Why You Will Need to Try a Fishing Trip?


Many people may are disgusted by the fishes smells. But if you have no allergy at all to fishes whether holding them or eating them, I am recommending you that you need to gives the fishing trip a shot for at least once in your life.

Reasons to get the fishing trip

I am a fishing enthusiast so I am telling you this. But, that won’t be the only reason why you have to takes it. There are more than what I could say that I am going to show you some of the benefits when you are deciding to experience the fishing at the open wide sea or even on the river stream and any possible spots.

Reasons to gives the fishing trip a shot

My favorite place for fishing is surely at the sea. I’ll heading there if I could since I was born and raised up beside the sea. And when people are asking me the reasons why I do really enjoy fishing, they sometimes don’t really get what I have told them since maybe I am too fool to explain them all.

But overall, fishing is making me happy no matter I am getting the big catches or not. No matter waiting for the “strike” will be hours and only get the small one, all of the things I experienced when fishing is the beautiful moments in life.

However, there are more of its advantages that me and you can also get by taking a fishing trip. Even though I was telling you to takes it at least once in a lifetime, I am recommending you to do it regularly or some more. Here are the reasons why:

1. Fishing is a traveling itself

I dunno how we can debate about this, but surely that fishing allowing you to make a journey to somewhere and you will also enjoy not only the fishing itself, but also the beautiful seascape or the challenging landscape when you are heading to the river at highland.

The different is that, while you can enjoy the other things you meet on your journey, your main thing to do is fishing. Just like when you want to dive the underwater, you can be accompanied with the boat to the dive spots while enjoying the view.

2. Do you need to exercising while traveling? get a fishing trip

Fishing is one of the healthy trip since it is also one of the the sports in the world. Throwing the hook, pulling up the catch and many more are involving many of your body part. Sweating on the water? It can not only by the hot sun, but the movements you are continuously done when fishing.

3. “Vitamin sea” is good for your mental and vitamin D is good for your bone

As a kind of traveling, fishing surely will also contributing in getting your mental even better. So does your body and your soul when seeing the infinity seascape. In the other hands, fishing in the morning can also be recommended since our body can really absorbs the vitamin D from the ray of the sun that can help your bone’s development.

4. Fishing can be your therapeutic activity

Being at the ocean sometimes will be giving you surprises. What about the waves that can make the boat to be here and there? But if you can experience that, it can really help you feel relieved from the stresses. Take it easy, you don’t have to finds the bigger waves for that. Even the small one can be good for us.

5. Fishing can’t be as interesting as you have expected? Enjoy the sailing!

The worst thing you can get by following my recommendation is that you are not really enjoy the fishing as I have explained. But, when you are on the boat, don’t you think that you still have some interesting things to be done? Feel free to enjoy the sailing, you can also decide to snorkeling or diving or swimming. So, you are not really wasting your times.

Does Your Business in Bali Has Been Using the SEO Services?


I have been observing that the demand of SEO services in Bali is increasingly high. It is a good thing for business while it is also a good sign that many business lines have been realized the power of dominating search engines like Google and Bing.

I am saying that it will be good for business since it will increasing the other related businesses rather than just the SEO services alone. There will be big chance that the businessmen will be hiring the web designer and developers, graphic designer, services to support the site’s brand and identity, social media specialists and many more.

Now, you have known why I am saying that, right? The other businesses are also taking advantages of the businessmen need to the SEO services.

If your business in Bali hasn’t been using the SEO services, think about it right now before it’s too late!

Seriously, I am asking you does your business in Bali has been using the SEO services before? If not, why your business even bothered to build a site?

Why your business in Bali should investing in SEO?

Who doesn’t know about Pepsi today? Its official site is even offering you to buy their products online. Knowing that, the site itself surely not only be used to expanding the brand awareness online, but I am truly sure that the site will also needs to be optimized so any topics that are related to their business, they can be on top of search engine results.

We don’t have to digging deeper on analyzing the site, did you know that right when I am writing this article, its Domain Authority (DA) is 75 out of 100 and there are millions of backlinks the site has. To get that DA’s rank and numbers of backlinks, at least you will have to working on it around 15 years. Can you really do that for your business in Bali?

