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Most Common Accidents and Injuries During Outdoor Travel

Outdoor travel is different from another trip involving indoor spaces. There are more hazards highly possible to encounter. However, outdoor travel is something fun and healthy. Lots of travelers get addicted to have outdoor travels to various destinations. There is different type of satisfaction after experiencing the wilderness of the nature. There are many possibilities something can go wrong but they can be dealt by having general safety measures. Avoiding hazards during outdoor travel is possible. However, the possibility of getting involved in accidents and suffered from injuries is still there. Nature is unpredictable more often than not. 

Accidents and injuries during outdoor travel

The risk of getting involved in accidents and getting injured is more possible when you choose to take an outdoor trip. Here are the most common accidents and injuries during outdoor trips you should be aware of so you can take proper precautions:

outdoor travel

Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness usually happens due to the rapid climbing to elevation beyond 8,000 feet. It may take several days to recover. However, you can ease the symptoms by taking the right drugs. Mountain sickness is common and sometimes is not as dangerous. However, it can develop to more serious problems such as high altitude pulmonary edema or high altitude cerebral edema. Those are life-threatening and transportation to lower altitude needs to be done immediately. 


Hypothermia happens when your core body temperature experience a fatal drop. It often happen when you take an outdoor trip during cold season such as winter or rainy season. Hypothermia may not kill you in an instant. However, it develops into bad condition such as irrationality, confusion,etc. Prevent hypothermia by wearing sufficient clothes especially during extreme weather and condition. 

Sodium deificiency

Sodium deficiency is common when during outdoor trip due to sweating. It potentially reduce the level of salt in your body. Prevent this problem by drinking plenty of water throughout your outdoor activities. Also grab salty snacks during your breaks to stay energized and fit.


Dehydration is very common as well. It can lead to more serious problems such as dizziness, loss of balance, lack of concentration, lose focus, etc. It is dangerous to let your body dehydrated for so long. Thus, always refill your body by drinking enough water. If the condition is extreme, drink more than 2 liters of water a day. It can also prevent from more dangerous condition such as heat exhaustion that can develop into heatstroke. 

Topical injuries

There are also topical injuries possibly happen during outdoor travel. During hot weather, the most common topical injuries including sunburn and burns. However, sunburn is also possible in cold condition. Frostbites are possible when your skin is exposed to extremely low temperature. Snow blindness is also common due to the exposure to the intense ultraviolet by sunlit snow. Another possible injury is laceration which is mostly caused by careless use of sharp equipment such as knives and axes, or direct contact with barbed wires, sharp rocks, etc. This can cause infection such as tetanus. To prevent from those possible injuries, wear adequate clothing and protecting gears. 

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Recommended Outdoor Spaces to Visit In Berlin

Berlin is such a great city you can choose for your next travel destination. This capital city of Germany has everything you need for a perfect vacation. Thus, you don’t have to even go anywhere in Germany to get memorable vacation. Berlin is a great space for outdoor trip. There are various outdoor spots you can visit to indulge your adventurous soul. Leafy squares, gardens, parks, as well as picturesque canals are there in Berlin to enjoy. Not to mention that national parks, mountain regions, as well as lake districts are also available to give you the best trip experience in Germany. 

Outdoor spaces in Berlin to explore during your visit

Berlin is a great place for you to spend for family vacation. It is relatively safe to have outdoor trips containing fun activities. Your kids will have fun exploring various places with great nature and fresh air. Here are recommended outdoor spaces in Berlin you can visit during your trip:

Tempelhofer Park is a great outdoor space. It was once an airport up until 2008. it was also Berlin Airlift infamous site before. The place holds historical value for German. it was once a runway and now it has become favorite place for hang out with family and friends. The park is often full of bikers, skateboarders, and roller-boarders. The green space is also lively where community gardens are taken place. It was favorite place for having a picnic with families. There are also arrival halls usually used to hold various events. 

Tiergarten is also highly recommended outdoor space in Berlin you should pay a visit. It was a royal hunting ground before. The name itself means animal garden. It is Berlin’s central park that is full of gardens, ponds and streams, lawns, as well as cultural attractions. One of the most popular cultural attractions is English Garden which is often to be the spot to host a jazz festival in summer. There are also Berlin’s zoo and aquarium you can explore more. Tiergarten is great to explore on foot or by bike. Best time to visit this outdoor space is afternoon. You can also stop by at the Cafe am Neueun See for coffee. 

