Nusa Penida which we did by small ferry boat. Crossing the strait was like a trip to hell. The boat was constantly swayed to right and left, the deck was cramped with people and stiff chairs, and the air was not circulated properly. I went to the back seat; part of the ferry just before the stern. The only part where we can sit in an open setting. Though I needed to endure splashes of salt water from the propeller (and got wet a little), at least I get fresh air to ease the nausea a little. Not a very pleasant experience, I tell you. Needless to say, I got traumatised. I even still feel the nausea when I wrote this.

But then I heard of Komodo. I keep seing fellow traveler posts beautiful birds eye view of yellowish hills with deep curved bays (which later I know as Padar Island, one of traveler’s fave in Komodo), providing a high contrast to the bright blue sea in the surrounding. As if it was a universe conspiration, my Pinterest wall and Instagram feeds were constantly flooded by charming shots of golden hills, rosy tinted beaches (another Komodo’s main destination), scaly and ferocious dragons, jagged brown hills, and loads of aquamarine ocean that were too appealing to be ignored. Amidst the horde of Komodo’s natural beauty, travelers were busy sharing their leisure time in their Komodo cruise. They seems so happy to have relaxing sunbathing in the deck, and actually enjoying the scenery. Before I know it, I was deeply hooked. 

Overcoming Fear of Sailing in Komodo Cruise: A Personal Journey
Padar Island of Komodo that first hooked my soul

Torn Apart: to Go or Not to Go

But here was the problem. To have a trip to Komodo, I need to hop into liveaboard. And that’s not just a one-to-two hours boat trip, but a three day trip! While my heart longs for this far-flung paradise, my head kept replaying our terrible trip with ferry back in Bali. Can I stand the nausea? Will I really enjoy my time in the sea? Do I really want this trip?

Until one day, I made the decision. A decision that forever change my soul.

Finally, A Cruiser Convert

Unlike my previous trip to Nusa Penida, this time I got bae on my back. He kept reassuring me that everything will be okay, that Komodo cruise was far more enjoyable than a fast boat ferries. This time, I take seasickness tablets wit me. The next thing I know, we have booked slots for two people on Ocean Pure, one of the best Komodo cruise recommended by our friend.

My Komodo Cruise was Not That Bad

In fact, it was so good that now I’m considering a trip to Raja Ampat, Papua.

So, I was still lingering in fear up to the moment when we were just about to see our liveaboard. It was when the liveaboard really sail that I realised I was okay. I didn’t want to throw up. I didn’t feel the seasickness. Maybe that’s due to the cruise’s body that were physically bigger than the ferry. Or maybe that was due to our captain’s skills. Maybe…it was because of the amount of creature comfort available on the cruise. I even fell in love with the interior of our ship—the nautical vibe made calmed me and made everything felt exciting at the same time!

Overcoming Fear of Sailing in Komodo Cruise: A Personal Journey
View from indoor cabin, Ocean Pure

One thing I really love from the Komodo cruise is their lounges; both indoor and outdoor. The cushions were regularly cleaned, super comfortable to lie in, and actually made our leisure time enjoyable. For the first time in my sailing trip experience, I could actually enjoy watching the scenery. And oh boy, seeing rugged islands passed by without thinking about anything but admiring nature’s creation was truly a satisfying experience.

Other things I love from the liveaboard were the rooms. Here we have our private cabin where I can retreat to our comfy bed whenever the I got too nauseated or tired from the trip. Something I definitely couldn’t do back in the ferry. Overall, it was a very enjoyable voyage.

The trip itself was incredible. We got to see everything Komodo has to offer; the Komodo dragons, the Pink Beach, the fenomenal Padar Island, many wonderful dive sites, and other breathtaking places that would be my story for another day.

What to Expect of Traveling to Japan


Japan has become one of the most favorite travel destinations due to its distinctive culture and lifestyle. People are drawn to really experience what it feels like to be in Japan even for a while. Traveling to Japan also often leaves people with high expectation.

