How To Prevent Food Allergies While Traveling?


Travelling can be fun but it also opens many possible things including trigger your food allergies. There is high chance that you most likely have no idea what ingredients in your food served during your trip. Those who have food allergies often choose to stay at home to stay safe. Well, travelling is an option and everyone has the right to do it or not. However, food allergies shouldn’t limit or reduce happiness coming from travelling especially if it is what you like to do. What you need to do is not stop travelling but find a way to stay safe doing it even with your food allergies as your companion.

Food Allerty

Surviving food allergies while travelling

Many travelers who also have food allergies have proved that they can have fun during travelling and stay safe. Travelling with food allergies is not to be underestimated but it doesn’t mean you have to be so stress to think about it. Here are tips to survive from food allergies while travelling:

  • Make a research before going to your destination is the right thing to do. You can use apps on your phone to help you find safe things to eat or locate restaurants serving food for people with allergies.
  • Be more prepared before travelling. Some travelers may love spontaneous travel. However, it is not for travelers with food allergies. You should prepare everything you need related to your food allergies such as medication, first-aid kit, etc. Make sure to stock them in your bag before travelling so you can easily reach them in emergency.
  • If you are going to travel with friends, work mates, or families, make sure they are informed about your food allergies in advance. Therefore, it can prevent from unnecessary mishaps such as bringing you foods containing things that can trigger your allergies. Informing the will not make you look weak. Instead, they can help you just in case your allergies hit you during your trip.
  • Learn local language of your destination before. At least, you can learn simple words related to your food allergies such as what allergy is in the local language or what cashew in the local language is. Therefore, you can be more aware of what you are going to eat in your destination. You can also write a card saying about your food allergies in local language and show it to the server to inform the about your condition.
  • It is safer to bring your own snacks if you don’t want to deal with unknown snacks during your trip. Thus, you don’t have to wander around searching for snacks if your flight is delayed. Being ignorant of things you eat will only lead you to suffer.
  • It is highly advised to reach out to your airline in advance and let them informed about your food allergies. By speaking up, you can prevent from unnecessary mishaps. Airlines now are more versed in handling passengers with food allergies so you don’t hesitate to tell them about your condition.

Reasons Why Ubud Villas Become A Favorite Accommodation?


Ubud is a popular destination in the world, even since long ago. Local traditions, music, dance, and a natural rural atmosphere give the impression of Ubud as a place of calm and peace. Travelers no longer focus solely on tourist areas such as Kuta. Many tourists choose Ubud for a relaxing and refreshing vacation. Enjoying the morning in the middle of the rice field area may never be imagined before. This is one reason why many tourists, especially foreign tourists, are so fascinated with Ubud. Ubud villas become the main choice of tourists as perfect accommodation.

Ubud Villas

Ubud villas are mostly located in the vicinity of local housing which is still surrounded by rice fields. There is no loud or frenzied music that you usually see in Kuta, Seminyak and surrounding areas. Not surprisingly, Ubud is a growing place for yoga and meditation. Deciding to look for Ubud villas is the right thing. Entering the traveler choices destination, making Ubud a hidden paradise in Bali. There are other reasons why Ubud villas are a favorite accommodation for tourists.

Ubud Villas Surrounded by Culture and Tradition

Along your journey to reach Ubud villas, you will see many cultures and traditions that are still well preserved. The building in the form of “Pelinggih” at the intersection, or in the area of the house looks unique and religious. When you walk in the area of Ubud villas in the morning, you will see local residents offering prayers and offering offerings in the form of “Canang” for ancestral spirits or the gods. The aroma of incense brings peace of mind and helps you relax your brain.

Ubud Villas, Perfect For Yoga And Meditation

Decide Ubud villas as your accommodation, making you closer to nature. The calm and peaceful atmosphere perfects your holiday by doing yoga and meditation. There are many yoga and meditation facilities available in several villas. It’s easier for you to look for Ubud villas that also have regular yoga and meditation schedules. Healing the body and mind is one reason tourists prefer villas as accommodations.

Feel the Uniqueness of a Natural Village

If your vacation destination is far from modernization, then Ubud is the right place. You can look for the Ubud villas area which is intentionally built to preserve the uniqueness of the village. It might seem like going back to ancient times, but you will feel at home for a long time. Not even a few tourists fell in love with the atmosphere and uniqueness of the village in Ubud who decided not to return to their home countries.

