Strategies To Get The Best Out Of Your Vacation


Vacation is what you need if you feel like combusting due to piled of work. It can be your escape to get recharged and motivated. Constant working without a break is not healthy for your mind and body. You need something that can help your stress be released. Only then, you can get back to work with new spirit and motivation. You don’t have to plan for a grand vacation. Choose something that fits your preference. If you like something simple, take a simple vacation where your destination is not so far and with the expense that’s not so high. The point is to leave your home and work for a while and indulge yourself with something fun, relaxing, and recharging. 

Get the best out of your dream vacation

Keep in mind that planning a trip can be as daunting as handling big projects at work. Thus, make sure you don’t over stress yourself with your travel plan. Keep it simple and enjoy every moments. Here are several tips to get the best out of your vacation:

Boost your mood before the vacation starts. Most happiness from vacation is gained before it happens. The anticipation and excitement will lift up your mood. You can try daydreaming of fun things you want to do during vacation later so you feel more motivated to finish your work and plan your trip. You can also talk to others who have visited the place you are going to. Their experience can make your excitement increased especially when they give such positive reviews. 

Try out new things during the vacation. You don’t have to follow what others do just because you visit the same place. You can try different things. This can help reducing your stress because trying out different things or learn new things can improve the way your brain works. If you have never tried Kayaking, try it during your vacation. It will fun and memorable experience rather than simply visiting touristy places like other tourists. 

Choose only activities that are enjoyable to yourself. When you are enjoying things, you will feel more comfortable, relaxed, and happy. If you enjoy simple activities then do it. Especially if you don’t really have chance to do so at home due to your responsibilities and all. For example, you can just stroll down the street to enjoy street foods, visit a theme park, or get yourself a portrait from street artists. 

Minimize not-so-fun duties during vacation. If you travel with group or partner, you can split the duties to wash dishes or clean up the room. Arrange the duties so you don’t have to keep doing it yourself. If you travel with group, you can also pool money to hire cook or housekeeper. Thus, you and your group can truly enjoy the vacation without worrying over dirty dishes, laundry, and other not-so-fun matters. Also, try to control your work during vacation. You can choose to tally shut off work-related stuffs or plan arrangement that suits you the best. 

Bali Villas Seminyak, Experience Living In A Prestigious Area


What is the best experience after staying at Bali villas Seminyak? If you ask those who have lived in the Seminyak area there will be many answers. Nightlife, international bars and clubs, boutiques and many more lists mentioned. The best experience is observing the daily life rhythm of Balinese residents in Seminyak villas area. Seminyak has become a trendy and crowded area icon. When looking for a luxury vacation but also being able to enjoy a luxurious vacation and a little space alone than staying at Seminyak private villa Bali is perfect.

There are many beautiful tourist attractions along the way to the area and around Seminyak. Transportation services to and from the villa area are very easy to get. It will be possible for the Bali villas Seminyak to offer transportation at a low price.

Bali Villas Seminyak

Reasons And Tips Choose Bali Villas Seminyak

When browsing the internet looking for accommodation in Seminyak, there will be many amazing rows of villas and hotels. Maybe some tourists who are first to Bali will prefer hotels as accommodation. Lack of knowledge of luxury, private and cheap accommodation to choose it fast and easy. Many people want to have good accommodation options while on vacation.

Exclusive Area and Fraud

The popular rental scam right now is that Bali villas in Seminyak at very low prices. This is due to the high interest of tourists who want to have the experience of staying at the villa. Being confined in a luxury hotel room greatly impedes experiences and interactions with real life in the Bali region. As Seminyak’s popularity as an exclusive and luxurious area, it is highly likely that you will be trapped by Seminyak villas rental fraud. Searching through a trusted and certified villa agent is the best way to get ideal accommodations while on vacation.

More Privacy

Bali villas Seminyak offers more privacy to its guests. Guests are free to move, go and come whenever. You can also enjoy the private pool without being disturbed by other guests. Bali villas Seminyak provides a private kitchen where you can experiment with trying to make lots of food for families from the nearest traditional market.