So that, using the SEO services will not only good to be ranked on first page of search engines for certain targeted keywords, but it will automatically add more value to your site as well as the business. What if you get the 75 ranked DA, how much will you sell that domain name?

Therefore, I am truly encouraging you to invest your business in Bali SEO service because there are also more people are using the search engines to find a business or information.

Another reason why you will need that service is because there are more businesses that are similar to what you are offering in Bali. Takes the accommodation providers in Bali that the numbers are keep on increasing. And today, no matter how long have you been building your accommodation website, sometimes it can be easily fallen by the new ones that have the great and more prepared online strategies especially know well how to deal with Search Engine Optimizations.

Your business in Bali can be far left behind since your competitors can be the foreigners with more capitals than yours. You have to realized that Bali is not really like any other regions in Indonesia. There are too many businesses here that ran by the rich foreigners so you will need to invest more your focus on the powerful strategies to be applied. And one of the ways you can do is that find the SEO specialists that can help you to optimize any possible parts of your business site.

The Fun of Travelling Without a Plan


Lots of Travel experts advise you to travel with a thorough plan. It is not wrong. Planning your trip will put your mind at ease because you have everything arranged so that you are already prepared for what’s coming. For first time travelers, planning your trip is important because then you have clear pictures of what to do or where to go during your trip. This way, you won’t feel so lost especially when it is your first time travelling abroad. You need everything in check to stay in control so that you won’t get panicked. However, it is recommended to travel without a plan once in a while if you travel frequently.

Benefits of travelling without a plan

There is no wrong to be a spontaneous travelers especially if you have great thinking and fast solving problem making skill. However, it may not be recommended for those who tend to panic for unexpected things. However, it is also worth trying because you may gain some benefits from it such as:

  • Flexibility is the first and most obvious benefit you get from zero-planned travel. You won’t need to stick with one itinerary because you didn’t book anything in advance. If you have something different in mind, you can easily change accordingly. There is no pressure of what to do or where to go either. Travelling without plan can also put your mind at ease just like travelling with one. It is because you are not bounded to strict schedule. If your flight is delayed, you won’t be worried about it.
  • Another benefit is being able to enjoy as much as you can without limited by time. You see, those who are travelling with plan are so stick with their schedule. They plan how long they should spend to visit a gallery and when they have to move on to the next destination. In the end they don’t really enjoy the place they visit because they focus more on visiting as many places as the time allow on their schedule. Therefore, travelling without plan allow you to enjoy the place you visit for how long you like it to be. The pace is absolutely yours to set.
  • There is possibility for you to experience serendipity. This mostly happens when you don’t plan to find it. Travelling without plan means you learn how to go with the flow. You just move forward with flexibility so no pressure on your mind or shoulders.
  • Travelling without plan is fun and all. However, it is not recommended for first time traveler. If you are not flexible person, travelling without plan can be much more stressing as well. Thus, you still need to calculate everything thoroughly whether or not you really want to try travelling without plan. Make sure that you should expect the unexpected when travelling, with or without a plan. You can also start by planning your trip in not-so-detailed manner before going for a trip without plan at all. This make a smooth transition.

An Affordable And Tasty Seafood Bali To Visit


The first thing that is imagined when going on vacation to a tropical island is “eat seafood as much as you like”. A good place to eat, affordable prices? Planning a vacation to the island of the gods? You will find lots of cheap and delicious Balinese seafood. A row of international standard seafood restaurants serving fresh seafood with amazing flavors from various countries for your luxury dinner.

seafood Bali

No wonder the god’s island is called a seafood culinary island. Fish, crabs, shellfish and even fresh lobster provide an infinite experience for seafood Bali lovers. Bali is not only rich in fresh seafood but also amazing views of the land or sea. What do you want to satisfy you? Cheap or luxurious seafood Bali from an international restaurant? Cheap seafood Bali recommendations for you.

Warung Mamik Seafood Bali

Located in the Jimbaran area, not far from the Menega restaurant area, you will find popular Bali seafood stalls. 3 seafood menus served such as shellfish, fish, and shrimp with distinctive spices have attracted the attention of culinary lovers. You must be willing to queue to get a table and taste one of the best Balinese seafood at affordable prices. Don’t forget to visit one of the best Bali seafood stalls with amazing taste.