Surprisingly Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations in The World


Travelling to luxury destination means you need to dig down deeper your wallet. You need to prepare your budget so that you can travel comfortable and safely. No matter what type of traveler you are, travelling to luxury place once in a while is like a dream. That is why lots of travelers are purposely saving their money so that they can afford to have a trip to more luxury destination for their next travel plan. Travelling to luxury destinations is so tempting because it offers extra-ness in various ways. It provides better facilities, amenities, and privileges. Of course, they come with extra money as well. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot truly have it.

List of affordable luxury travel destinations you may interested in

If you have a dream of having to travel to luxury destination then it is possible to do so. There are surprisingly luxury travel destinations in the world which are still affordable for budget travelers. keep in mind that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. You may find it hard to believe it so here are the lists:

  • Marfa, Texas is a great destination to have luxury travel with affordable price. Besides, this place is already popular among celebrities including Mathew McConaughey and Beyoncé. Marfa may not look as expensive as LA or New York. However it offers artsy place in the wild, Wild West. Thus, it gives you unique feeling. Dinner for two only cost around $38 USD. You can travel to this small desert city and go for shopping at Prada Marfa.
  • Osaka, Japan is a great destination if you want to have luxury travel. Japan is already famous for its high-technology invention in various areas. It is also a perfect place to enjoy food scene for food enthusiasts. Amongst many famous destinations in Japan, Osaka is one of the best places to go to. Besides, its location is near to other destinations that you can reach in one go. Dinner for two people can only cost around $35 USD. Current exchange rate is 1000 JYP for 9 USD.
  • Gaya Island, Sabah Malaysia is another exotic travel destination in Asia that fits perfectly for affordable luxury travel. It just sits off the coast of Kota Kinabalu. The island looks really fascinating that you feel like you are in Maldives. Dinner for two people in this city only cost around $12USD. The current exchange rate is 62 MYR for 15 USD. There are many things you can enjoy during your trip to Gaya Island such as exotic beach, coral reef, and wildlife sightings.
  • Sihanoukville, Cambodia is another gem in Asia which offers affordable luxury travel experience. The beaches and islands are what the most attractive things about this place. However, the casinos and resorts keep developing throughout the years, making great changes in the city. However, it still as lovely as it is. Besides, this luxury travel destination is affordable for budget travelers. You can get dinner for two people with $18 USD.

Leasing Property In Bali For Businesses


Everyone who comes to Bali doesn’t need much time to fall in love. Hospitality, culture, customs, climate, nature in Bali is very interesting. After completing the trip they planned to return to Bali. The returnees are mostly interested in doing business. Bali offers a variety of investments, ranging from property, restaurants, boutiques, guest houses and many others. Businesses in Bali specifically form offices, restaurants, bars, clubs or others need special spaces. Leasing property in Bali for foreigners is the only opportunity to do business.

Government regulation of property ownership on behalf of foreigners. Local residents are increasingly clever to take advantage of situations when foreigners have a high interest in doing business. They offer leasing property in Bali in different periods of time. For strategic locations, they usually offer a period of 15-25 years. When the lease period ends, the agreement will be renewed and continued as agreed by both parties.

Leasing property in Bali brings Bali’s economy better from year to year. The arrival of tourists and the interest of domestic or international business has increasingly brought economic changes to the local population of Bali. When tourists change their destination when they come to Bali for the second time, they will ensure that they get property leasing in Bali, both for the planned business and the need for a place to live.

Before deciding to seek leasing property in Bali, all foreigners must know the regulations, government regulations or local village regulations. In fact, it is not easy to live in Indonesia, especially Bali. Foreigners can get property leasing in Bali as long as they have a residence permit. There are many questions and find the right answers about law and property in Indonesia. This is right for avoiding beautiful dreams into your nightmare.

Is Leasing Property In Bali Only the Only Way to Do Business and Live in Bali

As long as you discuss anything, in reality, foreigners cannot change the facts. The fact that the Indonesian government prohibits property ownership on behalf of foreigners. Other ways? Many real estate agents involve second parties and must be Indonesian citizens to allow foreigners to own property.

