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Serious Things to Consider on Komodo Sailing Trip

The rising fame of Komodo National Park enchants hundreds of worldwide tourist to explore the frontier every year. Sits in the edge Indonesia’s eastern borderline, the national park is the only place on earth where the last species of gigantic various Komodoensis, goes by its popular name Komodo Dragons, live in the wild. With its jagged volcanic islands and bright turquoise sea, the Komodo National Park recently took a seat on World’s Top Ten Destinations by National Geographic magazine, July 2017 edition. Another things that make Komodo even special is that you can’t just explore this gorgeous, isolated borderland by just walking. The national park is comprised of 20 islands spread in the Flores Sea. That means, if you want to explore each destination, you need to book a liveaboard boat and embark on Komodo sailing trip.

Yes, it’s a summer dream of many. And yes, you will absolutely be indulged in awe-inspiring sceneries, breathtaking savannah hills, idyllic beaches (one of them being pink), and lively marine wildlife. However, sailing trip comes with a lot of deals you need to take. Especially when you have never been into a sailing trip. Before you go, know the risks and how to encounter them.

Serious Things to Consider on Komodo Sailing Trip

Risks #1: Getting Seasick Throughout Komodo Sailing Trip

Some people cannot hop into a boat without getting their stomach contents go up to the throat. Getting seasick is absolutely one of the most terrible thing to have in Komodo sailing trip. It prevents you from enjoying the journey without needing to go to the nearest sink.

How to encounter: Ginger is widely known to relieve seasickness symptoms. Bring some gingers to brew with hot tea (it’s very comforting!) or have some ginger candies ready. Don’t forget to pack seasickness medication. Some people say that acupressure bands could help, so it’s worth a try!

Risks #2: Everything is A Bit Limited

Your Komodo boat might have the luxury of a starred hotel, but that doesn’t mean you can enjoy everything like you usually do on land. Fresh water, or example, is limited and you should be considerate on taking showers. Electricity is also an issue. It’s generated from the boat to power the engines, lights, instruments, freshwater pumps, and many other things. That means you need to be wise on all the charging and turning on the lamps.

How to encounter: You are sailing on remote destinations, so why don’t take this opportunity to totally unplug as well? Minimise the use of phones and laptops. Bring extra camera batteries that you’ve charged from home. Take a quick shower—enough to wash away impurities.

Risks #3: Lost of Signals

Each day in Komodo seems like a scene right from the Lost World. Everything is otherworldly and shines in nature’s best state. But something is missing when you can see the hair-rising wild Komodo Dragons or the stunning Komodo’s landscape from the top of Padar Island’s peak if you can’t share it right away with your followers. Going to Komodo sailing trip means you need to keep all awe-inspiring things to yourself—or at least until you’re back to the land. For millennial generation whose online community is a great part of their life, this could feel very frustrating.

How to encounter: Nothing you can do except forgetting the internet for a while and get immersed in the natural surroundings.

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Risks #4: Extreme Temperature during Komodo Sailing Trip

Even for local travelers who has spent all their life under tropical weather, the changes of temperature during Komodo sailing trip could pose a challenge, too. Structures of boats make it feel very hot and humid under the blazing sun. However, it could be very cold when the rain is hard and long.

How to encounter: Choose a Komodo liveaboard with air conditioning facility. When the day get very hot, stay in the indoor, air conditioned saloon to cool yourself. Minimise the use of AC/ fan in the cabin—remember to limit the use of electricity!

Recommended Travel Destination That Remind You of Fairytales

It is fun to travel by theme. For example, you can visit a travel destination to specifically enjoy the authentic foods of the local. Or, you can also travel to a place to learn more about the art. Thematic travel is not less exciting than luxury trip. This time, you can also choose a travel destination which remind you of a fairytale. The places that remind you of fairytales usually include castles, colorful villages, majestic scenery, magnificent mountains, and many more. The places usually look magical and out of the world. Travelling to places with magical vibe can make you feel like you are entering another world which gives new experience.