Seafood Bali Tourism in Kedonganan Fish Market

How do you imagine the condition of the traditional fish market? Don’t imagine being served with luxury facilities. You will be taken on an adventure along the fish market, choosing and offering fresh seafood directly from local fishermen. Around it, there are many simple roasting services that help you process it. The price is very reasonable, adapted to the surrounding conditions, but it can be a recommendation for you seafood Bali connoisseurs.

“Saung” Floating Bale Shrimp Mak Engking

Want to enjoy Balinese Seafood and traditional Indonesian food? You have to visit the mak Engking shrimp bale. The Sundanese atmosphere is so traditional, natural and cool. This is one of Bali’s seafood restaurants with “saung” floating on the edge of the lake. Decor and rustic design are perfect for your family. At night, prepare to be entertained with amazing traditional art dances.

Seafood Bali is perfect for the tropics. Eat well without damaging your diet. Whatever choice of Balinese seafood restaurant you want, if it is adjusted to the budget, the delicacy exceeds anything. Don’t miss tasting a variety of seafood restaurant Bali and get ready to loosen your belt.

Overcoming Fear of Flying for Smooth Travelling


When travelling is your favorite things to do but you are afraid of flying then it can be a big issue you need to overcome. It is not uncommon for people to have certain fear of flying. Well, being high up in the sky sometimes can be a scary thing. For those who are fear of height, flying can also too stressful and too terrifying. However, it is still solvable as long as you don’t have severe phobia of flying or some sort. If you are fear of flying for long haul that it can make your anxiety spikes up, you can do something to overcome it. Thus, your hobby of travelling around the world won’t be full of hassle anymore.

How to overcome your fear of flying for comfortable travel

People are scared of flying for various reasons. Some have difficulty with the height and others with the limited space in the cabin of the plan. Even if your fear is considered mild, it still can be disturbing for your travel. You will fee agitated throughout your fly and it only makes you get tired more. Here are tips to overcome it:

  • Finding more information about how airplanes work. It is often that the fear comes from the thought that an airplane will automatically fall down once the engine fails. However, it is not entire true. The airplane still able to work that way. Finding more about turbulence and something related to it will also help you to know what to expect.
  • To make your fly more bearable, you can request seat assignment. If you are more into claustrophobia, you can request an aisle seat. It will also help if you familiarize yourself with the plan. Once you sit on your seat, you can take a look at your surrounding and take a breath. It gives you time to adjust with your surroundings. When the time to fly rolls around, you will be more comfortable.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts before and during flying. For example, the night prior to your flight, make sure to not watch movies related to airplane crash, accident, and some sort. Avoid reading news with scary images of disaster or crashes. Instead, try to think positively. Try to focus more on things you are going to do when you are arrive at your travel destination.
  • If you travel with friends, distract your mind by having light conversation. Or, you can also chat with your neighbor seats. Talking interesting things with people before and during your flight can be helpful to distract yourself from bad thoughts and anxiety.
  • Make yourself comfortable during the flight. You can read your favorite novel, watch fun movies, or listen to soothing music. make sure to regulate your breathing as well. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water to make you stay hydrated. However, avoid drinking caffeine since it can trigger your anxiety instead of relaxing. You can drink mineral water, juice, or tea to help you hydrated and relax.

Canggu Bali Villa Rentals, Area You Should Stay


Canggu is considered to be one of the charming and attractive villages. The feature of a green rice terrace refreshes the eyes while visiting. Tranquility and views of Canggu village are perfect for tourists who want to let go of the urban lifestyle. This area is one of the most prestigious and dominated by Australian tourists. In fact, many foreign investors intentionally use the rice field area as part of their villa or restaurant.

Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

Activities Around Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

If you want a luxurious, quiet vacation, high-class facilities, easy access to other destinations, then Canggu Bali villa rentals are perfect accommodation. The Canggu area is not only popular as an elite area but is also famous for its challenging surfing spots. For surfers, staying in Canggu Bali villa rentals is right.