Actually, there are many choices that allow foreigners to own property. This depends on what method foreigners will use with the help of real estate agents. They will help right, without you having to deal with legal issues. Turning your leasing property in Bali fover to a real estate agent is not the right way. After you have the strategic location you want, use construction or construction consulting service that has been recognized to apply for your property development permit process.

Travelling with Basic Economy Flight more Comfortably


There is no wrong of being budget traveler. Every traveler has their own principle over their way of travelling. If you are also budget travelers, you may have been familiar with basic economy flight. Actually, it is not only budget travelers who often deal with the perks of basic economy flight. Even when you are going for luxury travel, you might end up getting basic economy flight for a reason or two. The point is, you can still fly comfortably even if you happen to seat in basic economy class. It is not as horrible as you thought. Besides, basic economy can be advantageous if you travel frequently, especially on shorter flights.

Travelling with Basic Economy Flight more Comfortably

How to stay comfortable with basic economy flight


There are many things about travelling that can make you feel elated or down. One of them is when you have your flight. Some travelers choose business class to feel more comfortable during their flight. However, some travelers get basic economy out of choice or luck. Here are tips to make you stay comfortable even when you are in basic economy flight:

  • It is important for you to read the fine print of basic economy beforehand. Every airline may have different standard on it. By reading all the information about privileges you will gain by having basic economy, you will be more prepared of what to expect. In most airlines, basic economy means you get a seat in the main cabin, free snacks and soft drinks, and in-flight entertainment. However, it comes with some restrictions such as no access to overhead bins, your seats are assigned, no flight changes or refunds, no access to upgrade privileges.
  • To make you fly more comfortably, make sure to pack light. Remember that most basic economy restrict personal items. You may suffer from hefty surcharges if you over-pack. There is limited weigh requirement for basic economy fares. Thus, make sure to only pack what you need and pack light to avoid being charged.
  • As mentioned before that basic economy means your seat is assigned when check in. Thus, it is highly advised to check-in early. Thus, you will have greater chance to get window or aisle eat you wanted. The early you come, the greater the chance for you to be friendly with the gate agent so you can pick the seat from what it’s available.
  • Some airlines restrict in-flight entertainment for basic economy fares. Thus, you might as well prepare your own entertainment. Bring your tablet to keep you entertained especially during long haul flight. You can also board with water bottles and snack packs to keep you from hunger during your flight.
  • You can also splurge on a lounge day or massage at the airport. You can use the money you have saved from booking basic economy flight. Besides, many airports lounge offer various perks that you can take with you on the flight such as headphones, coffee, snacks, etc. Therefore, you can survive your basic economy flight and your trip won’t be so bad after all.


Worry About Komodo Island Tour Price? Do These Things!


Komodo National Park is a travel phenomenon these days. Pictures of surreal scenes featuring rich savannah, rocky mountains, fine ribbons of sugary beaches, and bright aquamarine water scattered around the internet, inviting anyone who see it to immediately book a ticket and embark on an exploration.

But here’s the problem. You don’t know how much Komodo island tour price will cost you and neither will your wallet allow it. The first thing you need to do is making budget arrangements and see how much it probably cost.

Worry About Komodo Island Tour Price? Do These Things!Look for Fixed Prices for Attraction

Since prices of accommodation and transportation can greatly varied, you should start with fixed prices to start budget accommodation. It means prices of things that’s not affected by the change if seasons, operator regulations, time, or other factors. Some of the things in Komodo that apply fixed prices are government-ruled National Park attraction, which include Komodo National Park’s one-day entry fees, park rangers one-trip fees, and other activities.

Here’s the list of price:

  • One-time only entry fee: Rp 150.000.000,- (around USD $100)
  • Trekking: Rp 5.000,-
  • Wildlife Observation: Rp 10.000,-
  • Scuba Diving: Rp 25.000,-
  • Snorkelling: Rp 25.000,-
  • Cano and other boat-related sport: Rp 25.000,-
  • Fishing: Rp 25.000,-
  • One-trip Park rangers fee: Rp 80.000,- per group/ trip

Note that this article was made on the end of 2018 and prices may change times later. Knowing the fixed prices of every attractions and planning which activities to do in advance will make easier budgeting.