Grunewald is another great outdoor space in Berlin that is truly captivating. You can call it a park but it looks more like a forest. It was situated a bit of countryside at Berlin’s western edge. The park is dense and lush which results in fresh air and beautiful scenery. There is also hunting lodge that resembles a castle which often host Christmas market. There are many spots to explore including several lakes you can swim especially during summer. Also, there is an outdoor contemporary art collection for you to learn more about the local culture. You can explore this outdoor space by hiking. Or, you can also take your bike along with empty basket you can fill in everything you find later such as fruits and flowers.

Keeping Your Kids Safe During Outdoor Trip

Spending time outdoor is good for your kids. There are many benefits they can gain from spending their time having outdoor activities especially during a vacation. It can make your kids happier, smarter, and less anxious. It is easier to improve the moods of your kids when they are in the outdoor spaces. Therefore, it is such a great idea to choose great nature for your travel destination. 

Keeping Your Kids Safe During Outdoor Trip

Keep your kids safe during outdoor trip

Doing outdoor activities can do wonder to your kids. It can help boost their confidence, promote imagination and creativity, as well as teach them responsibility. Not to mention that letting them too invested with modern technology devices or gadgets can cause them a brand drain. Thus, bringing them along to an outdoor trip can do them good. However, there are always risk of them getting hurt or injured. Instead of discourage them to do fun activities, you can make precautions to avoid severe injury, such as follow.

Basic First Aid

Learn basic of first aid so you can use the skill to give your kids first aid when needed. There are common possible dangers and illnesses caused by outdoor spaces you can learn first. Thus, make sure to prepare first aid kit that can help you handle those possible scenarios for the trip. 

Prepare Essentials for Kids

It is also important to prepare the right essentials for your kids. There are quite many of them including proper clothes, healthy snacks, and kid-friendly equipment for them to have fun. Make sure that everything is ready and safe for the to use. Always bring plenty of water to avoid your kids get dehydrated during the trip especially during a harsh weather. Always be ready to bring some changes of clothes just in case your kids get themselves cold or wet.  

Keeping Your Kids Safe During Outdoor Trip

Get Ready for the Weather

Keep in mind that weather can change unpredictable regardless of the forecast. Thus, you have to always be aware of your surroundings to check if there is a sign of weather change. The wind can pick up suddenly so if there are signs of storms or heavy rains, be ready to stop the activities. 

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Prepare Proper Footwear

Make sure your kids wear proper footwear because there are various hazards than can get them injured. Outdoor trip may involve them in quite strenuous activities such as trailing or hiking. Thus, they have to wear proper shoes for such activities to avoid the risk of getting injured. Make sure the shoes are comfortable to wear and car protect their feet from slips and falls.

Watch the Kiddos

Always keep your eyes on your kids all the time. It may make you feel like you enjoy the trip less. However, keeping eyes on your kids all the time doesn’t mean you are glued to them every single second. If your are going to let your older kids venture the nature, make sure to set some rules so they know the limits and expectations. You can also set up communication devices so you can stay in touch when your kids venture around the outdoor spaces.

Foolproof Way to Arrange Scuba Diving Holidays for Beginners!

Now you have mastered the basics of diving and the fun of discovering life in the deep blue sea. You cannot wait to put your newly acquired skills to actual adventure. As holiday is just lurking around the corner, you think that this might be the time to actually plan a scuba dive holiday. Of course, there will be tons of things to be done—after all, it’s going to be your first scuba diving holidays for beginners! With no prior knowledge on arranging a dive holiday, you can rely on our shortlist and use it as the skeleton plan for your divescape.

Foolproof Way to Arrange Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners!

Beginners on Scuba Diving Holidays

Yes, you are completely beginner and you are about to embark on full ocean exploration for the break. You are going to shop for appropriate gears, learn about regulations on dive gears luggage for the flight, looking for suitable dive location, arranging the boats for the dive trip and all, and keeping up with the safety procedures. All of them could be quite intimidating for first-timer, but it doesn’t have to be! Think of dive trip prep as an exciting planning rather than something dreadful. Just make a detailed list and take it light!

