Best Destinations For A Wellness Getaway


A wellness getaway aims to provide comfort, serene mood, tranquility, and joy. Many people decide to take a wellness getaway to relieve their stress from work or relationships. It can be helpful to have wellness getaway from time to time so you get to have time for finding your own peace away from the buzz of the city. 

Inspirations for best wellness getaway destinations

Although travelling abroad is not more limited due to the situation with the pandemic, you can use our recommendations for your inspiration to have next travel plan. This way, you can plan your wellness getaway more well-rounded. And here are some of the most recommended places to visit for a wellness getaway:

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This place is heaven on itself. It draws visitors with its mountain and endless ocean landscapes. You can enjoy many things during your visit here including authentic Mexican culture, vibrant art scenes, as well as wellness and health options. Many activities you can do to checklist your itinerary such as whale watching, eating Mexican foods, sailing to hidden beaches, or shopping some local crafts and arts. 

Cayo Espanto, San Pedro, Belize

Cayo Espanto is a beautiful private island resort which is also family-friendly, located about three miles off of the coast of San Pedro, Belize. In this resort can be found seven villas where each one of them has a private dock and butler service. You need to be ready to get pampered during your stay in this resort. You will be provided with breakfast directly to your own private dock or pool. You can also ask for any dietary preferences and menu items that suit to your taste since the chef is incredibly amazing. Your personal butler will make sure to cater to all your need, making it a pleasant, customized experience for you. 

Stone Harbor, New Jersey

This destination is such a paradise and  made for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. There are many things to explore here including the shoreline, the marshes and basins, bird sanctuary, beaches, and more. Also, you can expand your exploration to a shopping district where you can find about 150 boutiques, specialty shops, as well as restaurants. For recommendation, you can consider booking a room at The Reeds at Shelter Haven. It is a luxury boutique property providing comfortable site to stay at during your getaway. This place provides you with the best sea views and pretty sunsets. 

Bali, Indonesia

Many people still misunderstood Bali as a country. It is more of an island located in Indonesia. This island is recommended to have a serene adventure. There are many destinations you can explore many sites including beaches, spas, and sacred temples. Not to mention that the foods in Bali is otherworldly. You can visit a beachfront restaurant to order some authentic local dishes while enjoying the view of the stunning sunset. This island is relatively safe but be mindful with culture differences and stay respectful. Just follow the rules while enjoying your trip and you won’t encounter any major problems.

Komodo Island Liveaboard And What Things To Do


The traditional phinisi boat is a comfortable and adventurous way to take a Komodo island liveaboard, Komodo national park, and surroundings. Komodo island liveaboard you can usually do one or several days from Labuan Bajo. A Komodo boat trip takes you to explore 4 large islands that are included in the Komodo National Park, starting from Rinca Island, Padar Island, Komodo Island, and Motang Island.

oracle komodo island liveaboard

Komodo island liveaboard: Diving, Trekking and Meet The Dragon

Komodo Island is the original habitat for rare ancient animals which are giant meat-eating lizards. The largest reptile in the world is 2-3 meters long and weighs 100-165 kg. They live in the open area, Padang, savanna, white sandy beaches, and tropical rain forests. What is unique about Komodo dragons is that their saliva contains many deadly bacteria.

Komodo Boat Trip – Trekking

Komodo sailing trip takes you to do many activities on the island of the world’s largest reptile habitat. Tourists can do trekking to climb Mount Ara as high as 538 meters above sea level. You will see horses, deer, various species of birds, snakes to monitor lizards, and Komodo dragons. Your trekking trip will pass through a water hole, which is a place to drink and rest for the dragons.

Your length of trekking is 1-8 kilometers, short, medium, long, and adventurous. If you choose long and adventure, you will explore beautiful forests, rivers, and hills. A short trekking trip ends at the top of the hills with an amazing view of the bay. The four trekking will pass through the water hole, and allow you to meet the Komodo dragon.

Your trekking trip must be accompanied by a ranger or Komodo dragon handler. Ranger will provide you with a stick with a forked end as a weapon to weaken Komodo dragons. If there is an emergency and the Komodo dragon approaches you quickly, the forked end of the stick is used to press the dragon’s neck. In a short time, the dragons will weaken and stop attacking.