Expectation of visiting Japan

Japan has image that makes people has strong belief about what to expect when they arrive in the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan is unique country where the people still hold dearly the old culture but don’t hesitate to be familiar with technology.

In addition, the culture has made Japan established as one of the most desired food travel destinations in the world. Along with developed infrastructure and deep, old culture, Japan has become one of the busiest travel destinations.

Expectation of visiting Japan for the first time

You might have had your own picture about your expectation regarding to Japan and daily interaction between the local and tourists. Here are things you should know about traveling to Japan and what to expect from it.

First thing you have to know is just because they hold deeply their old culture doesn’t mean you would be an outcast from being a tourist. People won’t just stare at you and give you trouble.

You can go from one place to another and explore the city with ease. Japanese are polite, friendly, and a little bit straightforward. In fact, you will meet even friendlier elderly when you explore countryside. They often offer tourists a drink that you can gratefully accept.

However, you can just move on if you find a place is unwelcome or gives you weird feeling.

Language barrier is also something that most travelers are concerned for when it comes to spending time in Japan. Many people thought that Japanese is impenetrable language. However, it is not entirely true.

Most students and young people you can find in the city can speak basic English. In major towns, you can also read signs in English. If you explore to rural area, it might be hard to find people who can speak English. However, don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed because they are friendly and helpful.

With how technology has developed, you might think that every transaction can be done using only card. However, most small shops and restaurants in Japan only accept cash. Thus, you need to bring enough cash when exploring around the city.

Department stores and larger chain restaurants however normally accept payment by card.

Last thing I want to inform you is that unlike many other countries, the transport in Japan really runs on time. Besides, the passengers are mostly quiet. You can also rely on city maps transit to guide you to the right direction.

It may look confusing at first but you will get the hang of it in no time. However, you might get difficulty during ticketing. Just ask for help form the staff if you find it difficult to understand how the ticket machine works. Many of them can speak English.

It is also recommended to not get into a train during rush hour if you don’t want to be stuck in the crowd.

An Experience of How Internal Links Help My Site’s SEO


Talk about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the site and all the published contents, I think that will be hard to find an end. Bloggers and webmasters have their own opinions as well as the experiences. So that, I will only telling you my thoughts as well as sharing my experiences about it in its relation with the practicing of the better internal links in my own site. Internal linkings are the best simple practice for me and I am also keep on getting the good results from it.

I am neither a SEO expert, nor an amateur because I am simply build one or some blogs to share my writings on multiple topics covered. Through that writings and maintaining my blogs, I have learnt many things without any personal trainer or guru.

I am doing it my way and later I am experiencing things related to the Search Engine Optimization. That’s how I found out why internal links are my first useful SEO campaigns for all my blogs and I will keep on applying it on the days to come.

Internal links to improve site's SEO

The first that I found is that no matter how bad you are applied the internal links on your site, they still contributing to improve your SEO ranking either for the main domain or for the published contents or articles.

Some months ago on 2017, I was building a blog and published many articles in it. It was the multiple niche blog that are covering my life experiences and skills or knowledge that I am understand of. I don’t even have the internal links strategy to improve one or more Page Authority (PA). I have written about 200 words up to more than 1,000 words per article.

Some articles have only a few visitors and some are getting up to thousands readers that are coming from Google. There are no contextual backlinks as well that I have been built, nothing at all. So with commenting on other blogs or sites or sharing my articles on social media.

If I will count them all as the social media backlinks, there will only around 5 or 6 domains that are linking to my blog and you know that they don’t really worked as you needed.

But, when I was focusing on which articles that are performing best on search engines especially Google, I found that the articles are getting most of the internal links from the other articles on mu blog.

There is no tricks at all about how I was writing those articles with many visitors. I just simply written naturally as what my mind was telling me to type.