Picking Up Location

Foolproof Way to Arrange Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners!

When you just start on diving, you need to be picky on the dive sites. You need to be extra meticulous upon researching about the dive site. Go through details on the dive sites’ features. Is the visibility high? Does the depth in compliance with your dive certificate? What about the currents—is it too strong for your level? What kind of corals and marine animals you can see there? Do your homework and look up into recommendations of scuba diving holidays for beginners. You can choose which country you want to go according to the dive sites. 

Packing Up Dive Gears

Having basic dive gears for you is essential, but it doesn’t mean that you need to buy and bring everything to the dive trip. We recommend you to bring basic gears that’s totally personal. Consider to bring your own dive suits, mask, snorkel, and BCD with you. Those are gears that should fit perfectly on your body. Finding the perfect one in rental gear will be quite difficult. But you can always rent other general gears like fins, dive computer, weigh, surface markers buoy (SMB) and many others at dive centres in your destination.

Dive Safari vs Day Trip Diving

Which kind of scuba diving holidays for beginners you want to take? Do you want to embark on dive safari—sailing on dive boat for three or seven days full of dive trip? Or would you much prefer casual dive holiday in land based resort? Each offer uniqueness and advantages, so make sure to consider wisely!

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Joining A Dive Center

Foolproof Way to Arrange Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners!

Do you want to join a dive centre for the trip? We personally recommend joining a local dive centre for your first few scuba diving holidays for beginners. It’s like joining a guided tour, but only for the dives. They will help you pick and plan the dive sites, prepare the gears, take you to the dive sites, and arrange every little details you might not know yet. Like renting the motor boat, estimating the right time to commence the dive, and adjusting the gears. They will take a full hands-on on all the dive matters but still leave you on the rest of the day to do your own stuff. You can learn a lot from them during the dive trip! Who knows, maybe you can arrange a smooth independent dive holiday next time.

Shopping Recommendations When Visit Venice

Venice is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. Sometimes, it is considered as overrated travel destination. However, no one can deny that Venice has that magical vibe which make people want to pay a visit. Aside from riding a gondola throughout beautiful canals, there are more things you can do while you are in Venice. One of them is shopping. There are many unique things you can buy as souvenirs for your beloved ones at home. There are also many places you can explore to feed your shopping desire. 

Where to go shopping in Venice?

Venice is a beautiful city full of beautiful architecture. Not to mention that the city is full of cultural and historical values you can learn during your visit. This old city is also favorite for having a romantic getaway. It is said that the city can help create sparks between couples. However, this city is also a great place for shopping. Of course, you can also buy more affordable things instead of designer bags or clothes. Here are recommended places for shopping during your visit in Venice.

Ottica Carraro

Shopping Recommendations When Visit Venice

Ottica Carraro is a great place to find glass in beautiful colors and shapes. You can find various spectacle frames which can be bargain. What more special about it that those are handmade. The prices are relatively affordable which start at 95 euros. You can also order customize ones to fit your style or preference. You also don’t have to worry if you need a prescription glass. It can be made up in a day. There are about 12 shades of sunglasses that only take 20 minutes to complete. As fashionable city, choosing glasses as souvenirs or for your own eyewear is totally great idea when visit Venice.


Shopping Recommendations When Visit Venice

You must have heard about the women prison in Venice. It is located in on the island of Guidecca. The prison garden produces vegetables which are sold at the near market each week. The inmates there are also learn tailoring. You can buy their products in Banco Lotto no 10. It is a shop located in Castello. The prices are relatively cheap but the products made of quality fabrics. For your information, the design house of Fortuny is one of those who donate materials used for the inmates to tailor. You can buy various products such as bags or clothes that fit your style. Since the price is cheap, you can buy as many products as you want. 

Antico Dhogeria Mascari

Shopping Recommendations When Visit Venice

You can also visit he Rialto stalwart of Antico Dhogeria Mascari. It is where you can shop various things which are distinctively Venice. There are many things to buy started from herbs, spices, olive oils, to candied fruit. The staffs are friendly and they are always ready to help you choose what you need. You will find rare ingredients you cannot find in regular Venice’s gastronomic shops. You can buy every product in small, medium, to large boxes. If you are looking for Venice’s finest grappas, this is the right place to visit. 