Although in Bali it is considered very safe, security is the main thing. Most Bali villas Seminyak provide security guarantees when you stay. Considering Bali’s Seminyak villas are built around the population area, there is an organized environmental monitoring system to monitor what is happening around it.

Benefits of Travelling for Your Soul


It has been scientifically proved that travel can bring benefits for your physical health. During travel, your body does physical exercises even when you are not aware doing it. You explore new places by foot, enjoying fresh air, and interacting with new people. This can help improving your body health. Not only does travel can bring you benefits of improved physical health, it can also give your soul benefits. Soul travelling is what it’s called nowadays. It is kind of travel when your focus is to feed your soul happiness, calmness, and contentedness. 

What makes travel good for your soul?

Lots of people travel to visit a place that is trending on social media. They visit the place, capture some Instagram-worthy spots, and that’s it. It is not a bad thing but somehow, it doesn’t give your soul anything. Meanwhile, you can take soul travelling where you can truly enjoy every moment while earning advantages for your own soul. Here is how travel and soul can be associated.

Benefits of Travelling for Your Soul

Your soul is something you need to take care of

You need to make it stay healthy. The way you know if your souls is healthy is the mental strength. You need to maintain and improve your mental strength if you want to have a healthy soul. The way to do it is by taking part in constructive and creative activities such as travelling. During travel, you will be engaged to various activities which can help your soul to stay healthy. As the result, it will improve your mental health as well. 

Various things you can truly enjoy during travel

You can also try to get connection with the nature. That’s good for healing. Your soul is needs to be healed once in a while. It is like maintaining your physical health by exercising or working out. Soul exercise can be done by travelling and doing healing activities such as staying at more secluded place. 

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Travel is one of the best ways to get motivation in life

When you are bored of your life, you can go travel. You will find something new during the journey which can help build your motivation. You may also earn new motivation that can make you enable to do the unthinkable even. When your soul is not healthy, your motivation will low to none because what you have is full of negativity such as depression, anxiety, etc. By travelling, you get to see things in different perspective which can help rebuild your mood as well as passion. 

Resetting your soul

Another amazing thing associated between travel and soul is that, travel can help resetting your soul. When you are feeling stuck or in a rut, travel can help you making up your mind. Why? Because when you are travelling, you experience new things, new challenges, and new obstacles. You will be required to think and try different methods to solve every problems during travel. You don’t need to take luxury travel to boost your soul health. The important point is to leave your home and go into the unknown.

Kids Surf Camp and What to Pack


Summer is coming and the kids can’t wait any longer to go to their long awaited surf camp. More than what you realise, the kiddos aren’t the only ones who’s excited for the summer camp. Yes, it’s you! Remember times you’ve spent to count the days before the kids departure. The shopping spree to buy stuffs you think the kids will need in the camp. The books they might want to read at night. Healthy snacks to share with other kids at the camp. And when the actual packing time come, you gonna need this guide to make sure the kids bring both the essentials and entertainment to the summer surf camp. 

Kids Surf Camp Ultimate Packing Guide

Kids Surf Camp and What to Pack

High Durability Beach Bag

The first and foremost, you want a high quality, durable beach bag that can fit all the kids’ items. Choose one that made from quick-to dry materials cause your kids will be spending most of their time in the beach and the sea. Get a bag that’s spacious enough to fit the towels, swimsuits, extra dry clothes, water bottle, and lunch box. You can always pack the lunch in a lunch bag, but there’s always a chance that your kids will forget to bring back the other bag.

Suitable Swimwear

Swimwear preference could vary between kids, but we strongly recommend long sleeve wetsuits for surf camp. During the surfing lessons, they will get prolonged exposure under the sun, and it could result in serious sunburn. Also, wetsuits is very sturdy against the blow of the waves while bikinis and shorts could fall off. The kids could pack a bikini/ one piece/ short for other leisure water activities, if they want to.

Sunscreen Lotions/ Creams

Protection against the ultraviolet is a must when it comes to surf camps. Make sure you pack a waterproof, eco friendly sunscreen that won’t harm the corals. Lotion, cream, and stick sunscreen are the best option for kids. Spray sunscreen could cause a disaster on application without adult supervision. When kids try to reapply spray sunscreen themselves, it could get into their eyes, nose, or mouth and that’s dangerous.