Magical destinations for fairytale travel

There are many places around the world with magical vibes. If you are tired of the same type of travel, you can consider fairytale travel instead. It can make you feel like you are pulled into different dimension. It is also a great experience to truly enjoy the trip with relax and comfortable atmosphere. So here are several recommended places that can remind you of fairytales:

The Isle of Sky, Scotland

The Isle of Skye - Magical destinations for fairytale travel

This can be your ultimate fairytale travel destination that should be included in your bucket list. If you are fairies enthusiast, this land will truly remind you of them because of its magical vibe. There are various spots you can visit such as the Fairy Pools, Dunvegan Castle, the Fairy Glen, the Old Man of Storr, and the magnificent Eilean Donan Castle. This is also a great travel destination where you can bring your lovers and even kids. The magical spots are there to welcome you.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia - Magical destinations for fairytale travel

This is where you can spot whimsical fairy chimneys as well as peculiar rock formations. Unique landforms are what attract the tourists most. When you land on this place, you will feel like you are entering different dimension because the landscape and the general vibe is out of world. Not to mention that you can also take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia to experience something more. Enjoying the scenery from above will put you in awe. It is like you are flying through the clouds.

Zhangjiajie, China

Zhangjiajie, Magical destinations for fairytale travel

This is where you can see one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. You can see pinnacles of sandstone rocks that stretches for miles. This place is magical and reminds you of scenery in a fairytale. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a great destination especially when you want to have healing moment by getting closer to the majestic nature. This place will also reminds you of animation movie, Avatar.


Bhutan - Magical destinations for fairytale travel

Bhutan is also highly recommended if you want to visit a whimsical place with magical vibe. There are many things that can remind you of fairytales such as small, quiet villages, majestic mountains, and of course breathtaking view of the landscapes. One of the best spots to visit is the Eagle’s Nest since this is a land of the thunder Dragon.



Travelling Ideas for Dance Lovers

Dancing is one of the most favorite things to do for most people. Even if it is not something you can do professionally, at least you enjoy dance performance because it is mesmerizing as well as entertaining. There are many types of dance in the world. Some people enroll in dance class professionally and some doing it for the sake of hobby. If you are more into those who like watching dance performance, might as well plan a trip to places where you can enjoy it the most. Travelling with dance as your main topic in your plan is great idea. It can be a little different from regular type of vacation you have but it is totally worth to try.

Recommended travel destinations for dance lovers

Dance performance can leave audience in awe because some moves may look out of imagination. Dancers use techniques to deliver great moves. That’s why watching dance performance can be one of the most memorable experiences you get during your travels. Here are several recommended places to visit where you can learn and enjoy dance more:

Indonesia – This is one the best countries if you want to learn traditional, authentic dances because every region has different dance. You can visit Bali to witness traditional dance such as Kecak, fire dance, and many more. Besides, there are many things you can explore when visiting Bali especially the rich culture and stunning Nature.

Greece and Spain – These countries are the best places for line dancing. This is fun dancing where even the unprofessional can join the crowd. This is favorite dance for beginners because they can learn some steps to truly enjoy the fun of the dance. There are plenty of dance holidays and festivals held in these countries where you get to see line dancing performed by professionals and amateurs.

Argentina – This is where you can learn more about Tango, one of popular dances in the world. The sexy and exotic dance is originated from Buenos Aires. Some hotels and other places often hold Tango dance performances. Do not hesitate to join the event. You can be the spectator of stunning performance or join the crowd.  

South Korea – Well, this is one of the best countries with rich pop culture. You might have heard about Kpop sensation where talented youngsters sing and dance exceptionally well. Come and visit South Korea and you will get to witness people dancing on the streets. Youngster often busking and show off their talents in singing as well as dancing to popular songs. Street performances are the best to enjoy when visiting this country especially in Seoul.

Brazil – This is where Samba is originated. Brazil is always linked to Samba. One of the best time to witness Samba is Rio Carnival. You will get to see people in various customs and perform Samba. You can even learn Samba in private during the carnivals. Or, you can also pay a visit to one of Samba schools and watch how the locals learning the dance.

