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How to Deal with Laundry during a Trip

Travelling is fun and all. It is not only because you can visit a place you have been dreaming of but also because you will experience many new things. However, doing laundry while travelling can be a hassle. However, sometimes it is better to do the laundry rather than packing too many clothes in your luggage. It means you can pack light because you don’t need to bring excessive clothes. You can wash the clothes and wear them again once it is clean. Besides, you can also return to your how without dealing with excessive laundry.

Dealing with your laundry during your trip

When you are planning to travel of a week or more, packing becomes more concerning because it means you need to pack more things to survive the length of the trip. You can pack many clothes with the risk of carrying heavy luggage. Or, you can pack light with a little bit inconvenience to do a tedious chore by doing laundry. However, it is more recommended to choose the latter. You can deal with the laundry if you know what to make it more efficient without wasting much of your vacation time.

There are various options of how to do the laundry while you are on a trip. Here are some options you can consider:

  • Choose an accommodation that offers self-service laundry option. There are various accommodation that offer this kind of service, be it campsite, villa, hostel, vacation home, or apartment. Those accommodation usually provide laundry facilities either for free or require small fee. They usually provide washing machine, and if you are lucky, they also provide a dryer. Using self-service laundry facility is one of the most convenient ways to deal with your laundry during a trip.
  • You can do your own laundry by hand-washing the items using bath tub or hotel sink. It is pretty simple. You just need to fill up the sink or bath tub with water, add some laundry soap, and hand-wash your dirty clothes. Then, hang them up over the shower to let them dry. This method is very convenient for small and thin clothing items such as socks, scarf, underwear, tank tops, etc. however, it may be a little difficult to use this method to larger and thick items since it will take longer to dry them. Thus, it is recommended to pack light clothing items. In addition, you can do the laundry in early morning or at night so there’s much time to dry them.
  • Another way to deal with the laundry during a trip is to use hotel service. Every hotel has this kind of service. Laundry service is one of basic service they offer to the guests. The service includes washing, drying, ironing, until folding the clothing items. Some of hotels even offer dry cleaning service. Just call the front desk to notice them that you are going to use their laundry service. The price for this service is varied from one hotel to another. Just ask the front desk for detail price beforehand.

The Wrong Activities That Can Disturb Your Fun Traveling

Do you know that your traveling can be disturbed if you do the wrong activities of traveling? Well, Traveling can also drain our energy. However, you still have to take care of your health while traveling so that you are satisfied, as well as a pleasant experience. Therefore, never do these 10 things!

Dehydrated while on an airplane

The air inside the plane is generally dry. If you travel on a plane with a duration of more than four hours, it’s good to routinely drink regular mineral water to maintain body temperature. Lack of water intake or dehydration can make you fall ill.

Drink too much coffee

Generally, travelers drink coffee so they can stay longer and sleep time becomes shorter. However, coffee turns out to contain high enough acid and will burden your stomach and liver performance if consumed too much.

Directly drink water using a hotel glass without rinsing it first

You never know how guests who previously stayed in a hotel room used the glass. You can also use the glass for a long time and be exposed to dust. So when you want to use the dining furniture, make sure to rinse it first until it’s clean.

Diet when traveling

Seriously do you want to diet when traveling? This is the time where you explore a country or city that you have never visited before. After all, a strict diet makes you powerless, even though you need extra energy.

Don’t take vitamins when your body isn’t fit

One of the things that can sustain your energy when traveling is taking vitamins. Vitamin C in tablet form is found in many pharmacies and is very helpful in maintaining your health. If you feel unwell, immediately take medication and take a longer rest.

Drink too much tap water

Even though tap water can indeed be drunk, no one can guarantee its cleanliness. It’s better to prevent your antibodies from going down, drink bottled water.

Not wearing sunblock while on the beach

You never know how stinging the sun is somewhere. Excessive sunlight and you receive it without any safety can make you dizzy, nauseous, even skin can burn. The easiest way to protect yourself is to use sunblock.