Diving Komodo

The underwater panorama of Komodo National Park is very popular among diving lovers and has even become the best dive spot in the world. Underwater Komodo Island has about 386 types of coral reefs, 70 types of sponges, seaweed as a home for thousands of species of fish, green turtles, 6 species of whales, sharks, rays, 10 types of dolphins, and others.

The 3 best scuba diving Komodo sites, Samsia Rock, Toko Shop, and Crystal Rock. Batu Samsia is a favorite dive point, where divers can navigate a series of waterways and interact with turtles, sharks, and other small fish. Toko Toko dive point is at a depth of 7 meters below sea level. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of colorful coral reefs and fish swimming among the corals. Crystal Rock, a favorite dive, and at a depth of 5 meters, you can find frogfish, Barramundi Cod, Parrotfish, and other fish.  

Pink beach is a favorite Komodo diving point for divers and snorkeling lovers. Don’t go too far snorkeling or diving from the beach! The ocean currents are quite strong and have the potential to be hit by many passing ships.

Meaningful Travel In A Post-Covid World


The situation with the covid-19 has forced everyone to literally and figuratively stay inside. It affects everyone in many ways, including the travel industry that has changed a lot since the pandemic. Tourism is predicted to turn back to how it was in the old times. Instead of modern vacation, it seems that more people are interested in taking a pilgrimage. The reason is that it feels more meaningful somehow. Should pilgrimage be religious? 

Meaningful Travel In A Post-Covid World

Pilgrimage, Oldest form of travel

Pilgrimage is considered the oldest form of travel. Should it be religious? The answer is not always. When you think about pilgrimage, you may need to put in in the context. In the past before millennia, people joined a community and together they went to the shrines collectively or individually giving offerings. The places they visited were sacred sites they believed inhabited by a deity, creator, or ancestors. Pilgrimage can be considered as a hyper meaningful journey where people try to find connection with what they believe is something greater than mere humans. Along the journey, they find something meaningful to remember and more motivated to transform in a good way. 

Non-religious pilgrimage

Today, pilgrimage is not always about religious experience. There are also some non-religious pilgrimages where people visit their ancestral home, sport pilgrimage where they visit football field, or follow trails that lead to historic sites. Those can be called pilgrimage but in a different form. Meanwhile, religious pilgrimages are usually related to some faiths and beliefs. For example, Hajj pilgrimage is when moeslems visit Kaaba in Mecca and perform various religious activities as it is part of the Five Pillars of Islam. However, religious pilgrimages have been limited due to the pandemic. And now with vaccination, many hope that the pandemic will be contained fully soon, making everyone able to travel. 

Pilgrimage trip post covid

Pilgrimage trip post covid

And for the post-covid travel, it seems that people can’t wait to have religious trip such as pilgrimages that can make them find something more meaningful. With the impact of covid-19, many people start to pause and rethink of what truly matters in their lives. It is the moment where they are able to stop rushing around commuting. Many people start to think about the values they want to pursue once the quarantine is over. Hence, it is predicted that many people want to have an experience of meaningful travel after pandemic ends. 

Remember that many people are affected by the pandemic financially, physically, and mentally. The pandemic has increased anxiety, depression, and isolation. Hence, it makes senses if many people want to find a connection through meaningful travel. They can find the connection with other people as well as to their Gods. It also says that people will try to connect more with the nature after being cooped up over a year in isolation. It is predicted that some places will be more popular than others such as lakes, mountains, beaches, etc. You may want to prepare yourself for a meaningful travel like pilgrimage once the pandemic is over so you find back your value and purpose. 

Make Your Villa Jimbaran Bali Stand Out from the Rest


When you have a vacation rental home, you have to work twice as hard to satisfy your guests, especially if you want to keep getting good reviews and attracting new guests. And if you have villa property in Jimbaran Bali, there are numerous ways to create unique experience in your vacation rental. Here are some simple ways to create exclusive experience that your guests will love.

Collaborate with Luxury Brands for Your Villa Jimbaran Bali

In the luxury travel market, designers and brand names are important. You must carefully choose what you should spend money on and what you can live without. Two of the most prominent characteristics that leave room for name-brand products are comfort and beauty. Spending a little more on top-of-the-line soaps and toiletries will be well worth it. This is also an excellent opportunity to collaborate with local high-end businesses. You might gain also some free advertising from the small businesses you buy from because you and the local brands benefit from each other.

