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5 Tips to Explore Papua Diving at Night

Have you visited Papua?  Papua has unlimited exceptional nature wealth consisting of rainforests, fabulous beaches, extensive swamp areas, and dry savanna, making Papua the wealthiest island in Indonesia. It also becomes the paradise of the richest marine biodiversity. As you would expect, snorkeling and sailing are popular water activities here. Still, it is diving that is the real star of this island. Papua is always a favorite destination for the dive enthusiast, with hundreds of best dive sites spread across uninhabited and inhabited areas. One of the best diving destinations in Papua is Raja Ampat. Papua diving offers you to see different types of sharks, manta rays, and colorful fish. But, have you ever tried night diving? Everything looks significantly different when you dive. Night diving is one of those things that are enchanting and frightening at the same time. Here are some tips before you enjoy night diving.

Papua diving

Equipment for Papua diving at night

First, you have to set up all of your dive equipment during the day to ensure that you will not forget anything. You need to use diving lights with long battery life. Dive lights are essential for seeing where you’re going at night. The only significant light you will find on your night dive is that which you create. Light also helps your communication underwater. Don’t forget to bring your bright light when Papua diving, and you need a second as back up in the event of a loss of your primary light. Remember never dive with just one light. There are several factors that must be considered when picking a light, such as battery, strength, and beam.

Select a dive site familiar to you

Exploring night dive is usually not far from your boat. You need to ask for information from the dive crew to know the location of the night dive. Make sure you book to do the dives in the day time. Doing the diving in the daytime will help you explore at night since a familiar location makes navigation easier.  Of course, you will have plenty of time to explore the beauty at night.

Get a buddy

Getting a buddy is a must because it’s easy to get lost for night dive.  You should always be close together for a night dive.  Close with your buddy will give you mental support.

Signals on night Papua diving

You need to decide how to communicate underwater prior to entering the water with your buddy.  Communication of night diving is more complicated than day diving. You and your buddy should decide on hand signals before entering the water. Knowing the right signals are key to successful communication. You can use light to communicate with each other.  You can shine the light on your hands so your buddy can see what you want to say.  The second way, you can signal “yes” and “no” by moving your light up and down.

Papua Diving

Dive Slowly

Diving slowly and giving your eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness of the water. Don’t move too fast because you will not see much, and your dive will not be exciting. Take your time and go slow and feel the darkness; you will have a better chance of finding the beauty of underwater at night.

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5 Advantage of a Liveaboard Indonesia for Diving Holiday

Smart Tips For Best Trip Overseas

Travelling overseas can be quite scary for some people. You may also feel the mix between fear and excitement when having it for the first time. Travelling solo to foreign country can raise your level of anxiety. However, it is normal to feel that way. It doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the rest of the trip just because you feel terribly anxious int he beginning. As some tips from your friend who are experienced in travelling overseas. Or, you can watch some vlogs to stay excited and informed of the trip you are going to take.

Stay safe and happy during your trip overseas

Therefore, it is necessary to plan everything ahead so you can avoid unnecessary hassles such as forgetting your passport, wallet, or any other essentials. Beside planning and preparing big main essentials, you can also consider these travel hacks so your trip overseas will be safe, smooth, and exciting.

Bring universal power adaptor that you can for many types of electronics you are going to bring for the trip. You have to bring your phone, laptop, or other gadgets you find necessary. To pack and travel light, you can bring universal power adaptor to charge them. This type of power adaptor is easy to find and so affordable. Not to mention that it is relatively lightweight so it won’t add unnecessary weight to your luggage.

Carry your own reusable water bottle. In some countries, bottled waters are ridiculously expensive. You don’t want to save half of your budget for buying water. by packing your own bottle, you can refill it such as at the airport where there is always water fountain or drinking water station available. You can refill your bottle after passing through security check.

Download flight boarding app so you don’t have to keep checking the gate if it is the time to board or not. This can help you manage your time as well. If you know exactly when it not the time for you to move, you can relax in the bar while waiting without feeling anxious that you will miss your flight.

It is highly recommended to always have some money in your pocket. Do not put all your money in one place such as in your wallet. There is always a risk for your items to get lost during a trip. If you put everything in one place and get mugged, you will be left with nothing to save you. Carry at least one note in your in a conspicuous pocket for emergency purpose.