What Does Surf Camp in Bali Looks Like

Surf camp, in its most basic definition, is a camp for surfers. It’s not actually camping as in a tent (though some accommodation offer “glamping—glamour camping” tent for surfers), but mostly like a dorm hotel infused with surf vibes and facilities. Surf camp is where surfers from any part of the world gather to sleep, learn surf together with certified instructor, and shares likeminded ideas. It’s one of the most fun and cost-efficient way to spend a surfing holiday. Here in Bali, surf camp is popular—though it fall to one of the niche of tourism industry. If you are thinking of having a surf holiday in this Island of Gods and stay at surf camp, here are some essential information you would want to know.

What Does Surf Camp in Bali Looks Like

Surf Camp in Bali Does Look Like A Villa

Yep. Aside from having surf board and other surf equipments, surf camp Bali typically looks like your regular holiday villa with modern rustic interior, lush gardens, and swimming pool. Of course, there are several options of rooms to choose. You could either choose private accommodation with king size bed, ensuite bathrooms, and private balcony, go for twin beds share room, or stay at four to six beds dorm.

However, you need to get extra thorough while choosing a surf camp in Bali, especially if you are looking through general online listing. Some regular villa label themselves as a surf camp just to attract more visitor, without actually provide appropriate surfing equipments. Always check whether they list surf board rental and certified surf instructor on their facility.

What Does Surf Camp in Bali Looks Like

Not As Much Choices As Spain or Portugal

Do not mistaken. Bali has ABUNDANT of accommodation. Hotel, villa, resort, dorm, you name it. But if you compare to Spain and Portugal where the surfing culture is more prominent, you might find less option of surf camp in Bali. As Portugal’s main attraction if the surfing itself, it’s not a wonder to find surfing-oriented accommodation blooms in the country. After all, you can say that surfing is one of the centre of Portugal’s mass tourism.

Bali, in the other side, is a popular destination for holiday in general. The island has so much to offer—tour to temples and ancient heritage, cultural excursion, beaches just for relax and fun, UNESCO worthy rice terraces, lush jungles adventures, and many others. In short, Bali has very wide range of attraction and more generic travelers who come to the island. Surfing tribes, while greatly influential, are just one slice of the bigger pie in Bali’s tourism industry.

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Some Surf School in Bali Has No Accommodation

What Does Surf Camp in Bali Looks Like

Be extra careful while choosing between surf school and surf camp in Bali. They could be different! While all surf camps are guaranteed to have bed and breakfast accommodation (plus additional yoga/ other classes in the package), some surf school stick to just that. These surf schools offer half to full day programme to learn surf without needing you to sleep at their premises. You can just stay at whichever hotel/ villa that you like and sign up for the program. This is perfect for a digital nomad that has settled in their own villa, someone who’s travelling with a non-surfer family/ companion, or someone who just want to give surfing a try.

Recommended Places To Eat In Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the largest cities in Indonesia with its iconic tourist charms. That’s why it has become one of the most visited travel destination especially among local travelers. There are many reasons why this place is such a perfect destination for your vacation plan. Surabaya has many interesting attractions rich in cultural and historical values. This is also a great place where you can find a perfect blend of diverse culture and tradition, as well as customs. And more importantly, Surabaya has many places you can visit to enjoy authentic, iconic delicacies. 

Food hunting in Surabaya

Food hunting is one of the to-do-list when you visit Surabaya. This city is a heaven for foodies. You can taste various foods from restaurants to street stalls. There are wide varieties of food choices in Surabaya. For Muslim travelers, it is not hard to find halal foods as well. Here are most popular places to enjoy delicious dishes in Surabaya:

Dream of Kahyangan Art Resto is unique because the place has eccentric fusion style to its decoration. The interior of this restaurant is filled with Chinese-Javanese inspired decorations. The are also many foods you can try including Sate Kamasutra, various seafood dishes, Guramin Pesona Sangkuriang, and more. This place is easy to get in since it is located in the heart of the city, precisely on Puri Widya Kencana Street. 

Bu Kris is a perfect place for food hunting since you will find variety of national delicacies. Not to mention that the prices of he foods are affordable. This restaurant has classic vibe, shown through the variety of foods as well as decoration of the interior. The atmosphere is also pleasant. You will also get to interact with the locals since this is one of the most popular place to eat between locals. 