A Big Bottle of Water

Surfing under blazing hot sun and salty waves requires more water intake than usual. Keep the kids from sunstroke and dehydration by supplying enough water from them. Bring a reusable water bottle to keep the beach clean from plastic waste. Rolling kids to surfing camp is a great opportunity to teach them about respecting and loving the earth from early age.   

Healthy Lunch and Snacks

A day spent riding the waves and running on the sands is enough to increase kids’ appetite. They will get hungrier that they’d at home! Lunch and snacks are the ones that would save the kids in surf camp. Make sure you pack a balanced, healthy lunch with high carb and protein to replenish the energy. It’s a good idea to pack fulfilling snacks like nut/ protein bar and fruits for a quick bite.

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Sandals, Towels, and Hat

What we recommend is a light, quick to dry towel, but basically any towel will do. Put a label or mark on the kids’ towel to prevent loss and confusion. Rubber flipflop is great to wear on the beach as they are very practical, water resistant, and easy to dry. However, flip flop could easily gotten off the feet once they’re hit by the water. If your kids is prone to losing flip flop, we recommend strap sandals that would stay put.

Spare of Clothes 

We never know what will happen when the kids get so close with water. Maybe they get splashed by a friend or just getting unexpected waves hitting them on a casual beach play. Always pack a a spare of clothes, just in case.

Plastic Zipper Bag/ Reusable Bag

A reusable plastic zipper bag is very handful to keep gadgets and valuables dry. You might want to pack kids’ wallet, light book, phones, and electronics inside the zipper bag. 

What Makes Your Family Vacation Unenjoyable


Planning a family vacation is a great idea because it can be the moment for you to spend quality time with your family members. Besides, it is a great opportunity if you live separately from your families. Spending holiday to have a family trip can be fun. However, it can also turn into disaster. It is not a secret that family vacation can be so stressing. Family drama during vacation sometimes is inevitable. Of course, it is not always happening to all family vacation. If you plan everything thoroughly ahead of time, some unenjoyable moments can be prevented.

Things that can make your family vacation unenjoyable

There will always be few potential drawbacks for every trip you have with family. Family dynamics are unique and tricky at the same time. That’s why it is common to have chaotic family vacation. It can be good or bad type of chaotic. Here are things that can make your family vacation turn sour and unenjoyable:

        No boundary – This can be one of triggers for family vacation to turn unenjoyable. Since you are comfortable with your family members, it is easy to offend each other. With extreme closeness, it is easy to cause extreme bluntness as well. Simple tempers can turn into heavy arguments during a vacation which can ruin the mood. You have known each other well and instead of holding back, you may use it to push the wrong button.

        Different interest – Just because you are blood related doesn’t mean you shared common interest during family vacation. You and your family may have different agenda which can result in unenjoyable vacation.

        Treated like a kid – When you are with your family, it is common that you are back treated like a kid because they are your families after all. Sometimes, your parents forget that you are adults who can make your own decision and can take care of yourself. As the result, they want to keep you under their supervision throughout the trip. It can make you feel annoyed or uncomfortable.

        No privacy – Since you are already close with your family members, it is easy to invade each other’s personal space. When your personal space is invaded, it still feel uncomfortable even if they are your family. Sharing bedroom is one thing. Spending every second time with your family member can make you feel suffocated.

Those are things that can trigger your family vacation into unenjoyable activity despite being the only time you can have to be with your family. To have more enjoyable vacation with your family, it is highly recommended to plan everything ahead including where to stay, where to eat, and what activities to do together. If there is something that can be potential issue during the trip, you have to discuss it beforehand so you can prevent any conflict. It is also important to be more understanding to each other because every individual has differences family or not. Only then, you will get to have more enjoyable and memorable family vacation.

Best Diving Places In Bali and How To Plan It


When is the best time to dive in Bali? Bali is very popular as a diving destination. Evidenced by the emergence of dive operators who offer exploration of the best diving places in Bali. Bali as a tropical island with warm weather is perfect for year-round diving. But there are some areas that really need a certain amount of time to be explored, given the underwater conditions are very easy to change. Certainly, diving needs careful planning.

best diving places in bali

What to do to explore the best diving places in Bali?