Benefits of Having Travel Insurance

For those who travel quite often, it is highly recommended to buy travel insurance. However, those who don’t can also buy it if it is considered necessary. You see, there are also travelers who don’t really care about whether or not they have insurance to cover their travels. However, it is also easy tor egret it once something bad happens and they have to pay for a high cost. There are things can happen during your travels whether you like it or not because life works that way. There are things you can prevent but there are also inevitable. Insurance helps you to deal with the unexpected in many ways. 

Why you need travel insurance

There are many reasons why you need travel insurance. However, keep in mind that there are several types of coverage within travel insurance so you need to read and choose carefully. Therefore, the coverage you choose is what you really need. Here are benefits of travel insurance you need to know:

It is possible for you to cancel your trip due to unexpected situation such as getting sick, unexpected call to work, natural disaster at home, or parent dies. This situation is inevitable because it is not on your original plan. Who wants to get sick just before they are about to visit your bucket list especially when you have everything planned by booking and all. However, it won’t affect you much if you have travel cancelation coverage in your travel insurance because your out-of-pockets expenses will be recovered. 

It is also common for flight cancel to happen. If you travel a lot, you know this well. One of the most common factors of flight cancelation is bad weather such as tornadoes, storm, etc. This delays your travel and you need the right solution. You need new flight to transport you to your destination. You can get this problem solved by having travel insurance especially when you have trip interruption coverage. You will have refund to buy new ticket or to stay at hotel while waiting for the next flight. 

It is also highly possible for you to get injured or sick during your trip. You can make precautions to avoid getting sick or injured but something the inevitable happens. You need immediate medical care if you this thing happens during your trip. If you have travel insurance, especially travel medical coverage, you will get immediate assistant service. You won’t have to pay a huge medical bills as well. 

Lost baggage is also quite often when it comes to travelling. Or, it is also possible to have your baggage delayed to arrive. What about your necessities for travelling then? You won’t have to worry about this if you have travel insurance and buy coverage for delayed bags. They travel insurance staffs will help you settle well by recovering your bag and you will also reimbursed for essentials you need. There are other coverage you can also consider to cover the unexpected during travels. You can choose the one that fits your budget as well as travel tendencies. 

Scuba Diving Bali, Unforgettable Activity While Holiday

The secret to a successful vacation is planning well and ensuring your holiday destination. Some people may want to enjoy a luxury vacation while there is a purpose to enjoy the tranquility. When it comes to a hobby like diving, then your holiday destination turns into a challenging and extreme adventure. Spot scuba diving Bali is very popular and has become a world of conversation. The best diving spot in Bali is not the only one that is global but also the traditions, culture, natural scenery, and friendliness of the locals. This is the perfect combination when deciding to spend time off in Bali.

scuba diving bali

Exploring Scuba Diving Bali, A Piece of Heaven In Earth

The secrets of the underwater Bali are still many hidden and pure. Testimonials from world biologists and photographers recognize that the Island of the Gods is a must to explore scuba diving Bali. Infrastructure Bali has been very supportive of your vacation trip to the dive spot. Unfortunately, public transportation on this exotic island is inadequate. But there are many solutions to transportation problems, renting a motorbike or renting a car. Tourists are given a choice of the type of car, without or with a driver. For security, the choice of using a driver is perfect.

Professional and trusted dive operator services provide daily diving services, safari dives, training for beginner divers or training for professionals. There is homework before starting scuba diving Bali, namely contacting dive operators to make sure it meets your expectations. Amed, Tulamben, Nusa Penida is part of a piece of heaven as the best scuba diving in Bali. This is the reason why Bali is an irrevocable dive destination. Divers are invited to watch the appearance of sunfish at certain times of the year. You will also be invited to enjoy the wrecks of the remnants of World War II at night which are now become home to underwater species and have been filled with coral.

The island of the gods is not only surrounded by the best scuba diving Bali spots but also many Hindu temples that remind the teachings of achieving happiness in the world and the hereafter. You can breathe the fragrance of incense around the lodging area to be able to relax your mind. The uniqueness of Bali is unlimited because the uniqueness of the ceremonial tradition that they always do every 5 times a day is the main attraction for learning for tourists. There are also ancient temples in strategic locations to protect people from the dark.