Put or attach something unique to your bag to make it easier for you to identify it. Having identical bag with other travelers is not uncommon. Thus, you can put a sticker or bright mark in noticeable place on your bag. So other travelers won’t mistaken it as theirs even if you have identical bags. Sometimes, switched bag happens accidently due to travelers experiencing severe fatigue from their travel. This simple trick can save you from this possible hassle.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Raja Ampat Diving

Raja Ampat Diving

Every bit of Raja Ampat is fantastic, so it is the best place for a holiday because far from the city, there is no blocking skyscrapers, concrete buildings, and busy highway. Raja Ampat provides the best mother nature experiences. You can see amazing landscapes like a tropical island, crystal blue water, and white sand that are spectacular and like no other. Raja Ampat is called first-class diving for an underwater lover because it is home to the most biodiverse various coral reef and an abundance of diverse marine life. Raja Ampat diving is genuinely unforgettable and offer once in a lifetime experience and not to be missed. You can relax and explore yourself with the gorgeous scenery as well as some of the best diving experiences on earth. Did you know that diving holidays are perfect for your body and mind? Here is some of the benefit of diving.

Raja Ampat diving can lower blood pressure

Raja Ampat is warm, but the water is still cooler than average body temperature. When diving into the water can cause a spike in blood pressure, it’s because the water is cooler than your body temperature. However, when you begin to swim, your body warms up to the ocean’s temperature, and then you need to breathe deeply and regularly, and your heart rate will slow. It will help lower your heart rate resulting in lower blood pressure.

Controlling your breath

One of the best benefits of Raja Ampat diving is learning to breathe slow and deep. During a dive, you need to control your breathing, which reduces the heart rate, and it will bring you diving with a sense of calm and focus. Stable breathing also benefits the body as you increase lung capacity and reduces the risk of a lung-expansion injury such as asthma.

Raja Ampat Diving for your flexibility

When you’re diving, you have the water’s resistance and the currents to contend with, and it will burn to abound 500 calories in one hour. Diving is a great way to improve your stamina and stay fit. It also helps you to train your core.

Stress relief

Raja Ampat diving is a source of relaxation and stress relief. When you are under the water, worries about your life seem to drift away. When your deep, calm breaths throughout a dive similar to the breathing we do while meditating. It will affect a state of calm.  Giving the body and mind a break gives your body a chance to get the nervous system back to a natural balance, and this contributes to a positive attitude and can prevent depression.


With the effects of water, the calmness of breathing, and the beauty of nature surrounding you, it’s impossible to be unhappy. Happiness correlates with your health. There might be nerves or adrenaline rushing around your body and gives you that feel-good feeling. Please note that happy people live longer.

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Underrated Destinations To Travel In Asia

Asia is one of the most popular travel destinations be it for leisure vacations or adventurous trips. There are many places with different charms you can go to. Popular travel destinations like Seoul, Bali, and Tokyo might be your bucket list. However, there is no harm in visiting underrated destinations instead. Even though travel industry has not fully recovered due to the pandemic, you can at least start your planning by choosing the places you want to visit after the pandemic ends. Asia has many hidden gems you can visit for a well-deserved vacation.

Hidden gems in Asia to visit

Yaeyama Islands, Japan are such underrated places to visit. They are both the southernmost and westernmost islands of Japan. The most interesting part of the islands are the coral reefs as well as beautiful sea creatures such as Dugongs and whales. The beaches are really stunning with crystal clear
water. It is also a perfect place for having water sports. You can enjoy this place without dealing with hustle and bustle of daily life. This is a place perfect for a peaceful retreat.

Koh Kood is located in Thailand and considered as hidden gem because it is not as crowded as any other tourist destinations int he country. It is such a hidden paradise of Thailand that you can consider to put in your bucket list. It is located 5 hours from Bangkok so it is a great place for peaceful getaway.
Bangkok is the busiest place in Thailand and if you don’t want to deal with the buzz, you can opt for Koh Kood instead.