Create A Travel Guide to Explore Jimbaran Area

The best method to improve guests’ experience in your villa Jimbaran Bali is to give them a fantastic itinerary in the area. You are an expert in the region and can suggest the best things to do. You can produce a trip guide in a variety of ways, including a simple brochure, a digital presentation, or even a film. Walks and treks, viewing spots, beaches, events, and local shops and restaurants are among the most popular things to do and see in the area. You can also collaborate with local businesses and see if they’d like to cross-promote with you. It may be a fantastic chance for both of you.

Provide Outdoor Spaces in Villa Jimbaran Bali

Provide Outdoor Spaces in Villa Jimbaran Bali

Guests love to enjoy the beautiful surrounding view from your outdoor spaces. All of us are all enthralled by a lovely room with a stunning view, but being able to stroll outside and take in the scenery is even better. This add-on can be pricey, but it’s an investment that your guests will appreciate. Balconies allow visitors to enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty without having to leave the house. To entice guests to the patio, provide a relaxing ambiance outside. Invest in beautiful cushions to cover any furniture made of hard materials like stone, concrete, or wood in your garden area to make it feel homey. Also, keep seating pads and furniture covered during inclement weather to keep them in good condition.

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Create A Mesmerising Outdoor Bath

Bali holiday villas bathtub 6

Nothing beats relaxing in a hot tub beneath the open sky after a long day of adventure in Bali to relax your fatigued body and mind. Outdoor bathing has grown increasingly popular for many people who want to appreciate and bring home something special from their holiday experience on the Island of Gods, thanks to Bali’s warm weather and tropical ambience.

Offer Freebies for Guests

Many “Superhosts” in AirBnB provide their visitors “freebies” that truly make guests feel valued if you visit some of the most highly rated vacation rental across the world. These freebies are frequently associated with the location. As a villa owner in Jimbaran Bali, you can give the guests Bali’s famous milk pie or Satay lilit (fish satay in lemongrass stalk) to give them a sample of Balinese authentic living.

Can Travelling Make Your Life Better?


It is true that travel can make you feel better for some reason even if it is such a short road trip. There are different kind of joy that many people experienced from travelling around different places. Yes, it can be tiring especially if you have to go through a long-haul flight. It can be costly as well, but you have to consider the many benefits you get from travelling to see if it is worth your money.

What benefits you can get from travelling?

There are many benefits you can get from travelling. You can travel more if you have the time and money for that. Or, you can also plan accordingly. There is no ultimate rule of when you should go travelling. It is different for every individual. Hence, do it as you prefer. And here are some of the most obvious benefits you get from travelling:

It makes you happier

Travelling can make you happier because there is so much joy and excitement you can expect to even before the travel starts. You get that happiness and excitement when packing your essentials for the trip. You gain more happiness when you accomplish your travel goals. For example, you travel and list a goal to talk with new people, or to visit certain landmarks, or to volunteer and join a program with the locals. 

It helps develop your planning skills

Travelling can be a hassle if you lack of preparation. For example, you forgot to bring your toiletries and you don’t know where to buy it when you arrive because you are unfamiliar with the place. This kind of problem can be prevented if you are more prepared. It may feel annoying to plan so thoroughly every time you go for a trip. However, you will eventually become good at it. You will learn the tricks and hacks to plan better. This planning skills can be applied to other aspects in your life so it is a win-win. 

It helps build your independency

During travel, you rarely rely on someone else, especially strangers. You solve the problems you encounter on your own. Being in a new place, lead you to think critically and figure things out by yourself. It is beneficial for your self-growth because you may develop your independency. It helps you to become more independent person and reliable at least for yourself. You also learn how to have fun by yourself when you don’t have any travel companions with you. It trains your creativity to develop that can be useful for your life in general. 

It helps increase your social skills

During a trip to a new place, you have to learn how to live according to the rules there. You meet new people from different backgrounds. You learn more about differences and diversity. You learn how to communicate effectively even with language barriers through body language, gestures, etc. You also learn how to read people and situation so you can work around all differences, making you develop your social skills in general.