Forgot to bring regular medicines from home

Even though it’s only a common cold medicine, it’s better to provide what you usually use. If you go abroad, you never know whether it is compatible with local medicines. If you are also in treatment with medication, do not forget to finish well, so that your pain does not recur.

Continue to eat carelessly

Every now and then try foods that we don’t know, such as fried insects in China or other roadside specialties, of course, you can. However, don’t just consume street food. You also need a good intake.

The fun of traveling to lack of sleep

When traveling, the thing most travelers do is reduce hours of sleep, and even rarely sleep. Even though this is not very good and should not be applied. You must still have enough sleep, which is a minimum of six hours so that the body condition is always fit and vibrant when traveling.


Come on make your traveling activities always fun and memorable! Avoid those wrong activities of traveling!

Reasons Why Travelers Prefer Boutique Hotel Seminyak

Boutique hotel Seminyak has its own charm and lure. Some travelers swear by boutique hotels or resorts every time they vacationed. But what exactly is a boutique hotel? Boutique hotels are hotels that are typically smaller compared to chain hotels. These hotels often only have fewer numbers of rooms, typically less than one hundred. These can be in the form of either hotels and resorts—and they usually are so much more stylish and have unique features compared to the conventional big hotels.

Boutique Hotel Seminyak

Boutique hotel Seminyak provides a more intimate experience for guests

Seminyak is an upscale neighborhood in Bali. It’s where much of the expatriates live. In the past decade, Seminyak is growing to be one of the most popular tourist areas in Bali. It’s not a surprise that various chain hotels are starting to appear in the area. Boutique hotels are often highly personalized and in many cases, you may not even find two rooms that are exactly alike. This makes the boutique experience so much more personal and exclusive.

Since typically boutique hotels are small, they have fewer guests compared to the chain hotels. This makes your stay a quiet and peaceful one, the perfect atmosphere for a mental recharge. Boutique resorts are even more so, especially with the affordable luxury Bali is famous for. This small scale is so much better when it comes to offering quality services. In some cases, there are very few resorts or hotel guests that the staffs would easily remember your name, and not rarely, they’d remember things like your dining preferences and such. It’s those little bits that make a stay memorable.

Architecture, decor, and rooms with more personality

If you’ve chosen Seminyak as your home base in Bali, the excellent choice. Amongst the hustle and bustle of this tiny paradise island filled with saturated tourist spots, choosing a boutique hotel Seminyak for your accommodation is a breath of fresh air. The dining experience, the thoughtful decor, and every little detail are individualized. A boutique hotel is not your typical hotel stay.

Many boutique hotel Seminyak Bali has stylish architectures and even more gorgeous interior decor inside. As in many boutique hotels, the rooms are often so much more personalized. It provides a unique and far from the generic experience for travelers.

A sustainable point of view: you may contribute to the local economy

Unlike chain hotels that are often owned by big company names and certainly not locals. Staying at the big hotel chains would just benefit multi-billion companies. However, it is often not the case with boutique hotels. A lot of the boutique resorts and hotels, whether in Bali or in other areas of Indonesia, are family-owned. By staying at their boutique accommodation, you’re contributing directly to the people—the locals—who live there. This creates a much more direct impact on the economy of the place that you’re visiting.

Healthy Eating During Any Type of Travel

Eating healthy foods when travelling is a lot more challenging. It is easy to get distracted from healthy foods especially when you are too tired to look for it or you are faced with delicious-looking foods in front of you. Besides, lots of people think the same way when travelling. They think that it is fine to temporarily loosen up from healthy habits because they are on travel. They think they get back to healthy eating once they finish their trip. However, your trip can still be fun even without basking in too much unhealthy foods in the way. Eating healthy foods won’t lessen the fun of your trip. In fact, it will help you to stay fit throughout your journey that you can reduce the risk of getting sick.