Phong Na is a village located in Vietnam. It has been under the radar hence not many people know about its beauty. This place is a home to the largest caves in the world. This is the best for you who want to seek adventure in a charming place without having to be stuck in hustle and bustle of daily
life. Its meandering rivers and jungle-clad mountains are perfect to venture. Also, you have to check out Phong Na-ke Bang National Park which is located just nearby. Hiking and kayaking are perfect activities you can do during your exploration.

Wu Yuan is located in China and considered as most beautiful countryside in the country. Visiting China after the breakout of the pandemic might be scary for some people. However, you can include
this place in your bucket list because it is such a shame to skip this place. This place is home to 50 old villages. This is a place where you can also find unique ancient architecture in China that has been existed for over 1,000 years.

Mabul Island in Malaysia is such a hidden gem that worth a visit. Instead of Kuala Lumpur, you can opt for this place for a more relaxed vacation. This place is closed to Sipadan Island. This place is initially a small fishing village. You can find one of the rarest ecological species. The villages are charming with their swaying coconut trees and idyllic water villages.

5 Advantage of a Liveaboard Indonesia for Diving Holiday

Liveaboard indonesia; 5 Advantage of a Liveaboard Dive holiday

Raja Ampat is known as an exotic tropical paradise in Indonesia. Raja Ampat offers some of the world’s ultimate experience for underwater enthusiasts. Taking a diving holiday in Raja Ampat is an opportunity not to be missed for all divers levels. If you plan on a diving vacation, booking a dive vacation is an exciting but challenging affair. When to go? Where to go? Should it be a land-based trip or a liveaboard adventure? Some divers say you haven’t had a fantastic diving vacation until you have tried a liveaboard trip. A liveaboard Indonesia is simply a ship that will be your home for the duration of your holiday. It has recreational diving facilities allowing you to dive. Here are the top advantages of liveaboard holidays. The reasons below may convince you to consider booking one for your next dive vacation with liveaboard.

Always Close to a Diving Site

A Liveaboard does offer us the chance to focus on diving. You are always close to a diving site. It will take you to places to dive that might not be reachable otherwise. Diver has access to all the different diving areas to enjoy lots of varying diving areas. As you are only living downstairs from your playground, you can jump in sometimes up to 5 times a day.

Spend Less Time in Transit

Diving with liveaboard Indonesia is unforgettable, where the priority is to spend as much time in the water as possible. Land-based diving often means long journeys to your dive destination, followed by longboat rides out to the dive sites. On a liveaboard dive vacation, you wake up each day at the dive site and ready to go, so you can spend more time exploring underwater and less time traveling from a resort.

Socialize with Others Diver

One of the best things about liveaboard diving is giving you the chance to meet and spend your holiday with like-minded people that love diving and underwater just as much as you do. It is a benefit for solo travelers or single divers. Most of the divers make new friendships through diving. You will have a new dive buddy to share accommodation if you want to avoid paying a single supplement, share the ultimate experience with, talk about underwater, photography, and much more. Commonly in the evening, divers will share photos and exchange stories with other divers.

Liveaboard indonesia; 5 Advantage of a Liveaboard Dive holiday

All You Need is Ready with Liveaboard Indonesia

One of the most time-consuming parts while diving is usually gathering and setting up your equipment then having to carry it before a dive. However, you don’t need a long time for trekking back and forth on a liveaboard with all your gear in tow between a dive shop to a dive boat or shore side. All your dive gear will be sitting ready for you before each dive.

Everything is Organised with Liveaboard Indonesia

Planning a trip can be stressful. There’s a lot to do to make your dream trip a reality, from deciding on organizing your accommodation, choosing what to eat every day, and finding a good dive operator. A Papua liveaboard is an excellent option for discovering some of the fascinating sights while you go on an unforgettable adventure with your team with liveaboards. All the crew will organize the itinerary and perform all the logistics for you. All you need to enjoy your holiday breaks to the fullest.

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Tourism in Indonesia: Dazzling, unspoiled beaches galore

Currently, tourism in Indonesia is managed by the Minister of Culture and Tourism. International tourist campaigns have been largely concentrated on the tropical destination aspect, with the white sand of the beaches and the imagination of blue sky as the image. Beach resorts and hotels were developed in some Indonesian islands, with the islands of Bali as the main destination. Cultural tourism is also an important part of the country’s tourism industry. The temples of Toraja, Prambanan and Borobudur, Yogyakarta and Minangkabau are known destinations for cultural tourism. Since Indonesia is well known for the appropriate beaches, here below you will find the beaches in Indonesia that are worth visiting all year round!