Canggu Bali villa rentals have never died. A comfortable and calm atmosphere is indeed dreamed of by many international tourists and expats. No need to be a surfer to live in the Canggu area, because there are many other activities that can be done.

In fact, it is very easy to pamper yourself at Canggu Bali villa rentals. Not surprising if there are many honeymoon couples or family vacations that are calm and pleasant. A row of restaurants with international menus are ready to spoil your tongue. Apart from that, mostly Canggu Bali villas rentals are built in the area of the locals. This provides an opportunity for tourists to know more about what the daily lives of Balinese people are.

Facilities and Services of Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

When staying in Canggu Bali villa rentals, there are many benefits of luxury and modern facilities with exceptional service. The price offered is reasonable, considering the luxury and facilities you get. Combined with a private pool, BBQ, it is suitable for family vacation accommodation.

Most Canggu Bali villa rentals are equipped with a large kitchen and equipment to facilitate tourists. For international-standard villas, there will be spa services. In-house services are also offered and are easily arranged in private villas.

Deciding to stay in Canggu Bali villa rentals guarantee your vacation is safe, fun and unforgettable. The comfort, luxury and elegance offered by world-class villas can bring you back on vacation to Bali. In the end the best holiday you want is impeccable that you can find in Canggu Bali villa rentals. Don’t forget to visit the area around Canggu, such as Oberoi, Umalas, Kerobokan, and other Seminyak areas.

Traditional Villages in Flores You Should Visit


Flores is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia. If you only know Indonesia for Bali then you need to explore more. Flores is considered more unique compared to other regions in Indonesia. Its distinctive cultures are the highlight of the place. There are unique festivals and bizarre rituals you can witness when visiting Flores. This place is also full of natural beauty started from stunning beaches to beautiful caves. To learn more about the culture in Flores, one of the best ways is to visit the traditional villages. There are many of them in Flores you can visit during your holiday.

Interesting traditional villages in Flores to explore

Interesting traditional villages in Flores to explore

Traditional villages in Flores hold ancient culture and belief which makes them unique in lifestyle and other aspects of life. Every village also has different trademarks in cuisine, art, music, craft, etc. it never gets boring to explore traditional villages especially those located in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Here are recommended traditional villages you should visit during your vacation in Flores:

  • Todo traditional village in Manggarai is where you can find ancient home of the royal clan. A king names Mashur and his clan decided to stay at this village centuries ago. The village itself is situated high up in the mountains so you need to hike to reach the location. It is surrounded by stunning view you can enjoy all the time. There are ritual stone, and also ceremonial house used by villagers to worship their ancestors. Circular houses about 25 meter in diameter are decorated with wood carvings.
  • Tutubhada is the oldest village you can visit. The houses in this village are unique. The roofs has unique shape. However, you won’t find any wall. Supporting poles consist of wood carvings and ornaments. There is always ceremony held when one of the villager build a house. The ceremony involves buffalo slaughter as sacrifice. There is also traditional boxing event you can enjoy only in this village.
  • Wae Rebo village is where you can stargaze and witness the Penti festival. Located in the West Flores, this village known for its cone-shaped housing. The village is situated on an idyllic mountain so the view surrounding is beautiful. To reach the village, you need to hike for five hours. However, it is worth it once you arrive. You can stay in one of the villager’s houses. At night, you can stargaze to witness the stunning Milky Way from the hilltop. There is also the Penti festival, an annual festival about ancient culture held every November. This festival is Wae Rebo people’s New Year’s Eve.
  • Watublapi village is one of ikat weaving villages in Flores. This village use the old traditional method in making ikats. The villagers use natural resources such as plants grown for the dyes and local cotton for handspun yarn. Aside from buying organic handmade souvenir in the form of ikats, you can also learn how to make it form the villagers. This is one of the best way to support local community.

How To Get The Better Custom Hammocks For Your Trip?


Travelling with a hammock is interesting. It can even be the first and main reason why you wanna go out there and experience the world since it is able to encourages and motivates you to do so. And today, we have actually been introduced to the present of the custom hammocks where they could really the ones we are looking for.