Kodam Brawijaya Night Market is a perfect place for street food hunting. This place is also popular amongs the local youngsters. There are many vendors and stands offering variety of Indonesian street foods such as Bakso, Batagor, Siomay, and many more, there are also various local dishes such as Ayam Penyet, Nasi Goreng, Sate, and more. This place is open from 6pm to 9pm. This night market is located at Raden Wijaya Street. 

Boncafe restaurant is designed in European style. This is a great place to visit if you bring your families along to enjoy lunch or dinner. This place has relaxing vibe so it’s a great spot to visit after exhausting yourself with sightseeing all day long. You can enjoy your meals in one of the tables inside or opt for the table on the terrace. Western dishes are available such as steak, grilled chicken, spaghetti, and more. 

Atom Market is highly recommended place for food hunting and shopping. This market was established in 1972 and is considered one of the best shopping site in Surabaya. In this market, there is a large culinary center where you can sample various traditional foods from sweets, snacks to meals. This place is popular among both local and international tourists.

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

Indonesia is a great place for travelling. It is already famous among international travelers. One of the most recommended place to travel to is Malang, located in East Java. Malang is already a popular travel destination among locals. There are various aspects to learn for travelers, be it the historical significance, natural beauty, to unique urbanity. Malang is a complete package of travel destination worth visiting for. You can even bring your family and your kids have many options of attractions to visit.

Things to consider before visiting Malang, Indonesia

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

Malang is a great city to visit and relatively safe for traveling around even for solo female traveler. It is also relatively cheap for budget travelers. Accommodation, transportation, and tourist attractions are not hard to find. However, you still have to be prepared before visiting so you will feel more secured. 

When to Get There

The weather in Malang is relatively comfortable. Indonesia only has two seasons in a year so you won’t experience too extreme weather. It is highly recommended to visit during dry season instead of rainy season though so you won’t have to deal with wet clothes or dirty shoes when getting around the city. It is highly recommended to not visit during big holiday such as school holiday which is around June-August. Most of families spend their holiday getting around various tourists attractions so it is bound to happen for you to get in the crowd if you visit at those times. 

Where to Stay

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

As for accommodation, there are various options to choose for you to stay during your visit to Malang. However, hotels are the most recommended since they are easily spotted around the city. There are various styles of hotels such as those with colonial decor. If you visit more secluded area, you might also find hotels with traditional decoration involving Javanese authentic materials. 

Rare Transportation in the Airport

If you get to Malang by plane, keep in mind that public transportation is rare in the airport. The only available transportation is taxi. Therefore, you have to prepare your transport before visiting. You can hail a taxi or rent a car beforehand to get you to your destination from the airport. If you use travel agent, they might offer you airport pick-up service but you have to make sure of it beforehand. 

What to Eat

What To Prepare Before Travelling to Malang, Indonesia

For foods and drinks, they are not hard to get. Restaurants and cafes are scattered around the city so you can eat out anytime. There are also various options of foods to choose. You can choose traditional, authentic local dishes such as Ayam Goreng Kampung. The most recommended local dish to try is Bakso Malang. It is very popular that it is available in restaurants or street vendors. Also, there is Apel Malang (apples) with unique flavor you should try. 

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Bring Enough Cash

It is highly recommended to bring enough cash when getting around the city. You have to change your currency into Indonesian currency, Rupiah. If you are going to get around using public transportation such as Becak (pedicab) or Angkot, you need to bring enough small cash with you. 


Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

It’s only days before your long awaited sailing trips to the forgotten lands with Komodo Cruise. You are almost finish packing—you have prepared all the essentials. Sun hats, swimming suits, sunblocks, summer clothes, important documents, and all travel-sized toiletries. Only one last final packing, and you are ready to go. At least, that’s what you think. But do you? While you can’t live without the essentials, you might forget about these small but useful things that would make your life in the phinisi cruise more comfortable.

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

Outlet and Adapter

If you don’t live in Indonesia, you’re almost certainly using a different set of plugs than what they use here. Bring your adapter and best, another outlets for additional chargers. You know, most cabin in Komodo cruise only have one single outlet for electricity.