Planning is very important for diving holidays. Many divers look lightly without making good planning. As a result? Wasting time and money without achieving the desired holiday destination, without being able to explore the best diving in Bali.

Ticket Promo

Finding promo tickets is very possible because many airlines offer low prices at certain times. When airlines fair offers promo prices, then this is the right time to start planning your diving vacation. This is the best time to get a half-price ticket.


Choosing accommodation depends on your vacation destination. If you want a luxury vacation while diving, 5-star hotels are a perfect choice. But note, how many people will join in your vacation. If you exceed 5 people, then the villa is the best choice compared to 5-star hotels. Do not choose the location of accommodation because it will be very possible for you to be stuck in traffic, especially if you decide to vacation in the high season.

Reliable Diving Operator

Dive operators are the best when you are confused looking for the best diving places in Bali. Usually, dive operators will prepare all diving needs such as diving equipment, boats to dive spots to pick up and drop off from or to the hotel. Suggested travelers with diving destinations and have never been to Bali, looking for the best and most trusted dive operators for successful dives. If you are a beginner, dive operators also help you train the basics of diving correctly.

Best diving places in Bali are indeed interesting to explore. You will find large and rare species such as sunfish or manta rays. You will also be invited to trace the tracks of World War II shipwrecks belonging to America and Japan in 2 locations. Many interesting diving spots during your diving vacation. Don’t get the wrong one to enjoy the best diving places in Bali because it determines the success of your diving vacation.

How to Survive Early Morning Flight


Leaving for early morning flight is not pleasant to most travelers. It offers so many benefits such as lesser crowd, shorter line, and faster moves. However, it also bring inconveniences in some ways which make you feel heavier to leave the comfort of your bed for early morning flight. Even though there are also some people who are used to this type of schedule, not everyone is a morning person so early morning flight can be very exhilarating. However, you can make it if you make some planning beforehand. Therefore, your early morning flight will be more bearable.

Surviving early morning flight for non-early riser travelers

Here are some tips you can try to follow for more bearable and smooth early morning flight.

How to Survive Early Morning Flight

Pack early or the night before you go to bed

Thus, you don’t have to running here and there looking for essentials you need to pack in your bag. You also need to pack smartly. For example, don’t go to sleep until you make sure that everything is already packed especially your main essentials. If you are not really organized person, make a list beforehand so you know which items you have and have not put in the bag.

Carry-On vs Suitcase

If you have short flight and short trip, it is safe to bring only carry-on bag instead of a suitcase. It is more convenient to carry. You just need to pack main essentials to your bag and pack light. You can pack the night before your early flight so everything is ready when you wake up. You don’t have to deal with any hassles caused by half-awaken mind.

Quick Foodies

Pack your own foods if you are planning to have early morning flight. There is high possibility that the restaurants in your departure airports will still closed. You can check what time the restaurant open beforehand to make sure if you can make it. However, it is safer to pack your own food such as snacks or simple sandwich.

Advance Accommodation Bookings

Always arrange everything in advance including booking accommodation and transportation. This way, you don’t have to deal with many things with your half-awaken mind. Last minute booking for the transportation to the airport will only make you feel rush and hassled. Therefore, booking in advance can lessen the chance for you to get stressed in early morning.

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Think Something Comfy

Bring something that can make you feel more comfortable for the flight. Bring your own mask, headphone, or neck-pillow. Not to mention that you have to wear comfortable clothing so your moods won’t be dampened. Those can help you fall asleep easily. Even if you don’t intend to sleep, at least you can feel more rested. This can prevent you from having bad mood once you arrive in your destination.

Fighting off early morning flight is challenging for some travelers. There are many chances of making mistakes such as forgetting the essentials. It also can increase cranky moods during the flight. Therefore, making yourself prepared and more comfortable can help a lot to make the flight goes smoothly and more bearable.