Understand More About Travel Insurance

It is highly recommended to have travel insurance especially if you travel quite often. You can plan the trip all you want but sometimes you cannot avoid the inevitable. Sometimes, the unexpected happens such as baggage lost, delayed or canceled a flight, getting sick or injured, and many more. Something that happens out of your control can happen but you still need to find the best solution. It is travel insurance that can help you recover from experiencing the unexpected during your travels. However, there are various types of travel insurance and you need to choose wisely. 

What travel insurance can and cannot cover

Just like any other insurance, travel insurance cannot cover everything. Every travel insurance company may have different terms and policies regarding to this. Sometimes, travelers feel cheated when they failed to claim but what if it cannot be claimed due to something that cannot be covered in the first place? Thus, it is highly advised to read the terms and policies of every type of coverage you buy from the agent. 

Travel insurance can cover travel cancellation but they cannot cover cancellation for everything either. It usually depends on the cause of the cancellation. Travel insurances do cover travel cancellation and interruptions but if the reasons do matter. Every travel insurance company provide a list of covered reasons for travel cancellation or interruption. If your reason is not included in the list, you cannot claim it and get covered.

You need to pay attention on the list of exclusion travel insurance company have. Every travel plan and policy has a list of situation where coverage will not be provided or known as exclusions. Some of coverages most travel insurance plans exclude are pre-existing medical condition, cancelling the trip due to the change of mind, travel for medical treatment outside your own home country, high-risk sports (scuba diving, sky-diving, heli-skiing, bungee jumping, etc), losses due to military actions, and many more. Read the list that your travel insurance company gives you so you understand how the plan works. 

There are also pre-existing conditions that require special attention. It is a condition before you had insurance coverage. You can file a claim due to a medical condition. However, the travel insurance company has their own policy regarding this. They will look at your medical records before granting your claim. If your medical condition is due to the unknown and your previous record is clean for any indication of pre-existing condition then they will grant your claim. However, if it is found that you have pre-existing condition causing your current medical condition, your coverage will be denied automatically. 

Travel insurance is important but you need to choose carefully. It is highly recommended to choose travel insurance company with good reputation. It is also important to read through all the terms and policies before deciding what kind of insurance plans you want to buy. You don’t have to be in a rush in choosing the coverage. You don’t want your money to go to waste by buying a coverage that you don’t need. 

Places to Stay Away From When You’re Traveling

Traveling to the new destinations are providing us life’s knowledge and experiences. We can also see and enjoy the new things while there are always the chances to meet and make a friend with new people. But to be honest, NOT all the places at your travel destinations should be visited and they are even recommended to be avoided no matter how popular they are for some certain travelers.

Places to stay away from when you are in a traveling

There must be the reasons why you will do that. But mostly, all the places you need to stay away from are those that can make you spend more money than you have been planned, bad for your health, and can even put you in insecure situation.

  • You don’t need to be at the Red Light District and such places

We have to admit that s*x can be one of the interesting thing that the travelers have in mind. It could be the unforgettable and unique experience for man. Even, where there is the popular destination, there will be a big chance for that “pleasure” tourism to grow.

In other hands, what the Red Light District at Amsterdam and such places across the globe are offering is not healthy for both your body as well as your mental.

This kind of place is also the crime-prone one. Many people are drunk, you can also spend money on alcohol, and more negativity you can experience that you don’t want to be part of your travel stories. As if I am a saint for telling you this, but I think it won’t be an issue since what I am doing now is just reminding you that you deserve the other best travel experiences.

  • Don’t ever think to be in a casino

Gambling? Are you sure you want to enter a casino just to see what’s inside is looks alike? There are even casino where you have to pay just to enter and that will be the worst start to spend a lot of money on your traveling.

If you still think that holidays should be fun, peaceful and full of happiness, casino is only a temporary place for that. But I am afraid that when you have been inside, you will be find yourself in a sorrow when getting out of it. So, stay away from this place and building because it is not the exciting things you need in your trip.