Any customisations that you can apply to your items or stuffs can bring you more benefits you have never got before. It is one of the thing that you can get from a hammock since it is surely one of the best travel and relaxation item that can be customise in any possible ways.

Nowadays, it can’t be the new thing anymore to find the hammock manufacturers that can be customised where you have more options about what you will have on your hammock.

Through the custom hammocks feature, you are possible to choose your own colours that are representing you. You are also possible to think about which gears will be included that will really support the usage of your own hammock at anywhere.

So do the other supporting accessories that can make yours becoming the professional hammock you’ve ever built.

How to get the better custom hammocks for your trip
Image via AdventureJay.com

The thing is that, finding your best customisable hammocks can be challenging and confusing especially when it is the first time for you to get yours. You may are thinking that you need to try to uses it and then deciding to customise your hammock base on your need and budget.

If you are really new to all of the things that relate to a hammock, especially when you want to plan your own customisable gears for your trip, you’d better know some of below recommendations.

1. Get the custom hammocks where your favourite colours can be defined

Getting a hammock with your own favourite colours won’t add an extra benefits to it. Your hammock can’t be safer and more comfortable just by doing that. But, it may will benefits your inner since it is always interesting if we could get an item base on our own preference.

There are still some manufacturers that can help you with that where you are possible to have a hammock with the colours that are totally different with the others.

2. Decide whether you want to use the hooks or the carabiners for your hammock

The hooks and carabiners are mostly used to hang a hammock with the right balance regardless to the distance between the mounting points and the ropes or the straps. The hooks themselves are super easy and fast for the installation while the carabiners can be great to be used to hold the heavy loads so they can be more safer to be brought to the outdoors.

The carabiners will really be recommended especially if you want to setup the hammock at the extreme spots.

3. Will you need the tarp for your hammock?

The next custom hammocks accessory you have to think about is the tarp. It is as simple as to get comfort by avoiding the shiny sun and the rainy day or the snows when you are out there. But if you are really need to buy a hammock and will only uses it at home, then you may won’t skip this first for the moment and decides it later.

4. If possible, include your custom hammocks with the sleeve

When you are camping at outdoor, sometimes you will have to leave the hammock for a moment to start exploring the surrounding or when you want to find the firewoods for making campfires or cooking. That moment you mostly won’t turn down the hammock from the trees, right? In the other hands, you think that you want to folds it for awhile and makes it neat so the wind won’t also flicking on it.

You can makes use of the sleeve for that in a faster way to fully coverage the hammock in just seconds. It will also beneficial for your hammock to prevents the depreciation so you can uses it longer and to avoid the hot sun that may cause the faded colours of your hammock.

5. Using the straps or the ropes

To setup the hammock, you will at least to get the straps or the ropes for its suspension system. They will help you to reach the nearest stands or the trees you have found. If you are asking me which one to get among the two, I’ll happily recommending you to get the straps since they are mostly the tree-friendly item than the ropes.

Surely that there will also the ropes that aren’t too rough for the trees, but I think that the straps are easily to find from most of the available manufacturers even though the price can be a bit expensive than the ropes.

Deciding which one to use for your suspension system is also the step where you are planning about to experience the hammock by leave no harm to the trees where they don’t deserved.

Those are some of the recommended tips, gears and accessories that hopefully will help you to get your own better custom hammocks.

Scuba Diving Tips When Traveling in Bali


When it comes to Bali, it is about the heaven for water sport like scuba diving. This is one of the most favorite activities done by most visitors in Bali.

This is when you can enjoy the beauty of the undersea. Biodiversity underwater is beyond imagination, especially in Bali. However, it is important to understand more about scuba diving in Bali including its safety and hot spots. There are many popular spots for scuba diving in Bali.

Tips for safe scuba diving in Bali

If you visit Bali purposely for scuba diving, might as well find out more about so that you can pick the best spot to conquer.

Tips for safe scuba diving in Bali

Spending your holiday in Bali means you have many chances to do various water sports including scuba diving. There are many points for scuba diving in Bali you can pick. However, it is best to choose the spot according to your ability as well.