Serious Things to Consider on Komodo Sailing Trip


The rising fame of Komodo National Park enchants hundreds of worldwide tourist to explore the frontier every year. Sits in the edge Indonesia’s eastern borderline, the national park is the only place on earth where the last species of gigantic various Komodoensis, goes by its popular name Komodo Dragons, live in the wild. With its jagged volcanic islands and bright turquoise sea, the Komodo National Park recently took a seat on World’s Top Ten Destinations by National Geographic magazine, July 2017 edition. Another things that make Komodo even special is that you can’t just explore this gorgeous, isolated borderland by just walking. The national park is comprised of 20 islands spread in the Flores Sea. That means, if you want to explore each destination, you need to book a liveaboard boat and embark on Komodo sailing trip.

Yes, it’s a summer dream of many. And yes, you will absolutely be indulged in awe-inspiring sceneries, breathtaking savannah hills, idyllic beaches (one of them being pink), and lively marine wildlife. However, sailing trip comes with a lot of deals you need to take. Especially when you have never been into a sailing trip. Before you go, know the risks and how to encounter them.

Serious Things to Consider on Komodo Sailing Trip

Risks #1: Getting Seasick Throughout Komodo Sailing Trip

Some people cannot hop into a boat without getting their stomach contents go up to the throat. Getting seasick is absolutely one of the most terrible thing to have in Komodo sailing trip. It prevents you from enjoying the journey without needing to go to the nearest sink.

How to encounter: Ginger is widely known to relieve seasickness symptoms. Bring some gingers to brew with hot tea (it’s very comforting!) or have some ginger candies ready. Don’t forget to pack seasickness medication. Some people say that acupressure bands could help, so it’s worth a try!

Risks #2: Everything is A Bit Limited

Your Komodo boat might have the luxury of a starred hotel, but that doesn’t mean you can enjoy everything like you usually do on land. Fresh water, or example, is limited and you should be considerate on taking showers. Electricity is also an issue. It’s generated from the boat to power the engines, lights, instruments, freshwater pumps, and many other things. That means you need to be wise on all the charging and turning on the lamps.

How to encounter: You are sailing on remote destinations, so why don’t take this opportunity to totally unplug as well? Minimise the use of phones and laptops. Bring extra camera batteries that you’ve charged from home. Take a quick shower—enough to wash away impurities.

Risks #3: Lost of Signals

Each day in Komodo seems like a scene right from the Lost World. Everything is otherworldly and shines in nature’s best state. But something is missing when you can see the hair-rising wild Komodo Dragons or the stunning Komodo’s landscape from the top of Padar Island’s peak if you can’t share it right away with your followers. Going to Komodo sailing trip means you need to keep all awe-inspiring things to yourself—or at least until you’re back to the land. For millennial generation whose online community is a great part of their life, this could feel very frustrating.

How to encounter: Nothing you can do except forgetting the internet for a while and get immersed in the natural surroundings.

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Risks #4: Extreme Temperature during Komodo Sailing Trip

Even for local travelers who has spent all their life under tropical weather, the changes of temperature during Komodo sailing trip could pose a challenge, too. Structures of boats make it feel very hot and humid under the blazing sun. However, it could be very cold when the rain is hard and long.

How to encounter: Choose a Komodo liveaboard with air conditioning facility. When the day get very hot, stay in the indoor, air conditioned saloon to cool yourself. Minimise the use of AC/ fan in the cabin—remember to limit the use of electricity!

Recommended Travel Destination That Remind You of Fairytales


It is fun to travel by theme. For example, you can visit a travel destination to specifically enjoy the authentic foods of the local. Or, you can also travel to a place to learn more about the art. Thematic travel is not less exciting than luxury trip. This time, you can also choose a travel destination which remind you of a fairytale. The places that remind you of fairytales usually include castles, colorful villages, majestic scenery, magnificent mountains, and many more. The places usually look magical and out of the world. Travelling to places with magical vibe can make you feel like you are entering another world which gives new experience.