Best strategies for healthy eating during travel

Jeopardize your health just because you want to make the most of your vacation is irresponsible especially when you are used to keep yourself in-check. Even though it seems challenging to stick with healthy eating habit, you can do just fine by using the right strategies. Here are some tips for you to try:

  • Before departing to your travel destination, it is highly recommended to stick to your healthy eating habits. However, it is also fine to give yourself some slacks by eating side items which are not so strictly healthy or unhealthy. This can be effective strategies for you to stay with healthy eating habits during travel. You won’t crave for unhealthy foods that much because during your pre-trip, you have allowed your body to taste some of them. Thus, you won’t feel too miserable when you look at greasy, unhealthy food when travelling.
  • It is recommended to book a hotel offering mini-fridge. Thus, you can store your own healthy food stocks during your trip. You can also book accommodation providing functional kitchen. Thus, you can prepare your own meal if you can’t find diner offering healthy dishes. You can go grocery shopping on your own and cook yourself delicious, healthy foods. This can be fun activity especially when you are travelling with friends or families.
  • Actually, it is not hard to find restaurants or local diner that promote healthy food options. There are also vegan restaurants in some travel destination. Thus, it is not hard to locate if you are willing to stick with your rule of healthy eating. The biggest enemy is the temptation itself. You can find the locations of those places offering healthy foods prior to your departure. Thus, you don’t have to waste your time searching for them when you arrive.

Basically, eating greasy or fatty foods during travel is fine. However, eating them excessively to the point you don’t have healthy food intake at all is disconcerting. It can put your health in jeopardy. Staying fit during travel will make it more memorable and fun because you don’t have to deal with potential sickness caused by eating random foods such as food poisoning, diarrhea, stomach bugs, etc.

Hammock Camping: The Basics of Setting Up Your Hammock

Hammock camping is getting more popular again as the winter chills melt into the beginning of spring. For some people, it’s time to plan or even prepare for their next hammocking adventure.

Finding attachment points for your hammock

You’re highly dependent on trees for your outdoor hammock camping. This is one of the most important first steps to your hammock camping. Choosing suitable trees for hammock camping is one of the concerns for the first-timers. And it’s a valid concern, as many people view hammocks as harmful to the trees.

Choosing the right trees to hang your hammock

Hammocks are low-impact camping activity and that the potential of damaging trees is actually minimum. Make sure that you chose trees that are healthy and sturdy. Thick tree diameters are preferable. If the trees bend even slightly because of your weight, then that means it’s a far cry from a suitable spot to hang your hammock. The trees that are suitable for hammock camping would not even budge even when you’re swinging on your hammock. Additionally, make sure that there are no dead branches above. Dead branches can fall anytime and may possibly harm you in the process. Make sure that there is no hazardous wildlife on your trees or around you. If they find your presence threatening, it’s not going to be pretty for you.  

Hammock Camping: The Basics of Setting Up Your Hammock

Don’t hang your hammock too tightly—loosen up!

A lot of first-timers think that getting the hammock as flat as possible is what they should do. This cannot be further from the truth. You need to hang your hammock loosely. Hammocks that are hung too tight would be very uncomfortable to sleep in. It would also give the attachment points, in many cases, the trees, to hold more weight that it should be when the hammock is setup loose.

Pick a tree-friendly strap to help protect the tree bark. Remember that you’re going camping to experience the outdoor—to get closer to nature. Causing harm to the tree bark because of human activities should be one of your first concerns when you’ve decided you’d like hammock camping.

For safety reasons, don’t hang your hammock too high

The folks over at the Ultimate Hang have put it well. For comparison, a chair-height above the ground from the bottom curve of your hammock would be ideal. If you’re hanging your hammock way too high up, it would make it so much more difficult for yourself (and the person you’re sharing your hammock with, if any). Getting up to your hammock should be effortless and getting down should not be a chore as well. moreover, even though the chance of falling is almost non-existent, if you do fall, the impact won’t be hazardous.

Get your hammock camping accessories ready

Some of the hammock camping accessories are among the most important components of hammock camping. Factor in those as well when setting up your hammock. Hang your tarp to protect you from the wind, sun, and rain. Hammock tarp is one of the most essential hammock camping accessories that you must bring. Bring a suitable hammock setup according to the seasons and your own needs.