For example, it is best to choose scuba diving spot for beginner if you are not trained or professional diver. Here is information about scuba diving in Bali you need to know:

– The best time to dive in Bali is around August to the end of October. That is the peak of diving season in Bali. During this peak season, you have greater chance to see Mola Mola fish, the giant creatures which weigh around 247 to 1,000kg. If you don’t want to involve with the crowd of other divers, you may choose to dive in January to March.

However, you can actually dive anytime since Bali has always perfect climate.

– There are many diving sites you can conquer. The most distinctive diving areas include Padangbai and Candidasa. These are more recommended for advanced divers.

Those diving sites are located in the East coast. It is important for you to find out more about underwater visibility, temperature, as well as cost of diving, and many more important stuffs about diving in Bali. This will help you decide where to dive and how to do it safely.

– If you are beginners in diving, might as well choose suitable sites. There are many diving sites dedicated for beginners such as Menjangan Island, located off the coast of northwest Bali.

Marine life here is incredibly majestic with clear visibility.

There is also Pemuteran where you can find underwater temple. It is located in northwest Bali. This is also where coral restoration program utilizing Biorock is. Another favorite diving site for beginners is Puri Jati. However, this is also popular amongst experienced divers.

Here you can meet the mimic octopus that can imitate dozens of other createures as defensive mechanism.

– As for accommodation, you can choose one of many dive resorts such as Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Alila Manggis Bali, Rama Candidasa Dive & Spa Resort, Gedong Gandhi Ashram, and many more.

Thus, you can stay at luxury and enjoyable place when you are not busy diving and exploring the underwater. Some resorts even provide Glamping service. Thus, you will experience vacation to the next level.

Vacationing In Seminyak Villas Is Considerably Important, Here’s Why!


Renting Seminyak villas can be less than the cost of equivalent of the hotel rooms in Bali. Even you must have been known that a villa can worth some of the hotel rooms with more affordable prices and more complete facilities. So that, this type of accommodation is importantly considerable for any kind of travelers who are visiting Bali.

Vacationing in Seminyak villas

That is actually can be included to the reasons why Seminyak villas themselves are what you are looking for as the main accommodation in Bali. Those villas can also be the places to experience the beauty of your holidays as well since they can’t only be as where you are going to stay, but have been completed with amenities that can help you spend the meaningful moments inside the accommodation.

So that, I have been listed some of the advantages why choosing Seminyak area in Bali over the others and renting one among the available villas is important for your vacation. Here are they.

1. Seminyak villas create comfort

Staying in a villa will allows us to feel like living at our own home. It is because the design of the villa itself that is looks like a house no matter the design concept has been applied. By the location that is near to the beach, heading to Seminyak will really helps us to settle in and relax, even way better than at your home which means your vacation has been started in the right place.

Most of the villas are also identically with the spaciousness for all the rooms that will help you to create the tranquility environment so you can move comfort here and there without being afraid that there will be someone strange disturbing your stay.

2. High privacy is guaranteed!

There’s no such a perfect high privacy in this world, but if we have to start talking about it, then one place you can experiences it is at the villa that you are rented for your accommodation. Most of the available Seminyak villas are allowing us to enjoy our stay in seclusion and intimacy either when we are at the outdoor or indoor.

If you are staying in a hotel room, mostly there won’t be a term of privacy when it comes to enjoy at outdoor, right?

3. Perfect for a group of traveler (friends, families, colleagues, etc)

Staying close together is what actually the villas are for. This is the ideal accommodation for family or corporate retreat in Bali. Even though that everyone will stay under the same one roof, each of us will still have our own sleeping areas or bedrooms while there will always the common rooms for everyone to socialize.

For companies and family vacation, I think it is even making any sense that renting the Seminyak villas in Bali is an important option to get to stay proximity close each other.

We can also talk more about the amenities such as the private pool, the services and more that have became the advantages of staying in a villa as general, but I am afraid that we won’t reaches an end when talk about them all. So that, the 3 above reasons can be enough for now.

Just like any other cities, there should also some accommodations type you can choose. Seminyak villas are considerably important since they can be perfect for families while the others are specially built for the corporate travelers along with all advantages they are bringing to us. So that, make sure to rent one for getting together and reconnecting with family and friends or rewarding the hard work of the company while vacationing in Bali.