Look for Options and Alternatives

You might have know that travelling to Komodo Island require a trip with liveaboard. Know that they are not just one, but plenty of liveaboard operating in Labuan Bajo, Komodo’s only port town. They come in various type and class, too. Low budget to mid=-range liveaboard usually cost around Rp 1,5 million to 3 million for three-day trip. Top-range and more luxurious boats are offered around 3 – 5 million per night for a cruise cabin, 6 – 8 million for master/ ensuite cabins, and up to 30 million if you want to rent the whole boat. If you have tight budget issues related to Komodo Island tour price but still want some comfort creature, narrow down your search to mid-range liveaboard. They usually offer the best deals.

Tighten Your Belt and Save Up!

By any way, Komodo is not a luxury destination. What make it expensive is the choice of accommodation—your hotel in Labuan Bajo and the liveaboard ships to sail around the National Park. If you think that sleeping in a foam and mattresses on an open deck is not for you, better prepare from now and put that money in the piggy bank. 

Travel in Shoulder Season for Cheaper Komodo Island Tour Price

If you worry that Komodo Island tour price will drain your bank account, try to wait up and travel in shoulder season. A lot of hotel and liveaboard operator in Komodo offer lower price if you choose to travel around January to May or September to the middle of December (the end of December is considered as high season)

Now, are you ready to take the adventure?

Multipurpose Tools You Will Need for Travelling Smoothly


Travelling smoothly must be a dream wish for everybody. Travel sometimes needs hectic preparation which makes you even more stressful than before.

Spontaneous travel is also tempting but it means there are more risks you may face during your trip due to lack of preparations. Thus, one of the best solutions is to bring multipurpose tools which can be your life saver during your trip. Just like the name, the tools serve multipurpose so that you don’t need to bring many things in your luggage.

Multipurpose tools for travelling

This is far more efficient and most savvy travellers use this trick for their travel to go smoothly.

Learn more about multipurpose tools for travelling

When it comes to multipurpose tools you need for travelling, it doesn’t have to be something fancy or expensive.

There are many affordable items you can find easily that do double duty or even more to your packing list. Thus, your trip will be less hassle. Here are some of them you can easily find in the nearest store:

  • Turkish towel is a multipurpose tool you will definitely need for travelling. Don’t get deceive by its simple look in a form of cotton wrap. It serves multipurpose due to its high absorbency. Another advantage is that it is lightweight so it won’t significantly add some weight to your bag. You can use it as a pillow when you are on the plane or use it as a blanket.
  • Next essential which serve multi-use is reusable plastic bag. You can find it in the nearest store. you can pack it in your suitcase or carry-on. You can use it to carry your snacks, transport wet clothing, hold bottles of breakable liquid, or corral your tech gear such as chargers, battery, headphones, etc. You can even use it to contain your dirty laundry. Stock up reusable plastic bags in different sizes so you can use it for your various needs.
  • Waterproof pouch is like a life saver for travelling. Even if your destination doesn’t have water, you will still need essential. This is used to keep your equipment dry such as handphone, camera, etc. This will be even more useful when you having a trip during rainy season. Besides, you can always use it to pack your toiletries so if there is any liquid spill, it won’t leak out.
  • Essential oil is also an essential which serve multipurpose. You can bring your favourite for your trip. You can use it to help you relax so you can sleep peacefully. Other purpose is to soothe bee or insect bites, moisturise your dry skin or lips, natural remedy for cold sore, antiseptic for cuts or scrapes, as well as perfume.
  • Antibacterial wipes are one of the most versatile essentials to bring for travelling. They are useful especially to save you from germs. You can use them to wipe tray table, armrest, etc. They are also great to help you removing makeup, as well as for toilet paper. It is recommended to pack extra of them.

What You Can Actually Do With Your Own Lightweight Hammock?


Lightweight hammock is barely everywhere. People are loving it even though they didn’t the travellers that occasionally going out there once in a while. We are using it as our own companion, more than just an item to sleep. We are bringing it when traveling and also adventuring. But even if you can only using it at home, then it is also better since we can also experience its comfort anywhere it is setup.