How to Find Good Bars in Seminyak Bali

Making plans to head out to bars in Seminyak Bali is not as easy as it seems. With ton loads choices of bars packed alongside Jalan Raya Seminyak and the famous Petingenget, deciding a good bar would probably cost you an entire evening—unless you are a regular of one place. You will want the bar to be comfy, clean, safe, and friendly. You’ll want that everyone in the group can have a blast and enjoying the night out. Here, we have prepared some list to help you finding a good bar—either for a lone night or a group—in Seminyak, Bali.

How to Find Good Bars in Seminyak Bali

No Sticky Floor

If you come to a bar, you’d expect it to be clean. Especially if you come early in the evening and just looking for a chill. One thing you should notice the first time you head on a bar is the floor. They don’t have to be starkly clean—they just have to be clean and not sticky at all. If the floor is sticky, that’s a sure signs that you need to head back to the door. Cause who knows how clean they are with the drinking glasses.

There’s A Ton of Reviews Online

Some of the best bars in Seminyak Bali are so great with their quality and services that leaves impressive memory to their guests. The availability of (positive) online reviews is a quick indicator of a good bar. Perhaps they have great cocktails, unique theme, lively crowds, or blazing good musics.

Welcoming Staffs

When you were greeted like a guest coming to a party, you know you are coming to a good bar. Good vibes are contagious, and it all starts from the staffs. You don’t want to be in a bar where the staffs are grumpy and giving off awkward bad vibes. Unwelcoming bartender and staffs could be an indicator of poor management or horrible working condition, and you wouldn’t want to pick up on that. 

Enough Tables and Chairs to Relax

—and enough spaces for everyone to move. Sometimes a bar is just so popular that people are lining up to get inside and get checked by totalitarian guards, only to find themselves in a too jam-packed venue where even moving an arm is nearly impossible. This is the hard truth: a popular bar is not always a good bar. Most of the time, people flocks there just because their FOMO (fear of missing out). A good bar should allow you to talk, share, engage, dance, and overall enjoying yourself without being squeezed by hundreds of people.

Quality Drink and Fresh Fruits on Your Cocktails

Good bars in Seminyak Bali know that their drinks is the face of the establishment. After all, the final decision would fall on how good the drink is—even on a small humble bar. Look at the quality of the ingredients on your glass. The ice should be clear, the drink is not off-color, nothing looks odd, and the fruit garnish should be fresh. If you are ordering a juicy drink, the juice had better be real and fresh. You wouldn’t want to pay IDR 200K only to have sad, wrinkled, dried out fruit sitting on your cocktail.

What to Do to Relax Yourself at the Beach Before Sunsets?

Even if you do nothing at the beach, seeing the infinity water, white sand beach, coconut trees, are things that are magically can make our mind be relaxed. “Do nothing but get some things.” That’s how I will describe why spending time at the beach is recommended.

And it can also be the reason why many of us, as travelers, we keep on thinking and planning to visit the beach as one of the destination when the city or village got a beach. In the other hands, we have been realized that even a new beach can be the same as what we have been visited at the other places before.

If you are thinking about it, how many unique beaches you have been visited? For me, most of them have one common thing which is needs you to be more creative at there. You need to know and create things you will do at the beach. If not, as what I have told you on very first sentence on above, you can do nothing, but you can still enjoy your time. No regret.

Things to do at the beach before sunsets

What to do to relax at the beach before sunsets

Even though you are free not to do anything at the beach, you may want to know one or some things you can actually do to make your trip even better before sunsets. I choose that time since I am actually working nearby the beach and the best moment that I can see is at sunset. I have not been experienced the sunrise at this beach, so I thing I will only share some thoughts that have been experienced before. Surely I will try my best to help you maximize your time before the night and I don’t intend to add another extra troublesome for you. I’ll keep my tips to be fit for everyone.