Pantai Derawan, Kalimantan

pantai derawan indonesia

This beach is located in the beautiful region of Derawan Island and has been designated as one of the most beautiful islands by UNESCO. This has been proven by CNN’s listing of the 100 best beaches in the world. Imagine, this beach which has very good accommodation is ranked 63rd out of 100 beaches in the world.

It is not wrong if you then visit this beach and make it your favorite vacation spot. The extraordinary excitement in this place is that tourists can swim with a group of turtles in a clear and cool sea. There are also rays that can be found on this beach.

Karimunjawa, Jawa Tengah

The Karimunjawa Islands, whose beaches are truly extraordinary, are among the resorts sought after by many people, both at home and abroad. In Karimunjawa, visitors can freely sunbathe on the beautiful white sand, fish, visit fishing villages or take a unique culinary tour of Karimunjawa around the beach.

Karimunjawa archipelago is located about 80 kilometers northwest of Jepara, is made up of 27 rocky islands in the Java Sea. Its population is around 8,000. Administratively, the archipelago is part of the Kabupaten of Jepara, in the Indonesian province of central Java.

Raja Ampat, Papua

In addition to Karimunjawa, which a lot of people talk about, Raja Ampat is another place that includes appalling. The advantage of tourism Raja Ampat has such a charming beauty that it is difficult to express it in words. The sunsets at Raja Ampat are an attraction which is favored by domestic and foreign tourists. In addition, the underwater life is so spectacular that even divers feel addicted to continuing to come and explore the nature of the sea at this location. The Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat (“the four kings”) is located near the northwest coast of New Guinea. It is made up of some 1,500 islands, often mountainous, the largest of which are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. The first three are located in the Pacific Ocean, Misool being in the Seram Sea. The Raja Ampat are a destination for scuba diving. The Raja Ampat archipelago contains many dive sites like Melissa’s Garden, Manta Sandy, Black Rock, Chichen Reef.

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Wood Furniture Yogyakarta Pros and Cons of Using Reclaimed Timber 

The surge of popularity in green living and sustainable building concepts has given rise to the preference towards reclaimed wood. For furniture Yogyakarta reclaimed wood certainly is not a novel concept, but both trend and awareness have made this type of furniture seem like a new hit. 

furniture yogyakarta

Furniture Yogyakarta using reclaimed wood 

A more sustainable option compared to new furniture, reclaimed wood as your home furniture yogyakarta can be an ideal. Aside from a good way to decrease the demand for new timber and hopefully decreases deforestation in the long run, reclaimed wood furniture is generally healthier as well. Most new furnitures are treated with chemicals that emit volatile chemical compounds (VCOs) into the air and into your living space, whereas used furniture have exhausted their vcos into the air – and health risks associated with it have greatly lessened, if not eliminated. 

Durable furniture that lasts a lifetime 

home furniture yogyakarta

Or more than a lifetime, when it concerns reclaimed wood. Because good furnitures should indeed be long-lasting that they make worthy heirloom pieces. Many kinds of furniture pieces made of reclaimed timber are often more durable than new ones. This is because a lot of reclaimed pieces come from trees that grow until they’ve reached their maximum growth – old-growth trees, compared to the virgin trees planted in forests for the purpose of being harvested. 

Cons of using reclaimed wood for your furniture 

interior furniture yogyakarta

While advantages of using reclaimed wood for your furniture Yogyakarta are certainly abundant, unfortunately, there are downsides of it that you’d need to carefully consider. These downsides can come from many factors surrounding the furniture buying itself. 

Sellers capitalizing on eco-friendly concept 

yogyakarta furniture manufacturers

Unfortunately for those who are looking for environmentally sustainable living, that label doesn’t come cheap. Many are capitalizing on this concept, eco-friendly becoming somewhat synonymous to the new luxury label. Companies offering reclaimed wood often don’t sell them at a cheaper price – it’s crazy when you think that those furniture are second-hand, yet sold at a price much higher than what you’d think possible. This can sometimes be a tricky situation, and it certainly makes this a less viable option than virgin wood. If you have a limited budget, consider this aspect carefully. 