A Portable Fan, Cause Komodo Cruise Can Get Hot

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

Unless you are having a cabin with wraparound window (and pay more money for it) your cabin could get very hot. Sometimes you need more than air conditioner to keep you cool. We love to have a small, compact, battery powered fan to bring anywhere. Not only it can help us cool in non-air conditioned area like the open deck, it also helps air circulating better in the cabin.

A Small Scented Freshner

Here’s a secret you might not know yet in Komodo cruise. The bathrooms, ensuite or not, don’t have ventilation. Yes, you read it right. Not long after the ship sail, you’ll find it smell, well, funny. Having a small scented fresher to hang or small toilet spray really do the help. No more unpleasant bathroom trip!

A Beach Blanket for Excursion in Komodo Cruise

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

One thing that we love the most on Komodo cruise trip; the ultimate beach galore! Seriously, there are just too much beach too count in Komodo. The idyllic Pink Beach, stark-white beaches, the beach atoll on Snake Island and Taka Makassar, and many more. Having a beach blanket ready would be really helpful if you want to sit leisurely at the sandy shores. Not only it keep you off the sands, it also protect your skin. The sands can be very hot!

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Some Resealable Ziploc Bags

It’s one of the most helpful things made for travelling on the wet. With so much beach play, snorkel, and dive in Komodo, your stuffs could get easily wet. A resealable ziploc bags can help keeping your wallet and phone dry as you throw your wet clothes, towel, or swimming googles to the bag.

Waterproof Dry Bag

Small and Useful Things to Bring to Komodo Cruise

If you have travelled with diving liveaboard before, you know how handy a waterproof day bag is. Remember that sometimes you need to get down from the Komodo cruise and walk in the water before reaching the destination island. That’s when you’ll wish you bring a dry bag. Also, they are very useful to store quick-to-grab items such as googles, snorkel fins, flip flops, and hats in dive deck’s locker.

Recommended Places to Visit in Turkey

Travelling in Turkey can be your great experience. Despite of the issue of the safety, Turkey is relatively a safe travel destination. The majority of the neighborhoods in Turkey are safe and the locals are also welcoming. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your travel plan to Turkey. You can travel solo or with companions. The public facilities and transport are sufficient to keep you comfortable throughout your trip. Not to mentions that the foods are amazingly delicious with wide selections you can pick. 

Most recommended places to visit in Turkey

When deciding to go for a vacation, it is highly recommended to research the options of destinations no matter what country you are going to visit. You have to make sure you know the warning danger and threats of the place you are going to visit so you know what to expect and prepare. About Turkey, might as well consider these most recommended places due to its safety and attractions:

Istanbul – The capital city of Turkey is worth visiting for. It is a wonderful city you should totally visit if you choose Turkey for your next travel destination. There are many neighborhoods with unique vibe and characteristics to explore. You can head to Besiktas if you want to feel hipster vibe. It is a safe neighborhood. There are various bars and coffee shops with eccentric themes. You can also venture to Ortakoy to watch fishermen occupying the riverfront in search of fresh catch. As for the major attraction, it is located in Sultanahmet. You will find Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Grand Bazaar. 

Cappadocia – This can be considered as the highlight in Turkey tourism. What you will enjoy is the beautiful landscapes. It can make you feel like you are entering different universe. One of the most favorite things in Cappadocia is the hot air balloon ride. You can also take more adventurous activities such as hiking up the scenic trails. There are also underground cities you can venture over to. If you are into photography, explore the silk-road architecture and take pictures of the neighborhood framed in beautiful design. Cappadocia is also highly recommended for solo female traveler because it is safe. The locals here are already accustomed to tourists wandering around the neighborhood. You can also book one of the hotels in Cappadocia for your accommodation to feel more secured.

Izmir – This is a great city to explore when you visit Turkey. It is not as popular as Cappadocia but it’s worth a visit. The best way to enjoy this place is to venture over to the markets. There are tea rooms, clothing stores, and food stands you can explore. Not to mention that you will also enjoy the coastal views. You can explore the beautiful beaches. If you want to visit Ephesus and Pamukkale, it is best to book a travel tour so you can get there safely. However, Izmir itself is already wonderful to explore that you won’t miss a thing. Try various foods selection to complete your journey in Izmir.