  1. Lay your head down right on the sand! I don’t care about many things. All I know, doing this is making me feel better. The structure of sands seem to be the one that I need. Doing this won’t also make the clothes into dirt. I wonder why this happen. No matter how people are walking on the beach, you can still get your clothes clean even have been sleeping on the sand. But if you are the one who really care about your skin healthy or won’t get your hairs with many sand grains, feel free to get a beach blanket. Find a right spot for that and make sure the temperature is not so hot. Since the sun will sets very sooner, I think the sand will also getting cold slowly.
  2. Get a hammock if possible! I have been several times talking about the hammock in different posts, feel free to find them all. Just in case this will be your first visit in this blog, I have told the readers before that camping using hammock is a better idea. You just need to find a spot to setup the hammock and then start enjoying how beauty it is to watch the sun is setting.
  3. Look around you, there must be a restaurant! Doing nothing at the beach doesn’t mean that you are not deserves the fresh foods and drinks. Even just as simple as a cup of a coffee latte, that will be a great thing as long as you are in loves with the taste.
  4. Have a pet? Why don’t you invited him yet? Have you been seeing an image or a movie where people are playing around with pets at the beach at before sunsets? That is a great scene, right. You can also do the same thing if you have one. If you can’t walk your dog in the morning for the last few days, afternoon may be another best time for that.

Read also: Most Beautiful Beaches in Tasmania, Australia

Am i sure that all of the above things are enough? Surely, not. And they are not everything you can do. I myself still had the other activities where if i decided to write them all here, I think the page won’t even enough for my stories. Get realx and hope you can really enjoy your time at the beach before sunset.

Double Date in Bali? Get Luxury of 2 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak

This morning, I have seen a big promotional banner of Heineken saying that; “You can reschedule a date but you can’t reschedule a goal.” For a moment, I do agree with that but that surely will be a big bad news as well for couples who want to go to Bali in a double date schedule. So long, Heineken! A double date is better than you, that’s the goal. If you agree with me, another goal that I’d like to introduce you is the luxury of renting the 2 bedrooms villa at Seminyak area.

Double date in Bali and stay in luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak

Traveling in such a group, 2 falling in love couples in Bali can be great. Romantic atmosphere is actually can be felt on the air when thinking about it. Imagine a romantic diner, doing things together, 2 couples will be better than one, there will be enough crowd that can lives up the day while everyone is enjoying the at the world top destination. The wonderful Bali.

Double-date traveling will usually an idea of the two best friends or closer family members that have been married a bit long to spend the holidays. And each of couple will probably want to stay close together. Being days or even weeks in Bali for a double date things should be a great traveling idea as well as to live together. That’s why I am suggesting you the luxury 2 bedroom villa Seminyak that is perfect for that purpose along with the location benefits the couples can get.

Your main first question can be; why Seminyak than the other great places in Bali? First reason for that, there are not many villages in Bali with their own beaches. It is a coastal city. If there will be one common thing between Seminyak and Kuta, that will be the beach. Sadly, Kuta is not clean enough ever since there are plastic wastes here and there on the beach.

Knowing that, it won’t be a sin if you are imagining that the luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak you’re going to stay in is at the beach, closer to it, or perhaps within a walking distance? Yes, it is. You must be happy for that, right? Tell the other couples then about this good news.

Seminyak area is also has some interesting places for hanging out. You can get your fresh foods and drinks at the beach after sunset in a romantic diner up to the rooftop bar and cafe or restaurants. The amazing thing about is that, the crowd won’t even bothering you with that since there is no such disturbing distractions. Surely that there will be a noisy day, but I believe that you will need it and it is still can be tolerates.

Somehow, I have no idea why many people are staying there. You can even still finds a crowd at the beach after the midnight since there are some popular night clubs and also the beach clubs you can go. It may all of those are becoming the attractions for many travelers so do really enjoy their times at Seminyak. And you can experience what I have just told you, all of them around the luxury 2 bedroom villa at Seminyak. Your double date entertainment is actually closer than you think.

Why You Should Finds A Restaurant With A View

Certain restaurants, you visit for the food. Others, you visit for its unique interior design, instagrammable things, despite of the food. But, what if you can combine all the things together where the delicious foods are served and you can enjoy the moments while you are there? Don’t you think that a restaurant with a view and scene can a complete one?