The legitimacy of your furniture

Companies can make false or misleading claims about the furniture they’re selling. This is why finding trustworthy Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers is one of the most important things you should do in the initial stages of your furniture shopping. Research for certifications if there’s any that correlates to your furniture of choice. Ask your furniture suppliers for certifications. 

Home improvement & decor readings: French Style Living Room Design Like a Parisian

French Style Living Room Design Like a Parisian

The French country or French style living room as interior design of your home isn’t exactly shiny in the face of interior trend that steadily moves towards sleek lines and minimalism. But it’ll always have a place; the style has stood the test of time. The French is known for their architecture contribution as well, but what about interior?

french style living room

The charm of French style living room

French country style is a classic one that wouldn’t go out of style. It fell in and out of favor from time to time; but one thing for sure, it’s here to stay. The charm of French country style lies in the nostalgic feelings it provoke upon entering the room. One of the distinct characteristic is the curvy silhouette; the French isn’t afraid of utilizing curves to their advantages.

A French style living room is beyond just traditional littering your living room with traditional, vintage pieces; it’s how you use these pieces and understanding their charm. They said that you’ll have to design like a Parisian, but what does that even mean? French style certainly has its own allure; let’s take a few simple things as examples here.

Take advantage of vintage pieces

Vintage pieces are perfect to create a timeless atmosphere. Have several statement pieces to create a strong look; a vintage chandelier, vintage lamp table, grandfather’s chair, classic mahogany bookshelves, or even showcase a piece of a grandfather’s clock. The presence of these items are bold and they make a strong statement on styling a French style living room.

vintage living room furniture

A favorite of us when designing a French style living room is the Victorian style chaise lounge sofa combined with the grandfather’s chair; they instantly transform a room into a middle of a Parisian apartment in the 18th century. You can also customize this with camelback sofa, then add in a vintage magazine holder made of solid hardwood to complete the look. A round mahogany round wine table is often a great addition to your main coffee table.

Classic pieces of furniture

living room furniture

What instantly transforms a space into a French style room? Bring on the French classic furniture! Having a French country style room means that you brave yourself to embrace the feminine curves and the timeless elements. If your French style living room is on an open floor plan that connects directly to your kitchen, take advantage of it and have a long dining table with the classic French chairs that show off the curves.

Imperfections are part of the charm

french country living room

Don’t try to have everything perfectly polished. There’s a reason why aged furnitures have their own fanbase. Look for furniture pieces in the flea market. You don’t have to look for expensive antiques; what matters is your style and preferences. In secondhand stores or flea markets, you’ll likely find good quality furniture without breaking the bank. And while you’re at it, shop for quirky living room furniture as well.

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Your living room doesn’t have to be perfect

Don’t stress over a desk that doesn’t match your coffee table. Styling a French style living room mean that you can work with what you have. Style a simple rumpled sheet instead of having a perfect fortress of pillows. The key is to create something chic with a simple trick that doesn’t overexert your effort. It’s a tricky balance that you could only achieve through practice. But take a page from the book of Parisian designers and learn their elegance in simplicity.

Best Destinations for Diving In Indonesia

Indonesia consists of thousands islands you can visit and explore to your heart content. Thus, water activities are encouraged when you visit Indonesia. There are many ways you can enjoy clear, beautiful waters in Indonesia. Diving is absolutely one of the most recommended. This way, you will get to see the real underwater world where there are so many diverse creatures living in. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands and only 13,000 are reported. The remaining 4,000 islands are still unnamed. Only 6,000 of islands are inhibited. Not to mention that Indonesia houses 25% of all fish species in the world. 