Dive Cruise Indonesia Exploring Komodo National Park Diving Spot


Why should you join a dive cruise Indonesia to explore Komodo National Park diving spot? Because of its location on the island, you have to take a boat to get there. Arriving on the island, you have to look for lodging that is not necessarily comfortable to rest after a long journey. Why not try the Komodo liveaboard package? Imagine the unique experience of staying on a boat for days with facilities that are not inferior to five-star hotels or inns on the island.

Dive Cruise Indonesia Exploring Komodo National Park Diving Spot

The Enchantment of Dive Cruise Indonesia

Dive cruise Indonesia is indeed dominated by diving lovers. The goal? Explore the many dive spots on the island of Komodo. Komodo National Park is indeed famous for its spectacular underwater charm. The popularity of the underwater world has even reached foreign countries.

Foreign tourists are even willing to make long trips to get to Komodo National Park. Their achievements are not in vain because they will be fascinated by the beauty of coral reefs and diverse marine life. Dive cruise Indonesia brings domestic and foreign divers to explore almost all the best dive spots in Komodo National Park.

How many days does it take to explore the underwater Komodo? Indonesian liveaboard packages usually range from 4-5 days for diving lovers. Some spots that diving lovers can visit for 4-5 days:

  • Kanawa Island
  • Big Laughter
  • Makassar Reef
  • Bolong Rock
  • Manta Point

Each dive spot has a different and enchanting underwater view. The depth of the dive spot also varies. There are dive spots that require divers to have certain diving skills and experience because underwater current conditions can change quickly.

Several dive spots also turned out to be very suitable for snorkeling lovers because the current conditions were quite calm and not dangerous. Joining an Indonesian dive cruise doesn’t mean it’s off-limits for snorkeling lovers.

Liveaboard Indonesia – Exploring Komodo Dragon

liveaboard indonesia - dining area

The Indonesian dive cruise package not only offers diving activities but also snorkeling and interestingly, you can see the endangered Komodo dragon up close. Komodo National Park is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon.

Komodo and Rinca Island are islands of rare animal habitats and should be included in your vacation list. Both of these islands have different geography and a number of rare animals. Seeing Komodo dragons up close is a unique and different adventure from your previous vacation. You must follow the rules and follow the instructions of the local ranger. The goal? Komodo dragons can be aggressive at any time, and without a guide, they can be dangerous for you.

Which Card To Choose For Hassle-Free Travel


Carrying too much cash for your trip is not uncomfortable because it can make you feel like you have to be on guard in every second. Also, there is a risk that you lose it so if you don’t bring any back up, you might end up in trouble. You will also look too standout when exploring around travel destination carrying thick wallet full of cash. There is a risk of you being the target of the thieves. Hence, it is more recommended that you also bring your card to back up your cash. But which card is better to bring between credit card and debit card?

Which Card To Choose For Hassle-Free Travel

Reasons why credit card is a better option for travel

Paying via card over cash is considered more efficient, convenient, and safer. You also don’t have to prepare space in your wallet to store your cash. However between credit card and debit card, the former is considered better option for travel especially if you plan an international trip. And here are the reasons for it:

You get more rewards with credit card

With credit card, you have more opportunity to get many rewards since they are designed to offer lucrative rewards in the form of cash rebates or reward points. It entitles you to many kinds of exclusive promotions, deals, and other privileges either you use it locally or overseas. It is even more beneficial if you travel frequently during holiday since you will get rewards in the form of dining and overseas spends or air miles. 

Credits are are safer

As mentioned earlier that it is often for travelers and tourists alike to be a victim of robbery and pickpocketing due to their lack of knowledge about the city or country they visit. Hence, many travelers choose to not withdraw any cash for expenses they spend during travel. It is considered safer to go cashless. 

There is a limit for credit cards

There is a chance that you run out of money during travel and it will be a trouble if you bring only debit card that only has insufficient funds. You will not experience this kind of trouble if you bring your credit card since you have the option to exceed credit limit to your card. Hence, you don’t have to worry too much during the trip since you can buy anything. If you want to avoid excessive spending however, your credit card have its limit you can stick to. 