From a child to the grand father, jobless man or the executive businessman, girl or a boy, we are all have the same chance to use the lightweight hammock as we need and want. The only thing to consider is where you can affords one.

Things you can actually do with your own lightweight hammock

So, there is the main place I’d like to recommending you. It is called as the Ticket To The Moon, the lightweight hammock manufacturer based in Bali but have been serving all over the world for years since it has many distributors across the countries in all continents.

Once you have your own lightweight hammock, you may have some thoughts before. You may have arranged plans do will do them all once your hammock on your hands. But, what you can actually do with that and why you want do them with a hammock, not the other gears?

Things you can actually do with your lightweight hammock

I have listed some of the things, special things you can really actually do with the lightweight hammock. You can do them all at once if there will be possibility, doing it together with your best friends or alone, and you can do something that can only be done at the right place that suits with a hammock.

Keep in mind that what you are going to read is simply just my own personal thoughts, so you can also add or even get one out of the list if you don’t need that. Here are things you are possible to do by having your own lightweight hammock.

1. Make your lightweight hammock as your alternative bed

Without any single doubt! There’s nothing can stop you from using the lightweight hammock as your own bed. If it can be used as the sleeping tool while hanging, then what’s the different with the regular bed you’ve had in your room.

All I mean is just you may needs to experience the different way of sleeping even though I am sure that I have never been heard the healthy person before saying that sleeping can be so boring. Give yourself a new experience even if only as simple as changing the way you sleep with the lightweight hammock. Who knows it may benefits you more!?

2. Setup the lightweight hammock in another room of your home

Since you can use the hammock inside your bedroom, then what’s stopping you from not setting it up in another room. The main reason for that is you may need the different atmosphere and view when you want to take a rest.

You can also using it while watching TV or as one of the alternatives when you want to read your favourite book in comfort.

3. Start your own camping at your home’s backyard

If there will be someone asking you about the most one activity people are doing with the lightweight hammock, then the answer will be a camping. You are agree with me about this, aren’t you?

But, rather than going out for camping at the forest or far away place, you can start experiences it at the backyard of your home. I have simple little tips how you will really enjoy your backyard camping which are:

  • Invite your friends or even your children or younger brothers to make more fun.
  • Prepare the foods and drinks at outside, for example; barbecuing steaks. It may then feels like a small party.

The surround can also be a place for you to camp. Find a small park or garden and then setting up your lightweight hammock to start you camping.

4. Adventuring at the wild with the lightweight hammock

This point will also referring to the camping out there. But the different thing is that you may need to be well-prepared yourself. For example, you can experience an adventure by hiking the mountain. Before you can reaches its peak, you may need to find or make your own shelter to take a rest. That’s where a lightweight hammock will be helpful.

Sometimes, hiking itself can takes your times for the whole day and surely you won’t just walk up all day long, right?

The lightweight hammock mostly won’t be as heave as a kilo. It is also durable and can be used in any seasons. Imagine when you are at the mountain in the night, don’t you think that you will be safer while sleeping on the air between the trees? That’s why this is really important for your adventure.

5. Enjoy the sunset at the beach while hanging on lightweight hammock

Hammock is also usually often seen at the beaches. Many people are bringing their own that mainly the rope, Mayan and Mexican hammock. But, it doesn’t matter what type of lightweight hammock you have, when you brings it to the beach, you can even enjoy more than before.

Playing around at the beach can be exhausted. The sun is hot and you may still want to do the activities you love. Sunbathing can also be the interesting thing to do, but you may won’t do it along the day. What if you bring your own lightweight hammock and then find the trees where they are easier to grow at the beach and start setting up your shelter then take a rest?

Sounds like a great idea to me!

I am sure there may still some of the things you can do with your lightweight hammock and what I have been listed down on above are possible to experience if you want. Let me know if you have something that more interesting than what I have just told you.

Be Your Own Photographer When Traveling Without Companions


An important skill you learn as you travel? Photography! Well, learning to take pictures of objects and also of yourself is arguably one of the most valuable lessons for some. And while taking photos of your destinations may not be something that is extremely difficult to do in the first place; taking photos of yourself when you’re solo is hard. So how can you take better photos of yourself during your travels?