  • Beaches with sharks and manta rays

While we have been knowing that sharks are dangerous, manta rays are also poisonous. If your travel destination is at the beach and you’d like to swimming around, you’d better find a safer place or spot for that. And it is better to know what’s going on at the beach at the time you are going there.

You are also not required to be the pretentious one and jump into the water because you are actually offering yourself to be the food for the dangerous animals. Keep in mind that you will also need to stay away from the poisonous jellyfish. Just get more information about the beach before you go to keep you secure.

  • The war-torn countries

It is clear why you don’t have to be in such countries. If you are not in interesting to help, then don’t make them as the places for your travel destinations. You are barely can’t have fun for God sake. Keep in mind that you should also know that the other alternative destinations are not also in an ongoing armed conflicts.

  • Travel destinations with nuclear radiation

So, what is actually you are looking for at where the nuclear bomb had been leaked and boom? If the past and history is not really your thing while you may don’t have better preparation plan, you should be at where you are belong and that will not be at the places where the nuclear radiation is still active.

One of the main rules in traveling is to keep yourself happy and safe while spending your holidays, so, you’s better avoid the above places and not do the other things that can make you insecure, sick, broke, etc.

Learn to Surf Holidays: Great Travel You Think You’ll Never Need

First question for you and many of us, to whom the surf holidays are? If you think that surfing is only for those who have high passionate about it alone, that will truly be a wrong thought we have been getting for so long. I am sure that everything is not for everyone and so does the surf holidays themselves. But, being in a learn to surf holidays trip is actually for many of us.

Learn to surf holidays is great as a travel idea

Learn to surf holidays is actually a great travel package. There have been many of the surf companies are offering that. It is basically a way to spend holidays through surfing activities while doing the other things as well. But the main thing you will be doing is that to find yourself being taught by the best and professional surf instructor.

And yes, it is a surf course for beginners, advanced level or even the professional surfers. That’s what the surf holidays is.

Why you will need to be in a learn to surf holidays?

As travelers, we are always have so many options on how to spend the holidays. Some people are experiencing their travel as usual, boring and can even be the worst one while some others are living it up to the best. But one thing many of us will be agree with me in this is we need to travel differently to experience the new things in life. In case you have been thinking before that learn to surf holidays is not what you are wishing for, you just don’t know how good and exciting it is for the others and could be for you too.

Even just by swimming around at the beach is actually has been a fun thing for many of us, how can’t it be more fun for you to be on a surfboard even though you are just totally a beginner? That’s why you will need to go on learn to surf holidays, there always a surf course for the beginners no matter how old or young you are.

Another important thing if you start your own learn to surf holidays today, the surfing skills you will get can be a chance for you to travel the world. There are so many different and unique surfing spots at anywhere in the globe you can visit and see how fun all the waves and breaks are treating you.

Instead of spending money on crazy parties (I know they are important for your trip), you have one of the best choices which is to have the surfing skills to practice on your holidays. Tell this information for your family ever since this travel idea is ideal for them, invite your friends to join in to have more fun together or even if you will go just by yourself, you will always have some excited and adventurous things await.

An ideal place you can go learn to surf holidays

Some beaches are great for the surf companies to operating and some aren’t. To start finding the surf company that can gives you the amazing travel experiences through the learn to surf holidays, there is an ideal and important place to go called as a surf camp.

If you have not been heard of it before, it is the surfing course for the travelers that will introduce you to a surfing world step by step while the lessons will let you to train and practice your surfing skills.

Surf camp is an ideal place for your learn to surf holidays since you will be on a good hands, all the instructors are professional and you will also have the chances to explore the travel destinations and attractions that are not even related to surfing. And that’s how your holidays can be the best one ever.

So, don’t you think that a learn to surf holidays can be the travel idea you will need to try no matter if you have been thinking that you’ll never needs it before?