Larger networks worldwide

Credit cards are more universally accepted. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your card being rejected during payment overseas. There are also discounts and privileges you can get no matter what country you are travelling to. Meanwhile, it is different with how debit card works. Sometimes, local debit card payment networks are not accepted universally. Therefore, it is less risky for you to choose credit card over debit card. It offers more rewards and bonuses while also keeping you financially safe through worldwide network and easy access anywhere you go. 

How to Have the Most Memorable Vacation in A Villa Ubud Bali


As the land of Balinese tradition, culture, art, and centre of healing, Ubud vibrates a very charismatic aura that significantly differ from the southern Bali beaches. This region nestled in Bali’s highland, surrounded by tropical rainforests and rice fields terraces that gives instant cool vibe to this little town. Spending some few weeks grounding in a villa Ubud Bali is the best to explore this charming region. And with so much things to do and see, you gonna need a little guidance to get the most of Ubud!

Choose A Villa Ubud Bali with A View

Choose A Villa Ubud Bali with A View
Image credit: Instagram @kibarerpropertybali

There are hundreds of villas, small hotels, and guesthouses you can find in Ubud, but we highly advise you to stay out of town. Move several kilometers away from the main Monkey Forest streets to near the outskirt. The hidden gems are usually a little bit out of reach. Do not settle until you find a good villa Ubud Bali that offers jungle or rice views from the balcony. Staying in a house with view will definitely be one of your biggest holiday highlights!

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Visiting the Temples

What is Ubud without its strong ties to the culture and religion? It’s time to take a visit to several Ubud’s famous temples.

Saraswati Temple

Saraswati Temple
Image credit: Instagram @roccogio_panorama

The Saraswati Temple, located in the center of Ubud, is a water temple with beautiful lotus blooms on either side! Follow the blooming walk to marvel at the stunning Balinese architecture and vibrantly colored doors.

Tirta Empul

Titra Empul is another shrine not to be missed! Locals and tourists alike queue up to immerse their heads under one of the nine holy spring fountains and leave an offering for cleansing. The pool area is frequently packed with people waiting in line just to get in. There are also beautiful gardens and a large Koi fish pond.

Give yourself some time here because it’s a huge temple with a lot to see, especially if you intend to participate in the ceremony.

Puri Saren Ubud

The Ubud Palace is located just across the street from Saraswati Temple (Ubud Water Palace). To say the least, this magnificent temple features ornate stone doors with flowers, monkeys, and “strange” faces. Wooden doors with golden etches of more exquisite Balinese art stand in that doorway. Ubud Palace is also free to see, so I recommend adding it to your itinerary.

Do Yoga Anytime

Do Yoga Anytime
Image credit: Instagram @intuitive_flow_yogastudio

Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or sunset yoga, anytime is the best yoga time in Ubud.

Ask the Villa Ubud Bali to Rent You Motorbike

The easiest way to see the landscape around Ubud is to rent an automated motorcycle. You could walk or ride your bike, but riding on the back of a bike is much cooler. It’s also inexpensive—only 50,000 IDR ($3.70) each day, with no deposit or license required. However, renting a motorbike can be quite a hassle. Ask the owners or housekeepers in your villa Ubud Bali to arrange a motorbike for you. They usually get a good connection and can give you the best price! If you are new to motorbike, you can also ask them to teach you for few days.

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Go to the Monkey Forest

Go to the Monkey Forest
Image credit: Instagram @monkeyforestsanctuaryubud

No visit to Ubud is complete without a little trip to the land of the monkey, the sacred Monkey Forest. The Sacred Monkey Forest is a must-see on any Ubud tour. You don’t want to miss this place unless you’re terrified of monkeys. Over 700 highly cheeky monkeys and three temples may be found amid the thick jungle comprising 186 types of flora. You will be in awe to look at huge trees grow over the bridges and structures, giving it a ruin feel.

Join A Cooking Class

There are lots of cooking class in Ubud—your villa might actually hold one! The cooking lesson usually covers a market tour, preparing Canang Sari (offerings basket), and plenty of hands-on cooking. Some of them even had an unique vegetarian menu, and invite you for the final supper.  

Reasons Why Travelling With Kids Are Not It For Some Parents


Not all parents are fond of travelling with their kids. Some of them consider that activity as a hassle. It is not entirely wrong especially for those parents who have more than one kids to take care of. They often think that taking kids with them to visit some new places can lead to troubles such as uncomfortable flight, random tantrum, kids getting sick, and many more. Some parents often think they will have the right time to do it someday. However, there will never be the right time to travel with kids if you don’t make the time yourself. 