Today, it is nothing new where the restaurants will not only serving the best foods and drinks ever. But are also build in a great location and well detailed design in purpose to attracting more customers. A restaurant with a view can be a place to taste the goodness while you can simply enjoy the “travel” itself.

restaurant with a view

The first reason for finding restaurant with a view is that it can even be a destination for food junkie. But even if you are a regular traveler, you are also possible to enjoy the leisure while eating out at the restaurant.

Waiting the foods until they are being served can be a boring thing. Sometimes, it feels like forever. But when the view is upon your eyes, when the restaurant got a scene or there is an attraction you can enjoy, you may are wishing that the waiting should be a little be more longer than before.

You have something that attracting your eyes and can even make you enjoy your time inside or outside. That will be a valuable thing to spend the time before eating at the restaurant. Besides that, if your spare time is quiet longer and you have nothing to do with that, you can even spend at least an hour and a half at the restaurant where you can enjoy a bit taste of traveling itself.

Sometimes, we are forgetting to think about this before where eating out at such beautiful restaurant can lives up our day because of the view and attraction you can do. Even if the restaurant itself will only consist of an unique main entrance, we have actually been surprised with that. What if the view is really beautiful while you are ordering your favourite foods?

Finding a restaurant with a view can also be included into your “things to do” list when you are traveling because it will also gives you experiences you may have never got before. It is making any sense that a restaurant can also be your travel destination. And ever since the destination itself is various, it should never always be the beaches, park with statues, or mountains. A restaurant can also be one of them.

Doing this, will also beneficial to spend the time around your resident without even leaving out to another town if you have a tight schedule but still needs to relax yourself while eating out.

Who would have known that you can be surprised by the mesmerising view at the new restaurant you have never visited before? By the beautiful view you enjoy at the restaurant, don’t you think that your foods can even be more tasteful?

A Better Camping Awaits You Using A Hammock, You’ll Loves It!

Camping may sounds like a childish traveling idea, but when you are using the better gears and accessories, you can even start your own journey to an adventure. Just like what the hammock is bringing, an open wild nature is ready to be explored. And hey, many of us have had our own childish things that can make us happy and feel comfortable. You should be thankful if you still had one.

A better camping idea is waiting for you using hammock

As we are usually trying to make every aspects of life to be the better and the best one, we are also trying to make every prestigious moments in a trip to be wonderful. Many times, we are requiring a luxury travel; the great itineraries as well as the luxury place to stay.

But today, I want bringing back what we may have been forgotten for so long which is making your shirt wet by your sweat and get your pants being littered by the mud or the wet soils in a camping trip. Surely that your shoes won’t be as clean as before too but you will enjoy those things in a better way you could imagine.

If until today you are only known about the 7 wonders of the world, you must have been realised that the earth and human have more than that. We are gifted by God where hammock is also a miracle made by hand through manual stitching before. Even until today, we can still finds many hand-made hammocks out there among those who have been producing by machines.

Camping where before will be included with some disturbing hassles, today it can even be more lighter in how we are experiencing it and how lightweight it is like literally. Giving yourself a hammock camping experience means that you can carry your own shelter along the way in a backpack and it will only as heavy as a pound.

You don’t even need to finds a guide how you will set it up or quiet big space and room to see how you will uses it since a hammock is an item that will only require less space and you can even uses in minutes. It is a little comfort shelter that you can build even under 5 or 10 minutes.

Another interesting thing about it is that you are possible to uses it indoor and outdoor. What do you think if you can even unwinding yourself inside your own bedroom? Those why that a better camping using hammock is possible for many of you.

A children of 5th grade can even try a hammock camping for himself up to the wildlife adventurers to see the world more widely.

You will only need to get your pretentious lifestyle off and open yourself to a new different journey to experience all the new possible beauty of nature in a camping trip. Have you ever thought before that when a hammock sets between trees, hanging on air can even better than sleeping in a luxury hotel? If you don’t believe me in that, then try it for yourself. It is not a challenging, I am suggesting you that you may feel better in something you are thinking that would an “out of your mind” idea.

Have you set yourself to be ready for a better camping using hammock? Let the world knows how’d you feel about it.