Work on being more comfortable in front of the camera

While people who take photos of themselves on a regular basis may not feel that this is the case, being comfortable in front of the camera actually takes practice. So how can you become more comfortable when taking pics of yourself? Well, take more pics of yourself! And often. Do it everyday even when you’re not traveling. It may be very embarrassing at first. But you’ll soon realize that other people do not care and won’t start to care because they have their very own thing to do instead of scrutinizing you taking pics of yourself. Unless you get in their way, of course. So make sure to take pics of yourself as often as you can.

Learn to pose

How to make yourself look good in a photo? Why, learn to pose, of course.

Posing does not have to be complicated or magazine-like—those models have people directing and a producing team, and their aim is to create an image. Your goal should be to create a more natural, a more mundane shot as if you’re simply capturing everyday lives. It tends to

You would also be able to give your surroundings a chance to shine.

Photos that look candid is appealing for its spontaneous, often vulnerable, stolen-shot quality.

Start small and use what you already have

You don’t have to immediately purchase an expensive DSLR in order to be a better travel photographer. While the tool has become mandatory for some, it does not mean it has to be mandatory for you. It’s also not a wise move especially if you’re on a budget. Start with what you have and learn from there. If you only have a smartphone, then use it You can always upgrade later.

Make use wide-angle option

A lot of phone cameras out there have the wide-angle features these days. Taking photos of yourself won’t have to be a super close-up shot of your face anymore. Unfortunately, many devices don’t have the option in using wide-angle in the front camera. So may want to note that.

Practicing (not-so) candid shots

As mentioned above, candid shots are attractive in their own ways. For those who feel awkward looking at the camera, this would be a perfect place to start from. Show your back to the camera, show a side of your face, or simply tilt your head slightly and let your gaze travel away from the lens. Learn what works best for you and you can expand from there.

Look for inspirations

References go a long way. You’ve probably been inspired by other travelers or photographers before you’re taking the photos of your travel seriously. Compile a list of the travel photographers or travel blogs that had caught your mind before. Learn what they do through their photos. Don’t be afraid to imitate. It’s an effective learning process.

Property For Sale In Ubud Bali, The Success of Your Personal Investment


Property is an instrument that is very attractive to investors of all time. The investment that is currently in great demand is doing a property business in Bali with considerable profits. What is the investment opportunity for property in Bali? Which areas have the opportunity for investors to make large profits? Based on the survey that tourist arrivals to Bali always show an increase. Property investment in the form of villas, house quests, hotels or resorts are very helpful in providing accommodation, especially during high season.
Property for sale in Ubud Bali

If you ask how much budget should be prepared for investment in popular locations in Bali, then maybe you should prepare a 2x fold budget that is budgeted now. Are you ready for that? If you make an investment by making a mortgage, the burden of payment every month will be very large. The more popular the location of the property the price will be very high. Why focus on popular locations? There are many of the best locations in Bali such as Ubud.

Property for sale in Ubud Bali brings opportunities for you to invest in a cheaper budget than in Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu or surrounding areas. Ubud is considered as one of the tourist destinations that provides an unforgettable holiday experience. Mentioned as one of the world’s best cities, it not only offers views of green and comfortable fields but also Ubud is the heart of the art of Bali.

No wonder that large-scale investors are increasingly glancing at the Ubud area for those who want peace and a holiday that is more privacy. Unlike some other areas in Bali, Ubud has good and proper air quality as a therapy to rejuvenate the body and soul.

There are lots of property for sale in Ubud Bali with varying prices. Many people use agencies to get a property for sale in Ubud Bali easily. But of course, there is a price you have to pay. At least, you have to pay a fee if you buy property through an agent. If you want to build a private villa, it’s best to avoid property agents to save money. But conditions like this only apply to Indonesian citizens. For foreigners who want to live and own a property for sale in Ubud Bali, it’s best to consult with a trusted agency.

Having a property for sale in Ubud Bali brings many benefits. You can rent it to tourists, or occupy it when the holidays arrive. No longer need to think about the mortgage burden when deciding to get a property for sale in Ubud Bali. If you want to get profits quickly, you can sell it again. But it needs rethinking to sell property in Bali. There are many possibilities for you to gain big profits for years to come.