Travelling with kids can be fun

Travelling with kids are not always messy. There are several things that you can control by making thorough preparation in advance. As for unexpected things such as random tantrum or accident, it happens not only to kids but also adults so worrying over those just won’t do. And here are some of the most popular reasons why some parents are not really fond of travelling with their kids:

Kids won’t remember travel memories

Lots of parents think that their kids won’t remember anything even they are taking them to the most extravagant trip. Well, they may not remember everything to a T but the point is to allow them to experience it. All those experiences will be valuable for them int he future. Also, you can recall the memories with them when they are older so they know what kind of experience they had and how it helps shape them. 

Kids are too young to travel comfortably

Every kid can travel with their parents regardless of their age. What you need to do is plan your trip accordingly with thorough preparation. Some activities may not be suitable for your kids. That’s why you need to prepare in advance of what you and your kids will and will not do. Make sure that you both can enjoy the activities without neglecting the importance of safety and comfort. 

Kids can’t sit still

This is mostly true because most kids are super active and cannot sit still for a long period of time. However, it is the nature of kids. That’s how they live regardless of where they are. What you can do is ensure that the trip will be safe and comfortable for them. Prepare sufficient logistics to make sure that you have everything you need to provide for your kids on the road. 

Kids don’t sleep easily and are picky eaters

Travelling with kids who are also picky eaters can be a little bit troublesome but it can be managed. However, most hotels and restaurants around the world provide children’s meals so you don’t have to worry about that. Also, your kids will be able to sleep easier during travel because there are many things that excite them. They will end up getting tired and sleep easily. Tire your kids with fun activities during the day so they won’t have problems to sleep in the evening.

Komodo island tour, Pamper Your Eyes in 6 Tourist Spots


Komodo Island, one of the main habitats for endangered animals. In fact, before this reptile was famous, the ancestors of the Komodo villagers had a very close relationship with the Komodo dragon. Until now, they believe that Komodo is their twin brother. Komodo island trip brings you closer to the life of the local community and Komodo. 

Komodo Island

komodo island tour - meet the dragon
Image Source: manta rhei

Komodo island, the habitat of the largest lizard in the world, of course, you will meet face to face with this rare animal. Komodo island tour and meet this big lizard, you have to do trekking. A ranger will guide you throughout your trekking journey. A unique spot that you must visit when joining the Komodo island tour is the pink beach. 

Pink Beach

komodo boat trip - pink beach

Did you know that there are only 7 types of rare beaches in the world? One of them is a pink beach? If you take the Komodo island tour liveaboard, your phinisi ship will definitely dock at the pink beach. If your point is from Labuan Bajo, it takes a 3.5-hour drive to see the beauty of this beach. 

Pulau Rinca

komodo island trip - rinca island

To see firsthand the presence of endangered Komodo dragons, not only on the island of Komodo, but you can also meet large rare animals on the island of Rinca. Uniquely, these two islands have different geographical conditions. You will see a view of the savanna or dry meadow on the island of Rinca and perfect for your photo background.

Padar Island

komodo island tour - pulau padar

If you are looking for a famous spot with spectacular views along the Komodo island tour, then Padar Island is the right destination. The shape of the island is very unique and the view from the highest point of Padar Island provides an iconic backdrop. Padar Island is similar to Rinca Island, full of savanna and grasslands. Komodo island tour to Padar island during the rainy season, you will see the green Padar island. During the dry season, the scenery of this island looks yellow.

Taka Makassar

komodo island trip - taka makassar

Taka Makassar is an area like an island but only in the form of sand that appears on the sea surface. You can see the turquoise green sea around it. You must visit Taka Makassar when taking the Komodo island tour. The beautiful view of Taka Makassar will be the perfect background for your vacation photos.

Pulau Kalong

komodo island tour - kalong isand

Following the Komodo island tour, then you will definitely visit the island of Kalong. A unique island without inhabitants. Unfortunately, you can’t get off and the boat that will take you will park not far from the island. Late-night visits are best. The view of the sunset and the extraordinary attraction of thousands of bats coming out of this beach and flying into a very spectacular sight.