Lazy Destinations to Travel

There must be times when you just feel like you want to snuggle in your warm blankets and stay at home without getting up. During those times, you don’t feel like going out or travel to new places. However, there must be times as well when you want to go somewhere even when you are felling lazy at the same time. Instead of wasting time and contemplating of what to do, why not visiting lazy places worth travelling for? Instead of choosing bustling travel destinations, you can choose the one that offers you serenity and a sense of home.

Recommended lazy destinations to travel

When you are feeling a little lazier than usual, don’t let it keep you from travelling around. Don’t be worried that you would lose your sleep over your travel destinations. You can still feed your laziness even when you are travelling in these great places:

  • Bali, Indonesia is one of the most wonderful places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. This is one of the busiest travel destinations yes. However, there are still places in Bali that you can explore and you can still maintain your lazy soul without being disturbed by the bustle of the city. This island offer many things especially the nature. You can just leisurely strolling down the rice field, secluded beaches, or serene temples.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark is a great place to visit for those who are feeling a little lazy but still want to explore the world. The locals are just wonderful and comfortable to be around with. The good vibes will let your lazy soul sated. You can spend hours in one of the coffee shops by reading and sipping your cappuccino. Or, you can also go biking when you feel a little more energetic. There are many interesting points you can enjoy such as The Tivoli Gardens or the Little Mermaid Statue.
  • Santorini, Greece is not unheard of among tourists. It is a great travel destination especially for those who are seeking serenity and wonder at the same time. This tropical place can sooth your lazy soul. The seas are relaxing yet adventurous at the same time. You can just enjoy your time soaking up the sun or skipping along the sidewalks surrounded by white houses.
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia is a great place to visit for lazy souls. Beautiful beaches are very welcoming and tempting. You don’t have to make detailed travel plan when you visit this beautiful place. You can just pack lightly and enjoy your time in one of the bungalows. Try living carefree during your time in Bora Bora and feed your lazy soul.
  • Burlington, Vermont is a great place for a quick road trip. You can head to the mountains and settled in to enjoy the scenery in front of you. Not to mention that you can also visit the farmer’s market to find the best breweries during summer. Or, you can just simply wander around the book stores, shops, and ice cream parlors to spend your lazy day.

Best Diving Places In Bali You Should Conquering At Night

Diving for some professionals is a pleasure. Or you are a beginner diver? Diving when the sun still shine look like it’s normal for divers but has it ever occurred to you to dive at night? Where is the best place to try night diving? There are many diving tourist destinations and one of them in Bali. The island of God with a million charms is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. There are many best diving places in Bali with thousands of unique sea creatures and beautiful coral.

best diving places in bali

Why should you try the best diving places in Bali at night?

What is noticed by a diver who will do dives at night? One of them is the condition of related spot sea currents. Night diving is more dangerous than when the sun is visible. Why? Imagine if you walk around your house at night, surely visibility around you would be very limited. Especially if you are diving night, limited visibility and cold sea water temperatures will be very dangerous, both in terms of health or safety.

The requirements for night dives do have to have certain diving certificates with many dive hours. How many dives do you, no matter whether it’s daytime, afternoon or evening determine the skill and buoyancy of divers. Conquering the best diving places in Bali at night is indeed a challenge especially for professional divers.

What needs to be prepared for night dives? A flashlight that is useful to help so that visibility under the sea is a little brighter. A diver must prepare 2 flashlights where 1 is to be used and 1 is in reserve. Diving equipment, of course, you can use your own or provide by a dive operator. Preparation of mental and body fit is clearly a major factor, especially when doing night dives.

For the safety of divers, don’t go too far with the instructor because you will never know what can happen when diving. One of the best diving places in Bali at night is Tulamben. Feeling a mystical atmosphere will be felt when approaching the USAT Liberty shipwreck. Usually, the instructor will provide information on underwater species that are active at night.

The result? Night diving is amazing. You can see underwater species that emit light and are very beautiful. If you are accustomed to diving in the morning, afternoon or evening, it will feel a striking difference with night dives. Night diving is also perfect for macro photographers. You will find perfect images of many night-time underwater species. If you only dream of seeing the beauty of fairytale, then dive in one of the best diving in Bali at night will take you to the fairytale world.