Magical destinations for fairytale travel

There are many places around the world with magical vibes. If you are tired of the same type of travel, you can consider fairytale travel instead. It can make you feel like you are pulled into different dimension. It is also a great experience to truly enjoy the trip with relax and comfortable atmosphere. So here are several recommended places that can remind you of fairytales:

The Isle of Sky, Scotland

The Isle of Skye - Magical destinations for fairytale travel

This can be your ultimate fairytale travel destination that should be included in your bucket list. If you are fairies enthusiast, this land will truly remind you of them because of its magical vibe. There are various spots you can visit such as the Fairy Pools, Dunvegan Castle, the Fairy Glen, the Old Man of Storr, and the magnificent Eilean Donan Castle. This is also a great travel destination where you can bring your lovers and even kids. The magical spots are there to welcome you.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia - Magical destinations for fairytale travel

This is where you can spot whimsical fairy chimneys as well as peculiar rock formations. Unique landforms are what attract the tourists most. When you land on this place, you will feel like you are entering different dimension because the landscape and the general vibe is out of world. Not to mention that you can also take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia to experience something more. Enjoying the scenery from above will put you in awe. It is like you are flying through the clouds.

Zhangjiajie, China

Zhangjiajie, Magical destinations for fairytale travel

This is where you can see one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. You can see pinnacles of sandstone rocks that stretches for miles. This place is magical and reminds you of scenery in a fairytale. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a great destination especially when you want to have healing moment by getting closer to the majestic nature. This place will also reminds you of animation movie, Avatar.


Bhutan - Magical destinations for fairytale travel

Bhutan is also highly recommended if you want to visit a whimsical place with magical vibe. There are many things that can remind you of fairytales such as small, quiet villages, majestic mountains, and of course breathtaking view of the landscapes. One of the best spots to visit is the Eagle’s Nest since this is a land of the thunder Dragon.



Setting Up Wedding Catering Services Based on Guests


Hiring wedding catering services for your Big Day come as almost a necessity. It’s almost impossible to cater your own food on the wedding—unless you’re having a super small wedding with only closest relatives to come. You have already too much things on your plate. The wedding gowns need adjustment. Invitations needs to be printed and spread. Souvenirs need to be made. And no matter how awe-striking your decors are or how awesome the DJ mix was, what the guests remember the most would be the food. While you might be thinking about the menus, things that bridegroom often forget is the style of wedding reception to determine the food’s entry. Here’s how to choose the best reception style according to amount of the guests on your invitation list.

 Setting Up Wedding Catering Services Based on Guests

50 to 100 Guests: Have Sit-Down Dining Wedding Catering Services

Ever dream of having intimate, candle-lighted dining with beautiful tables and delicate flowers arrangements lining up on the centre? Sit-down dining with formal arrangements is one the most classic wedding reception. Though you could always have it for grand-scale wedding, this reception style is best suited if you just enlist 50 to 100 guests. More guests would means wider venue to accommodate the table and chairs. This style of wedding reception requires the catering services to prepare three course menu. You should be thinking of the entree, main menu, and alternatives for dietary restriction. Our experiences tell that this setting is best for adult-only party. You should either provide child-friendly menu or having child care station ready at the venue. Bridegrooms usually require guests to entrust their small children under child specialist’s supervision until near the end of the event.

100 Guests and Above: Think About Buffet

A buffet reception style features a number of long tables where food is served in one line. Guests are lining up the tables to get food, usually catered by personnels from wedding catering services, before they are seated on the sides of the venue. Buffet is excellent if you invite more than 100 guests as it more efficient and way cheaper than sit-down dining. It also offers better variety of foods and drinks for the guests. That means you could easily provides menu that could cater everyone, including vegetarians, pescatarians, and even picky eaters! Guests don’t have to feel forced eating foods that they don’t like or can’t eat. Some of the best catering in Bali, where international wedding often held, even provides special niche wedding menu such as Japanese sashimi.

However, some popular food might finish quickly and the less popular food might be left almost untouched. You need to carefully consider the food plan, floor plan, and refill timing here.

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300 – 500 Guests: Standing Party is the Best

A favorite among Indonesian, standing party is almost a staple for typical Indonesian wedding reception. It’s the best wedding reception if you want to none of family, relatives, and acquaintance left behind. Standing party is almost similar with buffet, but with no seating available, providing more room for food and guests.  It’s common to see the wedding catering services to set up two tables serving the same foods to shorten guests’ queue. As there’s no seating, standing party encourage guests to mingle and interact while eating.