Recommended diving spots in Indonesia

Furthermore, diving during your visit in Indonesia is truly encourage especially if you love water activity for a trip. Here are most recommended spots for diving in Indonesia worth travelling for:

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat can be considered as the highly recommended diving spot in Indonesia. It is like the highlight of all. It is the archipelago of more than 1,500 small islands. There are more than 1,200 fish species living peacefully. Not to mention that this is where you will get to see the most beautiful coral reef biodiversity. It is because the location of Raja Ampat is found within The Coral Triangle including Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Malaysia, East Timor, and Solomon Island. You can even call it as the riches coral reef ecosystem on earth. During particular season, you can even get to see the rare whale sharks when diving. 

raja ampat diving

Komodo National Park

Komodo Island is popular place because of its beauty. It is the only habitat of Komodo Dragons. Giant lizard with deathly tongues and bites. Another attraction of this island is the diving spot. It is already popular among international, seasoned divers. Komodo Island is UNESCO World Heritage Site full of glorious coral reefs, deep walls, and pinnacles. Diving spot in this island has rough currents. Thus, it is more recommended for experienced, advanced divers. You may get the highest chance to meet manta rays especially if you visit between December to February. 

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Bali Island is like the icon of Indonesia tourism. It is a paradise for those who seek for enjoyable vacation. Bali island has everything you need for memorable trip. Aside from shopping and food hunting, Bali Island is recommended spot for diving. The access is very easy and the diving spots are available for beginner or advanced divers. The currents are pretty light and less intense so beginner divers can have their moments. Most recommended spots include Padang Bay, Amed, and Pulau Menjangan.


Wakatobi Island is also on the top list of recommended diving spot in Indonesia. This is the place where you get to enjoy the rich marine life. This is also great diving destination for beginner diverse due to less intense currents. Several recommended diving spot in Wakatobi Island include Kaledupa, Wangki, Tomea, and Binongki. Those have relatively gentle currents safe for inexperienced divers. Best time to dive in Wakatobi Island is from March to December. Beware of the peak season which is from April to May and September to November.

Most Common Accidents and Injuries During Outdoor Travel

Outdoor travel is different from another trip involving indoor spaces. There are more hazards highly possible to encounter. However, outdoor travel is something fun and healthy. Lots of travelers get addicted to have outdoor travels to various destinations. There is different type of satisfaction after experiencing the wilderness of the nature. There are many possibilities something can go wrong but they can be dealt by having general safety measures. Avoiding hazards during outdoor travel is possible. However, the possibility of getting involved in accidents and suffered from injuries is still there. Nature is unpredictable more often than not. 

Accidents and injuries during outdoor travel

The risk of getting involved in accidents and getting injured is more possible when you choose to take an outdoor trip. Here are the most common accidents and injuries during outdoor trips you should be aware of so you can take proper precautions:

outdoor travel

Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness usually happens due to the rapid climbing to elevation beyond 8,000 feet. It may take several days to recover. However, you can ease the symptoms by taking the right drugs. Mountain sickness is common and sometimes is not as dangerous. However, it can develop to more serious problems such as high altitude pulmonary edema or high altitude cerebral edema. Those are life-threatening and transportation to lower altitude needs to be done immediately. 


Hypothermia happens when your core body temperature experience a fatal drop. It often happen when you take an outdoor trip during cold season such as winter or rainy season. Hypothermia may not kill you in an instant. However, it develops into bad condition such as irrationality, confusion,etc. Prevent hypothermia by wearing sufficient clothes especially during extreme weather and condition. 

Sodium deificiency

Sodium deficiency is common when during outdoor trip due to sweating. It potentially reduce the level of salt in your body. Prevent this problem by drinking plenty of water throughout your outdoor activities. Also grab salty snacks during your breaks to stay energized and fit.


Dehydration is very common as well. It can lead to more serious problems such as dizziness, loss of balance, lack of concentration, lose focus, etc. It is dangerous to let your body dehydrated for so long. Thus, always refill your body by drinking enough water. If the condition is extreme, drink more than 2 liters of water a day. It can also prevent from more dangerous condition such as heat exhaustion that can develop into heatstroke. 

Topical injuries

There are also topical injuries possibly happen during outdoor travel. During hot weather, the most common topical injuries including sunburn and burns. However, sunburn is also possible in cold condition. Frostbites are possible when your skin is exposed to extremely low temperature. Snow blindness is also common due to the exposure to the intense ultraviolet by sunlit snow. Another possible injury is laceration which is mostly caused by careless use of sharp equipment such as knives and axes, or direct contact with barbed wires, sharp rocks, etc. This can cause infection such as tetanus. To prevent from those possible injuries, wear adequate clothing and protecting gears. 

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