What is the internal link on a blog or site?

I might get you bored for a minute ahead. When it comes to talk about the definition of internal linking, I will only gives you the short description about it.

It is the link that you put on one page or article to another on the same site or domain. Internal link is the way to connects inter-pages where it is seems that you are suggesting to your readers that if they will click on the anchored text that has been filled with the link, then they will be directed to the new page or article.

As simple as that.

How to apply the internal link on your site

Since I will only talk about my experiences in getting benefits of internal links on my blog, then I may will have different practices with the others. But, I am pretty sure that there will be the sameness even though what I have done is not perfectly planned.

The first thing that I have been applied to my contents by using internal linking to improve my article’s SEO is that I was following the way of many online news are doing. Especially to create an internal link by simply write on the new paragraph like; “Read also: This is the title of another article with link.”

Most of the times, I am doing that until now for at least one internal link using that type of reading recommendation.

Many of internal links are also found to be placed that are inside the paragraph itself that are blended well with the sentences. And both of this practices are actually have been known by many.

The problem is that, we are too much paying attention to the SEO experts and services that keep on saying to us that we should always put only the relevant internal links into our contents. Guess what? I do not care at all about that.

No matter how irrelevant the internal links are, they can really help my articles to get better ranks on Google. And no matter how lack of knowledge, logic and experiences of myself, I keep on doing that until today and keep on getting increased the organic traffics to my blog and articles.

I did also put the relevant links if there will be one, but I don’t really care about them. The only thing I am cared of is that I am trying that each of my articles have their own internal links to connect each pages.

I think that there will be many that won’t agree with me in this, but who cares. I am finding that way works to my blog, so I keep on doing the same things over and over again. I have been doing that over the last 6 months or more and there’s nothing any problems at all.

For the results, most of my articles with many internal links will be easier to rank on Google. Even, most of them still on the first page of Google for months. No backlinks at all. Purely just published the contents that I have written and giving it the internal links from the older and new articles whether they will be relevant or not.

Internal link itself is also known as one of the important things to optimize your contents on search engines called as the On-Page SEO. And sometimes, you don’t even need to apply many strategies for your site to be ranked well on search engine. If you have been researched the keywords before using Google Keywords Planner or else and have been well written the content, sometimes you just need one single strategy to start optimize your site or pages. Just like the random internal links strategy that I have been proven that they are worked.

So that, open you site or blog now and see if there will be one or more contents that you are considered to be given the internal links from the other contents to help your site’s SEO to be better than before as I have been experienced.

If you need to build a strategy for that, simply focusing on contents that you are using them as your content marketing campaign or to the pages that you want to be ranked among the others.

You don’t have to follow what I have just told you if you are in doubt about what I am doing with my blog’s internal links. Or if the site you have to optimized is your business site, you’d better find the relevant services that are affordable for you just like the Bali SEO services or the ones that you have known and experienced of before.

But if the way that I just informed you will only be applied to your personal blog or even the dummy blogs that you want to build, it is no wrong if you are also doing it as I did.


What I have been done to my blogs may or may not have the same results as you get. But, since the internal links are the read recommendation for your readers or visitors, I think no matter how you are doing it will harm your site. I mean, as long as you are doing it naturally or don’t put too much links if only you’ve got an article contains of 500 words. Just put one internal link or two and three or even more if you especially have 2,000 words of article. Or just stick to the term of how natural the internal links will be.

How To Prevent Food Allergies While Traveling?


Travelling can be fun but it also opens many possible things including trigger your food allergies. There is high chance that you most likely have no idea what ingredients in your food served during your trip. Those who have food allergies often choose to stay at home to stay safe. Well, travelling is an option and everyone has the right to do it or not. However, food allergies shouldn’t limit or reduce happiness coming from travelling especially if it is what you like to do. What you need to do is not stop travelling but find a way to stay safe doing it even with your food allergies as your companion.

Food Allerty

Surviving food allergies while travelling

Many travelers who also have food allergies have proved that they can have fun during travelling and stay safe. Travelling with food allergies is not to be underestimated but it doesn’t mean you have to be so stress to think about it. Here are tips to survive from food allergies while travelling:

  • Make a research before going to your destination is the right thing to do. You can use apps on your phone to help you find safe things to eat or locate restaurants serving food for people with allergies.
  • Be more prepared before travelling. Some travelers may love spontaneous travel. However, it is not for travelers with food allergies. You should prepare everything you need related to your food allergies such as medication, first-aid kit, etc. Make sure to stock them in your bag before travelling so you can easily reach them in emergency.
  • If you are going to travel with friends, work mates, or families, make sure they are informed about your food allergies in advance. Therefore, it can prevent from unnecessary mishaps such as bringing you foods containing things that can trigger your allergies. Informing the will not make you look weak. Instead, they can help you just in case your allergies hit you during your trip.
  • Learn local language of your destination before. At least, you can learn simple words related to your food allergies such as what allergy is in the local language or what cashew in the local language is. Therefore, you can be more aware of what you are going to eat in your destination. You can also write a card saying about your food allergies in local language and show it to the server to inform the about your condition.
  • It is safer to bring your own snacks if you don’t want to deal with unknown snacks during your trip. Thus, you don’t have to wander around searching for snacks if your flight is delayed. Being ignorant of things you eat will only lead you to suffer.
  • It is highly advised to reach out to your airline in advance and let them informed about your food allergies. By speaking up, you can prevent from unnecessary mishaps. Airlines now are more versed in handling passengers with food allergies so you don’t hesitate to tell them about your condition.

Reasons Why Ubud Villas Become A Favorite Accommodation?


Ubud is a popular destination in the world, even since long ago. Local traditions, music, dance, and a natural rural atmosphere give the impression of Ubud as a place of calm and peace. Travelers no longer focus solely on tourist areas such as Kuta. Many tourists choose Ubud for a relaxing and refreshing vacation. Enjoying the morning in the middle of the rice field area may never be imagined before. This is one reason why many tourists, especially foreign tourists, are so fascinated with Ubud. Ubud villas become the main choice of tourists as perfect accommodation.

Ubud Villas

Ubud villas are mostly located in the vicinity of local housing which is still surrounded by rice fields. There is no loud or frenzied music that you usually see in Kuta, Seminyak and surrounding areas. Not surprisingly, Ubud is a growing place for yoga and meditation. Deciding to look for Ubud villas is the right thing. Entering the traveler choices destination, making Ubud a hidden paradise in Bali. There are other reasons why Ubud villas are a favorite accommodation for tourists.

Ubud Villas Surrounded by Culture and Tradition

Along your journey to reach Ubud villas, you will see many cultures and traditions that are still well preserved. The building in the form of “Pelinggih” at the intersection, or in the area of the house looks unique and religious. When you walk in the area of Ubud villas in the morning, you will see local residents offering prayers and offering offerings in the form of “Canang” for ancestral spirits or the gods. The aroma of incense brings peace of mind and helps you relax your brain.

Ubud Villas, Perfect For Yoga And Meditation

Decide Ubud villas as your accommodation, making you closer to nature. The calm and peaceful atmosphere perfects your holiday by doing yoga and meditation. There are many yoga and meditation facilities available in several villas. It’s easier for you to look for Ubud villas that also have regular yoga and meditation schedules. Healing the body and mind is one reason tourists prefer villas as accommodations.

Feel the Uniqueness of a Natural Village

If your vacation destination is far from modernization, then Ubud is the right place. You can look for the Ubud villas area which is intentionally built to preserve the uniqueness of the village. It might seem like going back to ancient times, but you will feel at home for a long time. Not even a few tourists fell in love with the atmosphere and uniqueness of the village in Ubud who decided not to return to their home countries.